When a Golem and Another Golem love each other... [Discworld]


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So this ideas been floating around for awhile, especially after rereading Making Money, with Gladys the Girl Golem.

Gladys was just the first of the "humanizing" golems, they started giving some of them pants to wear, some dresses, and they start picking up the mannerisms of the other races.  They're still very much golems, but a bit closer to human than they used to be.  Eventually, a pair of them decide that the next logical step for them would be to start a family, and they end up making a baby golem.

Not quite sure how that would work out, but building one small and adding on to it as it "grows up" seems like the way to go.

Just a silly idea that popped into my head.  Have this vision of it being a very surreal sitcom.