Young Justice Miscellaneous Ideas Thread

Prince Charon

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Like the other threads. This one's for the Young Justice cartoon, on the off chance that anyone clicking on this hasn't seen it.

First idea: Wally and Artemis, currently (semi?)retired from the superhero game, get to babysit Roy's daughter, Lian. Could be comedy, or it could be a drama, where one or more of Roy's and/or Cheshire's enemies are after her.
Lazy Idea:Due to 5th dimensional hijinks portals open up in the verious DCAU and switch out charaters for their counter parts.


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Due to wacky hijinks Ultimate Spider-man finds himself face to face with Black Spider during the Infiltrator mission. Stuff happens.


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By stuff you mean Black Spider is defeated and probably becomes a superhero.

Prince Charon

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After Season Two, the Team is disbanded or has broken up, until a mysterious girl named Raven gathers them together, to save the world from Trigon the Terrible. What would the YJ-verse version of that arc be like?


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SleepyNin said:
Due to wacky hijinks Ultimate Spider-man finds himself face to face with Black Spider during the Infiltrator mission. Stuff happens.
Interesting but how about:

Spectacular Spider-Man finds himself in Black Spider's body (because let's face it Black Spider is Spectacular Spider-Man). He has no clue how that happened but he intends to find out. Meanwhile, he is going to do his hero thing as usual.

Reactions at the sudden change vary, and like it or not, Spidey is still in the body of a wanted criminal.


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batman: it seems we've been transported to another universe, one much darker and more serious than ours
aquaman: how can you tell old chum?
batman: the fact that the reach is on earth for one thing *points to tv store*
aquaman: outrageous


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Here's a idea I'm hoping will find a home with someone who can write it. Due too a massive cross-over event a young team of heroes after winning find themselves in the Young Justice-verse with no way home. The team is made up of the following.

Dexter- at 16 is the Overall science leader for the team having built their spaceship the RustBucket mk.5 from gathered remains of other ships during the war. He found it better for him too work form behind too help the others rather then go into the field.

Sari Sumdac- age 16 is a techno-organic being who serves a mixed role as the ships chief pilot and engineer, she also goes into the field only when her skills are needed.

Penny Gadget, AKA Gadget Girl- age 17 she once help her uncle solve his cases till she got old enough too want too have her own adventures. Being a expert of gadget-tech she designed for herself a suit of armor that stores a vast arrays of tolls and weapons. during the war she made quite a few upgrades too more dangerous weapons for the battles she found herself in.

Jade Chan, aka Agent J- age 15 Jade has had training in chi magic along with the skills of advanced government agent. Due too one adventure she also regained her place as the Queen of the Shadowkhan an the powers that went with it. thanks too her chi magic training she was able too control the powers this time and keep from being overwhelmed by her dark side, She able too summon shadowkhan of each universe too serve her.

Bubbles Utoinum- age 8, Bubbles joined the team after a plot by Mojo caused the powers of her sisters too merge into her leaving them normal little girls. She had planned too return the powers too them but before she could the War happened pulling her from her Earth. Bubbles is the most powerful member of the team but due too her age and nature the others tend too be rather protective of her.

Ben Tennson aka Ben10, age 10 Ben an his cousin Gwen were fighting the war alone form the start when their world was the first too be attacked. Him and Lucky-girl came up with the plan too steal the attackers own trans-dem jump enegine too gather help. Ben has more aliens too call on now in a fight an has grown a bit more focused.

Gwen Tennson aka Lucky-girl, age 10, Gwen not only has the mystic charms she also gained Charmcaster's books and bag of tricks too help her out. She tends too help Dexter from the ship and has a crush on the older boy genius.

Raimundo aka Sholin age 19 is the field leader of the team and was able too bring with him all of the wu's with him before his world was lost too the invaders. While he glad they were able too stop the attackers and restore all their worlds he still worries about his team as they now find themselves trapped in a distant part of the multiverse with no way for any of them too get home.

Now really sure at what point during season one the team of young heroes would arrive and how they would react too a world with heroes or how the Dc heroes would react too them.

Did have a funny image of during the first misunderstanding battle royal between heroes Superman gets knocked out by Bubbles and all the DC heroes having a WTF moment.