Nasuverse Fate/Stay Updates


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Hurray, an update. Wish some of the other FSN stories would update as well. For what I read at least, almost every FSN story has been on hold for some time now. From Fake Dreams, God Slaying Bladeworks, Unwilling Hero, Draconian Fate Works, and a couple Sekirei cross overs with it.


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Good update, but nasty cliffhanger...
'Nasty' might be underselling it....

I'm calling it now: Rider probably got there in time and deflected all the bullets.


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Nice, more of a intermission chapter than I expected, but then we can expect the continuation of the trial in the next chapter...


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Interesting... glad it finally updated.

Now if only some other TMFSN crossovers would update... like either God Slaying Bladeworks, Wandering of a Sword Hero, or one of the Sekirei or HSDXD crossovers with it.


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It's happened to a lot of their stories from what I've seen. Better reason than most for abandoning a story though.
The fact that he never actually finished any of his stories (all 36 of them) probably help.
Which is a shame, since his Game of Thrones/Fate crossover was kind of interesting, even if I don't think Rin would know how to recreate some of the things she did.

Wandering of a Sword Hero had some good ideas, but the only thing it really had going for it was it was there wasn't a lot of competition. Honestly, I'd prefer to see someone else use the good ideas from that fic, and make an actually good crossover, instead of a merely okay one.


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I liked a few things from Wandering of a Sword Hero. For example... the interactions between Shirou and the Queen and with 'Yami' appealed to me, as I'm not aware of really any other ones with as much interactions with the Shadows.

I'm annoyed it was dropped where it was, as I felt the author should have at least finished the current arc...