Building Worlds


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Since Vex said it so well, here's the basics of how this will work.

So here's how it's going to work, I will be removing myself from the "game" for the moment being and I will instead be acting as a GM of sorts.

We will be playing this as though we are building a myth. Each "Turn" you will be allowed to perform a single <i>simple</i> act. You may create, craft, destroy or what have you.

Create a planet, create an afterlife, create a people, a hero, an idea, a part of the reality itself.Destroy a people, destroy a realm, destroy a kingdom.

Anything and/or everything you want to do you may, but you are limited to only ONE act per turn.

You begin play with a single "Domain". You may earn additional Dominions through acting in the game, but these will be handed out at my discretion. While you are not necessarily limited to/by your Domain you should keep it in mind for roleplaying purposes.

Keep in mind the circumstances of the world as it is exists when you enter it. Those who enter at the beginning should choose extremely general, primal and elemental dominions such as "Fire", "Chaos", "Time" or "Life". Whereas those who enter the world after it has been established should probably consider more specific dominions such as "War", or "Cities" or "Sorcerers".

We will be starting with an abstract nothing, so it will be up to the first gods to enter the game to craft the world you will be lording over.
Other stuff:
-The Positions of God/dess of Time, Space, and Death are reserved for GM types, to keep people from fucking this up. Since Vex got this shit together, he gets first pick about which one he wants to be.

-Try and make it dramatic. We're playing Gods here, so don't just say "I do X." Try to add some pizazz. If you need to, post what you do and come back and jazz it up later.

Alright then, time to make me a world...

Before the dawn of time, before the concept of time even existed, there was oblivion, an endless sea of void and nothingness. Then, the Gods appeared. Beings of such power that the void recoiled from them, their very presence anathema to it. They gazed upon the eternity, and saw it was not to their liking.

The Goddess Zevras reach out into the infinite void, and from that oblivion, crafted a star which she named Sevren, and a world, called Delsinum. A world covered in an endless ocean, an empty canvas to be filled by her brethren.


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And as the God Vexarian awoke to this new universe, void of time, void of life he looked upon all of creation, the Star of Sevren and the World of Delsinum, crafted by the Goddess Zevras and hanging amongst a curtain of infinite void, each perched precariously within an unmoving moment.

And with a single breath of the God Vexarian, that moment was no more and time itself began, heralded by the two sacred words, "Tick" and "Tock".


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The Goddess Helka looked out on the endless and still waters of Delsinum, from her family's home on the elemental plane of Water. It was empty, a perfect place to move in. A wave of her hand, and for a portal opened to the depths of the ocean and she stepped through, closing behind her.

The waters were still and quiet, no life yet moved anywhere, and the waters themselves were still. She gestured and the water began to move, currents forming beneath the still surface.


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Intrigued by the blue marble floating in the void, the God Heramont descended to the world and found a swirling chaos of currents. Appalled by the dizzying flows, he pulled up a wall to stop the water from battering him and stood atop it, widening it until he could no longer view the endless waves crash against the shores.

Thus was born the first land, a small barren continent.


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Uragirimono smiled as the small existence of fellow god's fruits sprang into being, just as was known.

It was too soon to act, however. The world was too new, too raw. Best to wait until more gods threw their gauntlet into the ring, or it would be destroyed. It would be a suitable diversion in time, however.

Uragirimono's empty eye sockets opened once to look at everything in existence. Oh yes. This would be interesting.

And it could- no, would- end in absolute hilarity. He couldn't wait.

Eyelids drooped shut.


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Jeth saw the the first day, and that the others were busy doing things to make an impact. Yet he could not influence much yet, his domain required sentience, and there was not yet life. Water had been shifted aside though, by strong walls, making land. It seemed right to him that these two things should contrast each other. Far be it from him to pick a favorite though, life and order would establish itself in good time, so long as things didn't stay the same.

Did his domain cover cosmic law? And what of physical? Things were such a mess, everyone doing whatever they wanted in spite of, or actively decimating, the work of others. Yet without it, life would be pretty boring in the void... So maybe...Yes.

All things can change.


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Helka frowned when her currents were redirected by the continent that appeared in the ocean of Delsinum. The sea rose and endless waves began their silent siege of the continent.


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Laying upon the barren earth, Heramont found himself uncomfortable. He'd escaped the annoying currents and left them far from him, but the ground was a terribly tough terrain. He stood once more, and looked at the horizon in each direction, viewing only the seemingly endless earth. With the snap of his fingers, the ground around him softened and small yellow tendrils slipped out, carpeting everything he could see. His job done, he lay down to nap.

