The Woods (Red Riding Hood): Synopsis*

I've always been intrigued by the timeless adventure-paranoia story Red Riding Hood and have been working on configurations of a 'fan-fic' oriented book based on the iconic and somewhat strange(!) folk-tale.

Red Riding Hood inspires me to think creatively about strange environments, unwanted 'visitors' or Invaders, and the value of both courage and patience as they relate to the human intellect/imagination(!).

This is a synopsis/preview of sorts of where exactly I want my fan-fic oriented Red Riding Hood inspired story/novel to go, and I'm interested in feedback regarding the appeal/cogency of this synopsis/preview, since I greatly value the input/commentary of the members of this fan-fic board(!).

Thanks for reading (and enjoy!),


At about 12 noon, Elizabeth packed her picnic basket and prepared for her camping-lunch in the dense forests of the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. She had been working at a prestigious law-firm in New York for about two years and wanted a nice break from thinking constantly about litigation-consultation or why her law degree from Yale University made her a 'perfect lawyer.' Elizabeth packed four ham-and mayo sandwiches (with the crusts neatly cut off!), a small folded picnic blanket on which to sit and enjoy her quiet meal in solitude in the woods, her handy-dandy can of mace in case she was harassed/approached by any unwanted visitors, and her mobile phone.

Elizabeth decided to wear to her private picnic in the Pine Barrens a red hood and cloak/cape and a vintage 1800s bodice-piece complete with long leather glove/forearm sleeves. She wanted to 'look' the part of an adventurous 'timeless' woman seeking private contemplation in the woods. Elizabeth made sure not to forget her mobile phone charger and map of the Pine Barrens in case she felt she strayed too far from her parked car and/or wandered too deeply into the woods. She was excited about this little 'jaunt' and wanted everything to go well...

When Elizabeth arrived at the lush Pine Barrens and parked her Pathfinder SUV in one of the outer-edge visitor-parking areas, she decided that the unusually/eerily gray and quiet Saturday afternoon which found her in those woods seeking a meditative/private picnic-lynch would not in any way be 'unusual' (even though she was dressed/costumed somewhat unusually!). She made her way into the forest and found an idyllic spot to set down her picnic-blanket, a place somewhat deep in the woods but close to a picturesque lake! Elizabeth began unpacking and set her Apple iPhone to a YouTube classical music song-set (4 hours) play-session.

Just one hour later, just as Elizabeth felt like she was really unwinding while enjoying the first of her tasty ham-and-mayo sandwiches and enjoying classical music on her mobile phone, Elizabeth caught sight of a huntsman about 50 yards from her picnic/campsite! The huntsman had an axe and was about to cut down a small tree in those woods. Elizabeth decided to approach this huntsman and ask him what he was doing. When she walked up to him, she noticed he was somewhat disheveled and gristly in appearance. The huntsman told her he liked her 'costume' and explained he was cutting down a particular tree supposedly haunted/inhabited by the 'specter' of a werewolf.

Elizabeth was fascinated by this 'werewolf-theory' and wanted to know more, but the huntsman wouldn't say anymore and returned to his 'vigilante business' of cutting down his marked tree, prompting Elizabeth to simply leave him to his 'work.' Elizabeth returned to her picnic/campsite and sat down (somewhat humbled!) and decided simply to eat her second ham-and-mayo sandwich as classical music continued to float from her iPhone(!). She decided then she'd spend the entire Ishtar in those woods, overly-curious and hyperly-eager to see if there really was some 'werewolf-specter' lurking in the Pine Barrens!

Two hours later, the sun began to set and Elizabeth wanted to see some sign of a possible werewolf roaming around in the Pine Barrens on that eerily quiet and gray Saturday. She set her mobile phone on its handy-dandy ultra-bright UV-flashlight setting and set it down so the light shone forth, enabling her to see an impressive distance in front of her campsite. About 30 minutes later, Elizabeth swore she caught the visage/silhouette of a hairy man-wolf shaped 'specter'(!). Elizabeth felt insanely brave and grabbed her phone-flashlight and began running toward the specter. She'd never felt so 'immersed' in her whole life. How far had she 'roamed' from her law-firm in New York or her cozy worldly college-life at Yale(!)? Elizabeth was resolved now to make monumental specter-contact.

Elizabeth walked up to the specter and demanded they converse. What ensued was an iconic 'chat' between two energized minds. Was this the last 'chat' the wired Elizabeth would ever have on Earth?

ELIZABETH: I demand to know who/what you are, specter!
SPECTER: Why, I'm merely a 'visitor' looking for a differing/ideal tree.
ELIZABETH: Is that because that huntsman cut down 'your' original tree?
SPECTER: Correct; now, I need a new one to climb/inhabit!
ELIZABETH: Why are you haunting these woods, specter?
SPECTER: As you see, I'm a werewolf my dear and require privacy.
ELIZABETH: Can i entreat you with one of my sandwiches.
SPECTER: I don't want friendship...unless you help me.
ELIZABETH: What on Earth do you want me to do, specter?
SPECTER: I want you to hypnotize the huntsman with your beauty!
SPECTER: So that I may catch him off-guard...and eat him!
ELIZABETH: It seems I'm 'chatting' with a true villain...
SPECTER: This may be your very final hunch.