The Dead's Cure: Episode 2 Teaser Scene

We should be putting up the whole script in sections but here is a teaser scene of episode 2, which introduces a few new characters.


They are stuck in their bedroom, no place to go. Walkers are
on the other side of the door.

Scratching and clawing. Snarls.

Sol looks to Mary with solemn eyes. Then, looks down ashamed.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

She looks to him, frightened. But lovingly. He starts to
continue when the door splinters in, from the outside. They
continue to pound, beating.

(nervous, stammers)
I-, I err... I wish we had more
time. I thought you would choose
us. I'm so ashamed.

She goes to him. Comforts him with her touch. Rocks baby
Wyatt with her free arm.

(leans in for a kiss)
It's okay. I know you were trying
to protect me. Protect us.

More damage to the door. The splinter grows.

(unnerved, continues)
I-, I'm a nurse, a healer. That's
what I do. Who I am. Just like
you're a wonderful man, who loves
life. Our family. It's who you are.

More damage to the door. They can almost get in.

I'm so scared. So scared.
But, knowing that we're all
together. I love you so much!

Leans in for another kiss, passionate. Separate, then Sol
gets up, moves to a dresser. He opens and reaches in, coming
back with a six-shooter. Looks at it: the weight, the feel.

The splinter is now a hole. Mary is loosing her nerve.
Multiple walkers peer through the hole, snarling and
growling. Salivating.

Sol turns and moves toward his wife. She notices the gun and
breaks down, hysterical. Sol sits by her. Puts his arm around
her for comfort, speaking in a soft, comforting voice --

It's okay. I'll make it quick.

The baby?

Sol snivels. Tries to stay strong.

(voice cracks)
I'll do it. I need to do it. I
can't put that burden on you.

They share one more tearful embrace. Then... separate. Sol
raises the gun up to Mary's forehead. She looks away in fear.

His hand trembles...

The doorknob is moments away from being dislodged.

Sol cocks back the hammer. Starts to squeeze the trigger...
Mary flinching, lets a slight squeal out just as --

-- he disengages. Remembering --

The drain. Holy shit!

She has a sharp, abrupt intake of breath. Scared. Elated.

The drain last week. I forgot to
put the ladder away.

He goes to the window, peers out. Jubilation, until -- the
door bursts open and walkers pile in.

He acts quick, pulling the trigger emptying the six bullets
rather quickly. He takes down the first wave.

The window. Hurry. The baby.

She's slow off the cuff but quickly puts it into gear. Grabs
baby Wyatt and opens up the window. As carefully as she can
in the hurried situation, hops out the window.

More walkers pile in. He beats them off with his pistol.
Then, a lamp... anything to block his escape.

He fumbles to the window, almost there, when --

-- he's tripped up. He wrestles with the walker for a beat,
then shoos him off with his foot.

We follow him as he...


... scrambles through the window, onto a flat part of the
roof. Looks to the left where a ladder rests against the
edge. Mary, on her decent.

He shuffles over there, with sort of a limp. Gets to the
ladder and goes down.

At the bottom, he realizes something. It's not good.

The keys.

There's no time. We need to run.