I have created yellow grass! Bow down before my magnificence! :p


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Aoradah Saw, though without seeing, It saw.

Possibility, Potential.

The gears turned, grinding, the sound blaring with the Auria as the divine chorus lead by the master of heavenly songs sang their eternal beat.

The ten times ten times ten gears arranged in non euclidean patterns, each bearing nine blind eyes and six singing mouth's and three uselessly beating wings, of a size to which no currently existing words have any meaning but one, infinite, built upon each gear is but one piece of the ten times ten times ten section's of a city as infinite as it is empty, bearing only the angel's of Aoradah.

A world has been born.

A nonexistent heart beat booms.

Aoradah waits.


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Tick Tock

And as the primordial forces of the gods descended upon this fresh reality, the God Vexarian simply watched, feeling the almost imperceptible beat of time as it raced forth, freshly unleashed by his words.

With time, this world of existence would grow. Yet as it was, the Flows of Time would bring it only to ruins. The chaotic, wild movements, the knots and turns and twists would rend all of existence at it's very seams.

And so with another great movement, the God Vexarian calmed the forces of time, bringing it's flow even and gentle. Time would not be a force of chaos. It would be a force of order, stark and unchanging and ever-present.

And so the chaos bound from Time was forged by the god into a single well, the source from which time would flow and to which it would eternally return.


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Aoradah, GOD OF LIGHT, looked upon the world, frozen in place, and upon the sky, for it's perspective was such that anywhere light touched, it saw, without seeing.

It looked upon the sky, from one half of the new world, facing the sun, there was light.

It could not see the other, for there was none.

It sang, and it's Angel's sang, and they, as a burning legion flew out, and brought them, filling the empty sky, and sang, and their song brought down light of divine glory, brighting the black sky.

Darkness still reigned, but now it could see, without seeing, the whole of the world.

So small...


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Jeth saw the flight of angels, and saw their beauty. Overwhelming majestic magnificence, a shining beacon of Good in this world. Yet that throne was held empty, the mantle unclaimed by the slumbering gods yet. It wouldn't be fair to make a move yet, the others yet to come might fill the role better. Yet, something sat wrongly with him. Such beauty existed in this world, and their light would repel evil if this conditions were right.

How fair would it be that the sun's power would reject evil when it was strongest, and after it waned, the star's light would compel those with evil hearts beneath the ground, away from the majestic light of angels? A flight of angels, left unchecked would erase any chance for chaos, which Jeth was grateful for...

Yet it was wrong. As there is a force for good, so too should there be a force for evil. Equal, yet opposite. And so Jeth grimaced and desecrated the world for the first time.

Summoning a great meteor into existence, the ugliest sight ever seen (although, Jeth remarked to himself, time had just begun, so it did not have a lot of competition) and sent it careening towards the planet. Where the angels song had been beautiful, a graceful melody of chords, the devilssong was discordant and terrible.

Upon impact, the meteor exploded into shrapnel, some returning to space, casting shadows on the planet where evil would roam free. Others landed on the continent, and in the water, making ethereal shadows, pockmarking the golden land. Evil would be safe to tread upon this land, and in time, spread it.

For all things, there shall be an equal, but opposite.


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As he lay resting upon his soft bed of grass, Heramont was awoken by a cacophanous crash as the ground below him shook and shuddered. He was on his feet before he knew it, his mind thinking quickly to what could have been the cause. Could the sky be falling? He wasn't sure at first glance, but the thought of something falling on to his head as he slept was repugnant. He'd need something to protect him from whatever was above. Maybe something like the grass, but bigger? No, the grass was meant to be soft and comfy. It had to be more rock. The rock kept the water away, so obviously it could hold back the sky too.

With a thought, the ground conformed once more to his command, massive pillars of rock shooting upwards around him, reaching high towards the heavens. Sitting down in the center of his conical hideaway, he suddenly realized how dark it was in here, and with one last thought before he fell back into his sleep, the rocks around him began to glow green.

Thus was born the first mountain, and the first mineral: green rock!


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Zevras gazed upon the works wrought by the others, in particular the creation of Heramont. The life form spread without care or restraint, for there was nothing to oppose it, nothing to stop it's ceaseless spread. It was good, for the moment.

Zevras took Heramont's concept, and seeded Delsinum with it, and numerous variants. The sky, the sea, the land, all became hosts for these new creations, and as time passed, they too began to spread across Delsinum, unopposed by anything.

She called them... Life.


