What (manga) are you reading?

So, I've been reading Kin No Kanojo Gin No Kanojo it's not bad, a bit heavy on Ecchi nowhere near as bad as To-Love Ru or DxD. It's tagged as a Harem, but so far there are only "2" girls, and they're both technically the same person split in half.
Just finished reading it now. Man Paako and the Trap were completely pointless characters.
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o suru Chapter 47 Hmm, Gojou spends most of the chapter stressing out over what Kitagawa's friends think, because of something the crossdresser from the previous chapters said.

Also, eyepatch girls needs some tact, damn... Don't put an introvert on the spot like that!


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Lately, I've been reading a lot of entries, though the ones I keep up the most with are SPY X FAMILY when it rarely gets a translation, trying to keep up with Arifureta, Sono Bisque Doll (Thank you, Masta), The Story of an Onee-san Who Keeps a Highschool Boy--

I was enjoying Trinity Seven, but it's gotten so severely shounen-silly that at this point I don't even know what it's doing anymore.
Read Mitsuishi-San, it's not bad. Chapters are a little short, but it got a few chuckles out of me at least.

Might be a little too similar to Kubo-San though...
Kiss X Death 78.5 Manga's getting close to the end now, there's only one last Alien to grab. Shame the slow-ass update speed means it's still got a few more years in it, but it's a good story so... Maybe the ending will be worth the wait?
Mone-San No Majime Sugiru Tsukiaikata Updated to Chapter 41 (Ecchi)

Holy shit. Horny president is horny. Also, a much bigger masochist than I initially suspected.
Mone-San No Majime Sugiru Tsukiaikata Updated to Chapter 43 (Ecchi)

Holy shit, are all the girls in this series horny...
So I picked up 2.5D Seduction, and while it's got more than a few fanservice shots, it's still a pretty wholesome, and funny comedy about Cosplay. If you're looking for something new to read, I think it's definitely worth a look at least.