The A-Team: KLM Terrorism

Before signing off with a longly-prepared opus on my Tekken fanfiction (in the Movies section), I wanted to offer up a special ode to the joy of television, and one of my favorite action-adventure series I watched growing up in America, The A-Team, a portrait of mercenary American justice in a landscape of lawless warlords and crime, which was really the first society-crime series capable of being seriously (or handsomely!) adapted into comic book format. Enjoy,



"The skies were set for a serious journey on KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) for the American industrialist Kate Capshaw and her lovely young daughter Elena Capshaw, seeking to meet her handsome beau Dirk in Amsterdam. Kate/Elena were flying to Amsterdam (Netherlands) on KLM from NYC (JFK) and of course traveled first-class. On the way there, Kate received a strange warning-letter from a mysterious self-proclaimed American mercenary-vigilante named "Hannibal" who insisted their KLM flight might be hijacked by an in-flight terrorist named Dalian. In the letter, Hannibal explained he was part of the special underground ex-military crusading mercenary-vigilante unit known as 'the A-Team' and beloved by those whom they managed to help with their special combination of military intelligence, infiltration acumen, explosives interceptions, computer wirings, and espionage derailings. The A-Team were formerly patriots dishonored by the army and gone rogue and become mercenary-vigilantes at the service of desperados and citizens who're wronged by civilization. Someone apparently hired Hannibal and the A-Team to track Kate and Elena on this KLM flight from New York to Amsterdam, since the dystopian ex-IRA/FLN terrorist known as Dalian (a blood diamond hijacker now working to raise funds for an anti-capitalism campaign in Belgium) would be on the plane. Kate read Hannibal's note and calmly explained to his bewildered daughter Elena that someone (or a team!) would intercept any potential anti-industrialization terrorism threat during their passenger first-class flight! So our adventure beings...with the A-Team."


KATE: We must be wary of the presence of this 'Dalian' darling!
ELENA: Who the hell is he, mother?
KATE: He might be an agent of Leviathan-Cobra.
ELENA: The fortune hunting world terrorism group?
KATE: It was once led by the mysterious angel woman Talia.
ELENA: Why're the A-Team tracking this Dalian terrorist?
KATE: Apparently, Dalian's working on some new blood diamond subversion.
ELENA: What the hell's that to do with us, mother?
KATE: Well, Elena, my recent industry investments in clean coal technologies link to diamonds.
ELENA: There's a difference between blood diamonds and clean coal, mother.
KATE: Not to these super-terrorists like Dalian, Elena.
ELENA: Well, how're the A-Team monitoring this Dalian on our flight?
KATE: Apparently, one of the A-Team is on this flight posed as a costumed passenger.
ELENA: I'd imagine then that Dalian's on this flight a costumed passenger.
KATE: Let's keep watch for any strangely dressed passenger walking around, Elena.
ELENA: Oh, look that that man, mother...3 aisles up...he's some dressed Arabian in head-gear.
KATE: He looks like a Saudi prince or businessman of some kind.
ELENA: He's in Middle Eastern head-gear and sunglasses and wearing thick gloves, mother!
KATE: I can see that, Elena.
ELENA: Let's guess to spot which passenger might be one of the A-Team.
KATE: Well, Hannibal mentioned in his warning-letter there're 4 members of the unit.
ELENA: One's black, the other's young and handsome, and the other's bald and crazy.
KATE: Right; and Hannibal is a man of older age and appearance.
ELENA: Look at that man, the tall cowboy hat.
KATE: Hannibal mentioned the names of the other members (Face, Murdock, Baracus).
ELENA: It said Face's dashing, Murdock looney, and Barackus tough and black.
KATE: That man in the tall cowboy hat I bet is Murdock, Elena.
ELENA: I suppose a looney-character is the best terrorist wrestler on this flight.
KATE: We'll both remain calm and quiet and keep spying on these strange characters.
ELENA: I'm with you, mom.


Kate/Elena guessed correctly. The Middle Eastern head-geared passenger was indeed the super-terrorist known as Dalian. This dress up evildoer was on the KLM flight from Amsterdam to New York to hijack the plane and crash it into Mt. Rushmore right before he jumped out with a parachute, sending the celebrity-industrialist Kate Capshaw and her darling daughter Elena into the face of one of the Dead Presidents. Dalian was super-cool and had robbed over 30 banks across Europe, all meant to derail the blood diamond highway to the service of the Leviathan-Cobra organization. Now, he sought to undo the capitalism prestige of Kate Capshaw and was willing to destroy this first class KLM passenger flight to do so.


DALIAN: So, an A-Team member's on this damned flight, eh?
MURDOCK: We knew we'd run into you sooner than later, Dalian.
DALIAN: I've become a world master, Murdock.
MURDOCK: So, you know of the A-Team?
DALIAN: Who hasn't, you idealistic lunatic?
MURDOCK: You won't derail this first-class flight, Dalian.
DALIAN: Kate Capshaw is destined for greatness.
MURDOCK: Don't be sardonic, evil Dalian.
DALIAN: The A-Team won't stop Leviathan-Cobra.
MURDOCK: Right; but we can sure try, Dalian.
DALIAN: It seems we're both in for a bit of Satan's hijinx.
MURDOCK: We'll see.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)