Unabridged Rules.

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Default Rules
Adult material, as defined by the Google TOS, goes in the restricted forums, no exceptions.
Nothing illegal.
No spamming.
Report things that break the rules.

Category One: Undesirable Posts
1. Necros are given a lot of extra time if the post is constructive, i.e. follows the secondary purpose of the thread. Necro length is 2-3 weeks, or 3-6 months if constructive. A post that follows the primary purpose of a thread can never be considered a necro.
2. Off-Topic and useless posts should be kept under control, but only in the case of getting to the point where a new thread would need to be made for the original discussion. Users will be warned and posts moved in the case of violations.
Necro rules only apply in story and idea threads to anyone who is not the author of the story/idea.

Category Two: Author Rights
1. The author will have authority on necros, threadjacks, offtopics, and useless posts.
2. The author will be required to accept constructive, on-topic posts.
3. Rules must be declared formally, with notice, with no exceptions.

Category Three: Personal Attacks and Racism
1. Slurs are allowed, as long as they aren't obviously intended to be harmful. That is to say, in the absence of absolute evidence of harmful intent, no action will be taken.
3. Personal attacks may be taken down at the target's request, at which point re-posting will be discouraged.
4. Insults are a way of saying "hello."

Catergory Four: Curse Words, Vulgarisms, Obscenity
1. Curse words will be allowed, as long as they are not the only contents of a post.
2. Stories will be allowed to feature a limited amount of graphic violence and any amount of cursing. Graphic depictions of sex will be limited to the restricted section.

Category Five: Attribution, Copyright
1. Recursive fanfiction, or just a new take on the same idea, is allowed, not with the original author's own words and without consent, or with the original author's words and consent.
2. Authors of works that are presented on TFF may always request their works be removed.
4. Sub-fics may not be taken down, but any part that is the original author's own words will be removed.

Category Seven: Links
1. Link posters are normally under no special obligations, however:
2. Warn people if you are linking to something that asks you to vote, give points for referrals, or otherwise benefits the link poster with little or no benefit to the clicker.

Category 8: Tags
Tagging a story is not required, but it is always encouraged.

Category Nine: Moderator Accountability
1. A forum will be set aside specifically for disagreements with moderators.
2. Moderators will be required to justify actions taken in punishment, IE against the wishes of the affected posters.

Category Ten: Sock Puppets (Except TFF_Admin)
Sock puppets are not allowed. A limited number of alternative accounts (whose owner is announced in the member note) are allowed.

Category Eleven: Thread Moving
Threads posted in the obviously wrong place will be moved as soon as possible.
2. Posters will get a warning for repeated incorrect locations of threads in a short period of time, or else a small warning % for each incorrectly posted thread.
3. Threads which are not obviously wrong will be moved at the request of the author or when the correct uses of the thread eventually make it obvious that it is in the wrong place. For example, if a thread is posted in previews, but replies and examination of the post reveal it is really an Idea post, it will be moved.

Category Twelve: Advertising
1. You may shill for your fanfictions.
2. Do not shill for your product, aside from a low key link in your sig or something equally ignorable.

Catagory Thirteen: Punishment Level
1. Punishments for minor infractions are warnings.
2. The punishment for any repeated infraction, major infraction, or any refusal to cooperate with moderators is a temporary ban.
3. In cases of repeated temporary bans being required, the duration of the ban will be increased each time.
4. After a certain number of temporary bans, a permanent ban will be used.
5. Grievous violations before punishment can be issued will result in a permanent ban.
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