Star Wars Ship/Fleet Building Fan Fiction


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Debated posting this, but was looking for Star Wars type fan fiction, but of a specific type that is probably more popular in the Star Trek fandom (which actually makes sense to me, as I'm really more a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars one).

Looking for technical oriented stories. Specifically good ship or fleet building stories in the Star Wars universe.

Basically, where it actually does something like explain how the various parties went about making/acquiring the fleets they did, or the more technical aspects of running such a fleet or bringing it up to snuff...

It can be the Old Republic Era though I'm far more familiar with the movies with the Empire and Rebellion ships.

For reference examples of the type of story looking for, I'm talking something along the lines of following stories (not recommending them, merely listing as examples from other fandoms):

- Battlestar Galactica 'Depot Veil' by monbade on FanFiction.NET

- Star Trek/Babylon 5 crossover 'Task Force 43' by Zcenicx on SpaceBattles (wish he would continue it)

Despite the large number of Star Wars stories out there, I'm not actually expecting many hits, as Star Wars fans are in my own experience of a different type, whom generally do not care about such things (not an insult, merely my own experience).

The reason, I recently got into myself (due to boredom mostly) to attempt to figure out fleet sizes in Star Wars, and no matter how I slice the numbers it just does not make sense. The few references I'm come across and the few others whom I've seen post their own attempts either are too small for a Galaxy Spanning Empire, or too large for a Rebellion to be considered a threat to it, or the disposition would require a tactician with silly putty for brains.

I'm currently using a self modifed Anaxes War College System that was created for Star Wars because the original version seems to have some glaring holes and consistency issues in it, despite it supposedly being created specifically to eliminate such...

With my own spreadsheet I am currently sitting at some 562,001 ships in a balanced fleet from Gun Ships/Corvettes on up past Star Dreadnoughts spread out into task forces and sub fleets. Which is a bit much IMO, but despite my thoughts on it way undercuts some other numbers I've seen.

So... I wanted to see what fan fiction in Star Wars has come up with as solutions.