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Prince Charon

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I mean, it's a kids movie, You really don't want to have to explain to a 6-year-old what a harem is if you can avoid it.
Unless they grew up in that sort of family.


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Re: Simba and Nala:

So they're Alabama fans then?
I suppose this isn't a good time to point out that the Middle East is the most inbred part of the world, with >40% consanguinity in many areas.

For the record, I'm a UF alumnus, so mock Alabama all you want.


Not The Goddamn @dmin
Honestly, I was mostly just setting up for a Roll Tide joke.
Pretend I said nothing and go for it.

Also, point of advice: Henry's Hard Orange Soda tastes terrible. Even if you like orange soda and want an alcoholic version, don't buy it.