Iron Fic 5-8: Double Trouble


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Or, Fire and Ice

"Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice..."

Problems are never singular; you rarely get to deal with just one thing at a time. For this Iron Fic challenge, write about dealing with multiple problems at once.

How do your characters handle their problems? One at a time, or do they multitask? Are the problems consequential, parts of a larger issue, or unrelated but happening at the same time? Are they of the same magnitude? Do your characters succeed in solving them, or just push them down the line to focus on other things?

Note: Actual fire and ice unnecessary but stylish.


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Though I am only at home for this one evening, let it not be said that I abandon a comrade from the halcyon days of oTFF's Iron Fics entirely.

So, without much ado, my lords, ladies and fine folk, I present to you:

The Human Capacity to Complain
Fandom: The Wheel of Time, post-series.
Summary: Some days are not worth getting out of bed for - but at least -those- days let you keep your hat. Mat Cauthon has an entirely different kind of day.


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welp, corn wins.