Iron Fic 5-10: Nautical Travel


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Nautical Travel

We love water. Not just for drinking, but also visiting large bodies of it for fishing, scientific research, artistic inspiration and travel. The last is the subject of this Iron Fic.

Aquatic travel is one of the oldest forms of transit in human history; civilizations thrive on the trade and exchange of ideas facilitated by water. Exploration, diplomacy, vacations and commercial activity are all expedited by rivers, lakes and oceans.

For this week's Iron Fic, write a story about water travel. Why is it used over other methods of transport, and for purpose is the voyage undertaken? What happens during the trip, and is its primary objective accomplished?

The challenge is set. Who will be this week's IRON FIC champion?

Just a heads up, I'm short TWO judges. If you're interested in volunteering for one, or coming on as a longer term judge, please let me know.


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Nothing but the water and the air, a Harry Potter on a boat Fanfic. A few hours late.