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What the topic says. Great game deals.

These kinds of posts are usually made in separate threads about a particular deal, Gaming News, or the What are you playing thread, but the topic is deserving of it's own thread. It makes deals more easily accessible as they often get buried in the other threads by comments. With a thread like this one sales and deals can be easily perused through and more people can be informed about whatever the hottest deal happens to be at the time. Obviously the newer threads would be the most relevant.

Doesn't matter what system it's for, a great free game on PS+, a really good deal on XBLA, a particularly good Steam Deal, whatever the Humble Bundle is offering, or anything else that's a great deal in gaming. I assume most of us know about the various Steam or GoG sales. I don't suggest listing every game that's on sale. If there's a few that stand out amongst the many they should be posted here, but we really don't need a rundown of absolutely everything that goes on sale anywhere. Just things that particularly stand out as a great value.

This is also a good way to keep up with when the Steam Sales begin [or any decent sale on a particular site that might be worth attention] without starting an entirely new thread every time one happens to start. They usually don't give an exact date, so if someone mentions it when a particular sale starts, it would be appreciated if this thread survives that long.

If you think it's worth giving the heads up to others about, post it here.

Newegg is having an awesome Rockstar sale right now. Almost all the Rockstar titles have gotten a major markdown. GTA VC, SA, III, IV, and the DLC, Bully, Midnight Club 2, L.A. Noir, Manhunt, Max Payne 1-3 and the DLC for MP3. It's well worth checking out if you're looking to nab any of the Rockstar PC titles for super cheap.

The current WB Humble Bundle is pretty excellent as well. It's got Scribblenauts Unlimited [not the comic book themed one], and Arkham City GotY for those who pay over the average.

Plus Batman Arkham Asylum GotY, Fear 2 and 3, and LotR War in the North. All of which are decent games and well worth the price of the bundle on their own. Fear 3 and LotR are the weakest of the bunch, but they aren't horrible games by any stretch, they just aren't anything special.

tl;dr ITT: Awesome deals on video games, or comments about said deals or titles offered by them. Just stuff that stands out to keep it from becoming a series of overly long bloated lists that no one is interested in.


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As someone who has only recently acquired access to disposable income, I was amazed at the humble bundle. Seriously. Nice stuff.


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Target has a buy two get one free deal going on now, all this week. Great for those looking to score some ps4 games, but it applies to all other systems and games as well.

I was able to get Best buy to price match it, but apparently they have since stopped in many areas. I used it to score Knack, Killzone SF, and NBA 2k14 on ps4.


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The WB Humble Bundle has expanded for those paying over the average and now includes the Original Fear, Mortal Kombat Kollection [Arcade emulations of MK 1, 2, and Ultimate MK 3], a few DLC packs for Gotham City Imposters and Arkham Origins, LotR Guardians of Middle Earth and an expansion, and LotR Online Steely Dawn Starter pack, which at the moment does not have keys available but a message saying they will be shortly is also posted. The games are included if you've previously purchased the bundle as well. So if you've already got the bundle, go to the DL page for the WB Bundle and the codes will be there with the rest.

Fear and the MK Kollection seem to be the most interesting items. I've already got anything I'd be interested in. Still, it's a great deal made even better.

The Humble Store has also been launched recently and is yet another place to keep an eye out for discounted game downloads. A lot of it simply mirror's Steam's prices, but a few titles are cheaper so comparison shopping is a good idea. From what I've seen if it's cheaper it's cheaper on the Humble site, but that might not always hold true. Especially during the Steam seasonal sales.


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On GoG there is the DRM-FREE FALL INSOMNIA SALE right now with games sold at a low price on and limited to a certain amount just saw 500 ex Neverwinter Nights disappear in 30 seconds.


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Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen is available on PSN for free in the US. It was previously available in EU for the system, but has finally crossed the ocean to American PSN account holders.

Been looking forward to this one and it was pretty obvious it would show up sooner or later. I've not played before and it includes the expansion so I've got plenty to do. I'm still about 10% away from finishing DLing it as of this post, but I'd like to play an open world RPG that isn't running on Gambryo for once.


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fallout 1, 2 and tactics for free rigth now on GOG!


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The Steam Holiday Sale just started. Runs from the 19th through the 3rd.

Got Dead Island GotY for 75% off and finally nabbed Batman Arkham Origins for 50% off.

Anyway, it's that time again. Happy hunting and sad wallets.


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La Mulana on Steam, 90% discount is currently up and for another 46 hours


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The Humble Bundle Weekly sale is a great deal this week.

It's got Overlord II, Dirt 3, and Dirt Showdown for over $6. You get Overlord, Overlord: Raising Hell, Rise of the Argonauts, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Operation Flashpoint: Red River for whatever amount you want to play.

Rise of the Argonauts is the only real lame duck amongst them. Flashpoint is one of those uber realistic military FPS shooters, but it's a good one. Not for CoD fans, but if you're into tactical shooters like ARMA, Takedown, Socom, Rainbow Six, etc, you'll probably like it.