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Helka examined the newest arrivals in the world, these small, interesting and fragile things. They will need shelter to grow and recently somethings fell into the waters.
She coaxed the water to harden, it was easier where it was colder, creating a layer that floated on the top, protecting the area beneath. A long stem reached down to the bottom of the sea, and the coldest water she could find flowed up inside the stem, creating a small fountain at the top, the water falling back and repairing and thickening the shield.
Thus Ice was born.


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Tick Tock

And so it was that all of the chaos of Time was forged into a Well.

But the God of Time was unsatisfied with his work and so he looked across all that existed, the workings of the other gods. And he saw upon the world it's first Mountain and the god Vexarian reached out to it and dug into it's peak, placing into it the Well of Time. And from within the mountain the god Vexarian took the mineral and forged it into a Colossus of Emerald and breathed into it his divine power so that it may stand eternal over the Well of Time.


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It looked upon the small world.

And It looked upon the makes of It's peers.

It looked upon the Blackstone. The Devilsong.

It corrupted all it touched and annoyed It thus, but It would not smite the works of others unless It felt it truly needed.

It looked upon this thing called Life, these... Plants. (I was gonna call them Svert, but if we give to many things weird names it will be hard to keep track of what's what.)

Plant's touched thus by the Devilsong, they were corrupted thus.

Plants grew and spread across the whole of the world.

The Small World is Beautiful.

If the Plants of the Devilsong spread across the world, it will become ugly and twisted.

It saw that this was wrong and cast down it's will and formed a species, a creature, reptilian in form, to feed on the devil plants and slow their growth.

They were made to adapt, such that they could change and spread where needed to stop the sick growths, until such time as they had spread across the whole of the Small World, at which point, they would become as normal life.

Eaters of Plants... Herbivores.

They bare no name, but that is unimportant.

They have no need of one currently.


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Under the Ice, Helka studied the plants. They were small, and floating in the water, moving around, but they were lost in the wastness of the ocean. The depths needed a different type. Taking longer plants, she wove them into a tapestry, teaching them to do so themselves, and colored the plants a deep purple. Setting the small 'rafts' afloat, she noticed the new lifeforms at the edge of the water, who were eating the plants. What to do about those?


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Zevras watched as the world changed by the hands of the others, and crafted a great black Moon, from which the Gods could observe the world in a more constrained fashion, while remaining hidden from the primitive creatures below.


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Jeth saw ice, and was inspired. Such order! Such unity! A glorious fusion of like-minded particles joined together in blissful synergy. Such a thing must be divinely inspired! Yet who could fashion such art? Jeth decided that he must know, and sought the maker. All thinger that had been touched by divinity had their fingerprints, so to speak, and Jeth tracked the trail back to the source. And what a marvel! A self-sustaining fountain, and below, their god.

Although here, he paused. Presently, he was intangible with no definite state, just a gaseous, nebulous body. Should he assume one? And would it be polite to greet the ice-maker without an introduction? Or a gift! Perhaps he should bring a gift. Yet what kind? Hesitation lasted yet moments, but for Jeth he was thinking deeply. The divine one within seemed to be teaching the plants to survive as rafts. Purple rafts, which appeared to be getting eaten by some small animals.

Yet how to remove them? While it would be a trifle to destroy them, it was wrong to destroy those who act. In their nature, so perhaps a better solution would be to create something to eat those little reptiles.

Focusing his intent, he gathered and packed some ice together, forming a crystalline structure. With four legs, a tail, and a snout full of Sharon teeth, the new creature towered over the little reptiles, with haunched shoulders and sharp claws the creature would be dangerous. Yet this new ice was slippery, so Jeth taught them to bind with the ice, allowing them to maintain traction as they wished. Imbuing the creatures with his own magic, he dictated that they would hunt in packs, wherever ice could be found.

They still needed a name though, and he couldn't help but notice that the magic had shifted some of the ice into different hues. Dark colored ones would be male, Jeth decided, and light hues ones would be females. All of the colors of the rainbow were reflected in the pack he had created, one per color. Thinking to himself, he sought the name of the god below. All of the gods had met, yet without time to determine when, the memories seemed foggy. The name was... Helka? He believed. And so he named them Helkats, and unleashed them to spread.

Of course, he didn't allow them to ingestion the new plants Helka was making, not any of the others. Helkats would always feast on the flesh of other living things. With a rudimentary form of intelligence, they were capable of acting in groups.

Animating the creatures, Jeth focused his attention on Helka.

"A gift, for you, milady," Jeth said, feeling right in using a femine form of address for Helka. "I was most impressed with this Ice you have created."


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Tick Tock

As the Colossus of Emerald stood guard over the Well of Time, the god Vexarian continued his work fashioning this world. He looked across it and saw the work that the other gods had done, the life that had taken hold onto this world and the reality of existence that was still being forged by their hands.

