Pretty Cure fanseries idea

Hello everyone, first time poster here. I've been working on an idea for a Pretty Cure fan series for about a year or two (as unbelievable as it sounds, the idea came to me in a dream), and I need feedback, suggestions, and critiques from people familiar with the Pretty Cure series, and magical girl series in general. Forgive me for the walls of text, but once I get an idea and start writing things down, it's hard for me to stop. :D

Title (tentative): Lucky PreCure!

Story: Sachiko Yoshimura has a tendency to get herself into trouble, but always finds a way to turn things around, earning her the reputation as the luckiest girl at her school. One day, her life changes when her town is attacked by the Greed Empire, which has become the target of a cruel game. With the help of a fairy from the Grace Kingdom named Flush, Sachiko transforms into Cure Lucky to protect her home from the Greed Empire.

Main Characters:
Yoshimura Sachiko/Cure Lucky - A free-spirited girl who often finds herself in trouble, but always manages to find a way to turn things around through improbable means, earning her the reputation as the luckiest girl at her school. Her kind nature always makes her want to help others in need and share her good luck with them.
"The shining light of happiness! Cure Lucky!"

Takamoto Minami/Cure Chance - Sachiko's best friend, a cool-headed academic who's always trying to look out for her. She believes that logic can explain anything, and doesn't really believe in luck. When confronted with a problem, she considers all possibilities before coming to the best solution.
"The tranquil waves of wisdom! Cure Chance!"

Kinboshi Natsuki/Cure Golden - A tomboyish, energetic girl who's the star pitcher of the baseball team at Sachiko's school. She has a can-do attitude that motivates everyone around her to do their best. Even in the worst situation, she always gives 120%.
"The burning sun of passion! Cure Golden!"

Midorijo Seira/Cure Grace - The princess of the Grace Kingdom. She attends Sachiko's school as a cover in order to fight the Greed Empire, against her parents' wishes. Her elegance and gentle, polite nature makes her quite popular with the boys at school.
"The gentle breeze of charity! Cure Grace!"

Flush - A fairy from the Grace Kingdom, sent to Earth to find Pretty Cure warriors to fight against the Greed Empire.

House - The royal advisor of the Grace Kingdom, and Cure Grace's fairy partner and caretaker.
Greed Emperor XIII - The thirteenth emperor of the Greed Empire. He commands a massive army of obedient soldiers, which guard his vast treasure of riches plundered from other worlds, and his library of forbidden knowledge. Many aspire to succeed him and inherit his legacy, but only the greediest of them all are chosen to participate in the Rite of Succession. No one is permitted to see the Emperor in person, so he usually communicates to the competitors through his personal attendant.

Coveton (derived from 'covet') - A haughty swordsman resembling a Spanish conquistador. He enters the competition in order to become the strongest warrior in the world, so that he can conquer any world he wants. He may be an overdramatic braggart, but his swordplay is no laughing matter. He considers Cure Lucky his nemesis since she was the first Pretty Cure he fought, and defeating her would be a great boon to his reputation as a warrior.
"When I become the next Emperor, all of his power will be mine! I'll be invincible, the mightiest warrior in the world! No one will ever be able to defeat me!"

Rapacy (derived from 'rapacious') - A whip-wielding mistress who wears a black ballroom mask. She always desires to be the center of attention, and entered the competition so that the Empire's subjects will dote on and worship her like a goddess. She is also excited by the suffering of others, especially when she is the cause. She despises Cure Grace because her kindness grabs everyone's attention without the use of force.
"The Greed Emperor has legions of followers at his beck and call! When I take his place as the new Empress, all of his servants will become my personal playthings!"

Alvario (derived from 'avarice') - A hairy, burly barbarian who's never without a giant shank of meat in hand and his golden and jeweled accessories. He values material wealth over all things, and seeks the Empire's treasury to satisfy his seemingly endless greed. He is a natural powerhouse, but is rather slow and dim-witted. He envies Cure Golden because her natural radiance seems to outshine his bling.
"There's nothing better in the world than having lots of stuff - gold, jewels, food, drink, women... And when I become Emperor, I'll have all those things and more! And if there's something I don't have, I'll find someone who has it, and just take it from them!"

