Your nation, your way.


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Free website where you can build your own nation. Might tread a little close to political discussion which can be a major minefield, but its kind of an interesting way to see your political views put into practice. Running a region if anyone is interested in joining so we can see how each of us would fix the world, hopefully without causing a horrible shitfest along the way.

my nation;

my region, for those interested;

edit; be careful, because they don't have too many opportunities to compromise. I've accidentally outlawed capitalism twise, and am still waiting on an opportunity to fix that...


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I just joined your region. I'll give this game a shot.


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Wow, I haven't thought about this place in so long. I'm amazed it's still around, it was all the rage in 2003/2004.


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Not too surprising its around. Not power or data intensive, interesting for prett much everyone who ever said they could do a better job running the nation, and it's not time consuming. Join us... it's fun...
I've kind of given up on Nationstates because the guy who runs it is... what people call 'LOLibertarian'...