It was curious.

He saw the ice and the earth and the seas, and he saw the plant life, the devil song and the beasts which scurried.

He reached toward the earth and took from it clay. And the God of Time would mold that clay into a creature, one unlike any that the world had thus far beheld.

This creature would be large, it would stand strong and mighty. So the God of Time brought much clay to work with.

And he forged unto this creature wings, massive and magnificent so as to soar through the skies.

And he forged unto this creature legs, careful yet strong, with razor tips for which to grapple and strike.

And he forged unto this creature a head, set upon a neck long and elegant and strong and upon this head he forged a hooked mouth and called it a beak.

And the God Vexarian took two stones further of the Green Mineral and forged them into eyes, so that his creation would see all the world as it truly should be. And upon it's body he grew feathers of gold across it's wings and it's back and feathers of red across it's stomach. The longest feathers were saved for last, formed into a tail for this new creature.

Yet even as his creation was complete, he was unsatisfied with it. He looked upon his creation and upon the world and he thought.

And the God of Time took but one single drop from the Well of Time and bathed the forehead of his new creature, forging unto it a jeweled crown.

And with this final act, he breathed life into his creature and it took toward the air.

The First Great Bird had been born. In time it would multiply. And with the god's gifts the Great Bird would control the flows of Time to it's own will.

The God Vexarian looked upon his creation and named the creature Xenra.


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Heramont awoke with a fit. Something was wrong...something was different. His eyes opened from his long sleep to find some of the glowing green stones to have been moved from his mountain, drawn upwards into a hole carved into the top. As he left his refuge, the world itself had seemingly changed, as his carpets spread across the land and deep into the waters. Strange beings scattered before his steps as they moved to devour his soft creation, and someone had been playing with his hideaway, shaping it in ways it shouldn't be shaped in. He was angry, and like a petulant child he wanted to break something, and so he turned to his first creation, the rock below his feet.

With a thunderous crash, he stomped his foot, and a chasm opened up before him. He ripped holes in the earth, gouging away chunks of land and pulling up new mountains wherever he felt like, until the small continent no longer looked as it once did, no longer a single mass, but a horde of smaller pieces, dominated by the center piece, where the first and largest mountain he made resided. As his anger subsided, he viewed his first creation in dusgust, as he saw the retched water slipping forth to fill the cracks he had made, surrounding each piece of earth and separating all from each other. He left it, abandoning it to whoever had thought to ruin his soft ground and massive refuge with their fiddling. A single rock formed below him as he drifted through the air towards other parts. He would make a new continent, one better than the last and twice as big. And find some way to keep those other meddling gods from ruining it as they had the last.

And thus the First Continent became the Shattered Isles, angry mountains dominating many of the pockets of land, raging towards the skies as Heramont himself once did.


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It looked upon the Small World, Delsinum.

It looked upon the Smaller Moon.

It Looked upon the Less Small Sun, Sevren.

It looked upon the life it had already created.

The Sun is Barren, The Moon is barren.

It took stone from the Small World, and processed it's hardness ten times ten times ten times, until it became like black metal and made from it bones.

It called upon It's Angels and they sent their light thus, and it wove their rays of light into muscles that it wrapped around the bones.

It took the flames from the sun and crystallized it into 'organs', such as a 'heart' and a 'brain' and others.

It took from the Smaller Moon, Carbon and burned it in the forge called Sun, till it became diamond and fashioned teeth and claws and horns from it.

It reached out hence and grabbed the sky and tore off pieces and wove them into wings.

And then It reached to It's holy Domain and called the Light hence and wove from all the colors, even the abundance and the absence, scales.

This creature born, It would call a "Dragon" and it would live upon and within the Sun.

And when the Gods work was done and they settled upon the moon, the Dragon's would come to be as priests before the divine.

As the final act, It gave the "Dragon" one final touch.

And gave it free will.

And the power to multiply.


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Zevras watched as Life continued to spread, in all its myriad forms across the universe. Delsinum, the stars, even the sun hosted living creatures in one form or another. It was good, but Zevras envisioned somethign much... grander in scale.

Gazing down upon the world she had crafted, Zevras breathed life into Delsinum, life unlike any other. Delsinum's heart deep beneath the surface began to beat, and a great heat filled the world beneath, as the earth began to crack and shift, like a young child stretching after a long slumber. Oceans of molten earth began to flow, the very lifeblood of the planet itself, and lava burst forth onto the surface as Delsinum drew it first breaths.

Zevras smiled, Delsinum itself was alive, in its own fashion, and it was good.