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This sounds like something Devolver was joking around with during one their E3 presentations.


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Well, I doubt it will have anywhere near the popularity of Nintendo Switch, if it even gets to be produced en masse, but thanks for the information, da_fox.
You're welcome. And yeah, it might not reach Switch popularity, but it's still a cool idea. Something worth saving for, if it ever does make it to market.
This issue is that it probably won't be able to play what a lot of people looking for something like that will want to play on it.

If you're into indie titles that don't need much power to run, that thing is probably nice. Even then, a lot of titles like that will be running on medium-ish settings.

However, if you're casual gamer #4305606 and you want to play Skyrim, Witcher 3, Cyperpunk 2077, CoD, or other AAA titles on the thing, they're going to look and run like hot garbage.

It's a pretty niche product for PC gaming basically. That's not a bad thing, but thinking it will do anything near to as well as something like the switch is kind of delusional.

It's basically a tablet with some game controllers built into the sides of it and probably a gyro. Basically, anything that needs more than the average mobile tablet game isn't going to run well on that thing at all.
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I know, it's for the best but.....painful to hear none the less.
Beloved 4x strategy game, Master of Magic, now has it's first DLC... 25 years after it's launch. I'm so excited!