Short Dragon Ball fic about Pan and Turles

I want to start by saying that this is fic about Pan and Turles not Pan x Turles. In this fanfic, Pan is supposed to be around the same age as she was at the end of DBZ. The general outline is that she somehow gets in an accident that sends her back in time and space. While there she comes across Turles (or maybe he comes across her) and he realizes she's part Saiyan and thinks that she might be useful. Cute shit ensues, Turtles becomes less of a dick, blah blah blah, until she finds a way back to her time.

Oh and I should mention that I'm going to be mixing Dragon Ball canons. The main canons are DBZ/GT and DBKai/Super. So Pan might be the same age as she was at the end of Z but she'll be much more powerful like Super seems to be implying.

So this is my laundry list of ideas that I need help with.
How is Pan going to go back in time
When and where will she meet up with
Whether or not his crew should be there

I'm really sorry this is so extremely vague but any ideas would be appreciated.