Appeal Poor Yorick's Ban Reasonings

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Two of the three counts are, how you say, "specious and bad reasons".

"...for involving other boards in the business of TFF..."

"for trying to drag sending him a message asking that retributive action be taken against administrators and moderators or the forum as a whole..."

Log this as a protest against their use in a ban. Indeed I do not think they are against the rules or that there should be rules against them.


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Appeal denied, there is no Yorick, only "Yorik".

DKG is getting banned for one reason and one reason only: Trying to get the forum deleted. The rest is just padding so I don't have to feel bad about hitting him for just one thing. I can edit the post if you like, but the appeal is denied out of hand.

Shoot me a PM if you care enough for me to edit the report.
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