The Wanderers of the New 52

Emerald Oracle

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So, I was lurking over on Spacebattles earlier and I saw a new thread about sending pre-new 52 Superboy out into the multiverse traveling around, training, and possibly locating/rescuing those heroes who were retconned from existence by the Flashpoint. I'm not sure if my idea came up in that thread, as I just skimmed it, but in any case I had the following thought. The last time we saw the Postboot legion they were wandering the Multiverse under the name The Wanderers doing exactly that. This legion is also the one that Superboy was a member of in a similar manner to how Clark was a member of the original Legion and pre-flashpoint Kara was a member of the Threeboot legion. Not as a founder necessarily, but as a hero in his own right who was respected by them. Given that we presently have 2-3 different iterations of the DC multiverse running around, from Multiversity, Smallville, and Infinite Crisis, I thought it'd be interesting to kick around ideas as to how Superboy might have been thrown from reality by the Flashpoint and/or ran into his Legion again.