Robotech: Omnicron

I'm a huge fan of Robotech anime and find depictions/characterizations of the governance-promoting space and war machinery (i.e., Mecha) highly-robust, and this anime fan-fiction was inspired by a collection of democracy-themed Robotech storyboards(!).


The planet of Tyrel was besieged on all sides by the presence of a nefarious new threat in the universe known as the hideous Invid, a spawned race of cybernetic vehicles resembling misshapen creatures and animals. The Invid were spawned and controlled by a mega-mind A.I. robot named Omnicron who hid on the dark-side of the moon of the purple planet Roz on which Omnicron developed various toxic plants for use in deadly biochemical warfare. Omnicron was like the AntiChrist, and the peaceful and democratic inhabitants of Tyrel wondered how their gracious warrior-king Sterling would fend off the Invid.

STERLING: We have to destroy the Invid!
TYREL GENERAL: That seems impossible, my lord.
STERLING: Failure spells doom, general!
GENERAL: Should we mobilize a new space-fleet, sir?
STERLING: Yes; we'll intercept the Invid in outer-space!

As Sterling commanded the newly-designed defense space-fleet, capable of surrounding large numbers of the hideous Invid in outer-space, to defend the area in the galaxy around Planet Tyrel, the diabolical Omnicron schemed to send a spy or traitor to assassinate Sterling! There was much intrigue afoot, and Sterling decided to send messages of peace and hope by marrying the beautiful Queen Jane in a lavish ceremony meant to remind everyone on Tyrel that virtue would prevail over the forces of tyranny and terror. Omnicron's primary purpose was to use terrorism as a device or strategy to create desperation and dependence.

Sterling, being an excellent space-pilot himself, decided to fly a secret solo-mission towards Planet Roz where it was suspected (but only suspected!) that the evil Omnicron was lurking or hiding. Sterling intended to 'persuade' Omnicron into considering the universal value of peace as a governance-view simply preferable to the current anarchic methods of terrorism that Omnicron was basically glorifying. Everyone knew Omnicron was a master-debater, so Sterling had to be sure he was ready to challenge Omnicron's sense of arrogance. When Sterling found the insidious Omnicron on the moon of Roz, he began debating with the A.I. robot(!).

STERLING: I entreat you with words of governance.
OMNICRON: My methods disturb you, King Sterling.
STERLING: I proposition you now towards peace!
OMNICRON: We differ too greatly to seek unity.
STERLING: Consider the merit of 'democratic engineering.'
OMNICRON: Are you proposing a scientific agenda, Sterling?
STERLING: We could build a 'legion' of mecha-vehicles, used only for defense.
OMNICRON: What would be the shared profit of such ambition?
STERLING: Our combined strength would ensure complete rule.
OMNICRON: If you betray me, I'll destroy Tyrel!
STERLING: My promise guides our 'dominions' towards sane controls.
OMNICRON: We shall see...