Merak (an original character I created for another story, but like inserting into others) - A dimension-traveling, troublemaking wizard clad in a black robe, who's always thinking three steps ahead of everyone. In his search for all the knowledge of the universe, he entered the competition after learning of the Greed Emperor's library of forbidden knowledge. He sees Cure Chance as a rival worthy of his intellect.
"Knowledge is the key to dominating everyone and everything. Once I outsmart those three buffoons and become the Emperor, all of his secrets will be mine, and my power and knowledge will only increase!"

Kyojin- Kyojins are the MotWs of the story. Their name is a play on the Japanese kanji kyo, which means bad luck, and kyojin, which means giant. They are summoned by the four competitors using a device called a Greed Cube, which fuses with an ordinary object or animal, and bears the 'kyo' symbol on their body. When summoned, Kyojins will begin to drain Fortune Energy from their surroundings and transfer it back to the Greed Empire. When a Kyojin is purified, the Greed Cube is destroyed, and most, but not all, of the stolen Fortune Energy is restored to the victims.
Other Story Elements:
Fortune Energy - Fortune Energy is the force that determines a person's good luck, fortune, and happiness. A person with lots of Fortune Energy is very lucky, and usually succeeds at everything they do. If a person is drained of their Fortune Energy, nothing but bad things will happen to them, and they will sink into a state of misery and despair. If a world is completely drained of Fortune Energy, it will eventually be destroyed by disasters and its own misfortune.

Rite of Succession
- The Rite of Succession is a "game" that is a long-running tradition of the Greed Empire, started by the first Greed Emperor. When the Emperor's health begins to fail, he summons individuals believed to be the greediest in the universe, and has them compete against each other. A target world is selected, and the competitors compete to see who can steal the most Fortune Energy from that world. Whoever gathers the most Fortune Energy wins the Rite of Succession, and becomes the next Greed Emperor, inheriting his power and all of his riches. If the Greed Emperor perishes before the Rite of Succession is completed, his power will vanish, along with his Empire.

Grace Kingdom - The Grace Kingdom is the long-time enemy of the Greed Empire. Where the Greed Empire believes in taking the good fortune and happiness of others, the Grace Kingdom believes luck and fortune should be shared with everyone. Though they have tried many times to put an end to the Rite of Succession, their attempts have always ended in failure. After learning that Earth is the Empire's next target, the king and queen sent Flush to find the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure, and to find and protect an ancient treasure hidden there, the Fortune Chest.

Fortune Chest - The Fortune Chest is the Grace Kingdom's most valuable treasure: a source of seemingly infinite Fortune Energy, that can only be opened and used by a rare few. In order to keep the Chest from falling into the hands of the Greed Empire, it was hidden away on Earth in a special sanctuary, and sealed with a magic map that was scattered into pieces. Only when the map is reassembled will the entrance to the sanctuary reveal itself. The Greed Emperor found out that the Fortune Chest was hidden somewhere on Earth, which is why it was chosen as the location for the next Rite of Succession.
Extra (not essential for the story, but like I said above, I can't help myself :p ):
PreCure All-Stars Idea - Merak manages to break into the Greed Empire's library for a short time, and finds a tome overflowing with dark energy. He steals the tome with the intent of gaining an advantage over the other competitors and defeating the Lucky PreCure team. He springs his trap at a massive theme park, using a modified Greed Cube to drain Fortune Energy without summoning a Kyojin. He then uses the tome to summon previously defeated Negatones, Akanbes, Jikochuus, and Saiarks to hunt down and destroy the Lucky PreCure team. Little does Merak know, other PreCure groups (Suite, Smile, DokiDoki, and Happiness Charge) were also at the park, and the 21 Cures (minus Cure Grace, since they have not met her yet) team up to defeat Merak and the revived monsters.

"Movie" Idea - Sachiko and her friends decide to visit the Grace Kingdom so that Seira can tell her parents that they found the Fortune Chest, and to explain herself for leaving without their permission. But when they arrive, the kingdom is completely overrun with smog-producing machines and robotic Kyojins led by a man named Greevil, who was once a competitor in a previous Rite of Succession and was expected to win, but was eliminated due to the interference of the Grace Kingdom. He plans to drain all the Fortune Energy out of the Grace Kingdom and present it to the Greed Empire as an offering in exchange for another chance to compete, and only the Lucky PreCure team can stop him.