Overlord is the real gem here though. It's sort of an evil take on Pikman with an evil playthrough of Fable kind of twist on it. Very entertaining.

Dirt is a very pretty arcade style racer. They are sequels to the Collin McCrae racing series. The series dropped his name, but it's still the same type of gameplay.


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Smite has a pretty good deal going on. If you like the game (surprising even me, as I generally don't go for MOBAs) and think you'll be playing it for a long time, its definitely something thats worth getting.

30$ for all current Gods on the roster and all future gods that they release. Pretty amazing deal, and it'll only be available until the BETA ends. There are over 50 gods on the roster (I think. May be a bit under.) and the largest amount you can buy out of pocket is 17 for 50$

If anyone is even remotely interested in trying the game out I'd definitely recommend you give it a shot.

And, to toot my own horn for a tad, here is my referral code.


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Two good deals on Steam. The Splinter Cell franchise is 66% off, while Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is 70% off.

Altered Nova

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Kingdoms of Amalur is pretty good, but I would suggest skipping most of the side quests. Most of them are pretty good quality but there's just so much fucking content in that game that if you actually try to clear every zone before moving on to the next zone you'll be so overleveled that the main quest will be laughably easy and you'll burn out halfway through the game.

Seriously that is probably the only game I've ever played where having too much content is a *bad* thing.


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There's also Guacamelee Gold Edition for $5 on Steam until Sunday. I might pick that up myself.


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Altered Nova said:
Kingdoms of Amalur is pretty good, but I would suggest skipping most of the side quests. Most of them are pretty good quality but there's just so much fucking content in that game that if you actually try to clear every zone before moving on to the next zone you'll be so overleveled that the main quest will be laughably easy and you'll burn out halfway through the game.

Seriously that is probably the only game I've ever played where having too much content is a *bad* thing.
It's about the only game where the graphics and a lack of a way to mod or fix them has stopped me from playing it. I really wanted to like it and got a good way into it before giving up.

The combat system is decent, the art style is good, but the draw distance and texture pop in his horrible. It's a real distraction to playing when textures pop in all over the place and trees suddenly appear ten feet in front of your character.

I don't mind graphics that aren't cutting edge shiny, but when it gets to the point that it's distracting from gameplay and breaking immersion I just can't deal with it.

The worst thing is that mods could have fixed the few issues the game has pretty easily, but because the company that made it went under the source code was lost and no modding tools were ever released. The game is apparently a huge mess of code as well and would be incredibly difficult to mod even with skilled modding veterans.

It's also prone to glitching out and was never patched for the same reasons.

It's an okay game that could have been really great with only a little longer in the proverbial oven or a decent set of modding tools so the technical issues could be fixed.

It's not a horrible game if you can get past the pop in issues and technical glitches, few are game breaking, but they can be distracting.

Can't honestly recommend it, but you could do worse.


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FinalMax said:
There's also Guacamelee Gold Edition for $5 on Steam until Sunday. I might pick that up myself.
It's super awesome and totally worth every bit of $5. It's a Luchador themed Super Metroid. It starts out simple enough, but once you have to start using specific move types to beat certain enemies and it starts tossing them at you in mixed groups it gets pretty difficult. Not impossible mind you, but it ain't easy. It also encloses you in an area until enemies are defeated before you can move on from time to time. Though, once you clear an area you can move past it unhindered when you pass back through. Enemies do respawn on the maps so there is always something to pummel, but you won't be stopped and have to re-clear a room again to get by.

It's also got some insane platforming elements and a dark and light world system that further complicates things. Some areas require absolutely perfect timing and accuracy. Again, never impossible, but also not easy. Might take you a few tries to figure out how to navigate some areas, but I've never gotten stuck for more than a few moments trying to navigate. Of course, once you do figure out how to get through an area, actually doing it is sometimes another story.

I've played through it twice so far and it's still just as fun to give the enemies an epic beat down as it was when I first started playing.

Unless you are a weak little girly man and do not like the hard video games, I highly recommend it.


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For those in America 'Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary' in the 3DS eShop is FREE until tomorrow 12pm PST. Get it now!


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GoG has Dungeon Keepers for free for the next few days. If you've not played it before, snap it up. It's awesome, and then you'll have context for why EA's re-release is so awful.


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The current Humble Bundle features all of the Civilization games since CivIII, plus Ace Patrol, Railroads!, and Pirates!, PLUS expansion packs. It's a freaking steal.

Also, - in addition to the aforementioned free copy of Dungeon Keeper I - is also hosting a double sale. On one, they've got an 80% off sale on all of the classic Dungeons & Dragons titles, from Planescape:Torment to the Neverwinter Nights games. On the other, they have a special Valentine's Day offering on lots of multiplayer games, some of which are going for as low as US$1.50.

If you have any money and want anything on the list, now's the time.