JLU/alt ben 10 cross over idea


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okay the first thing to understand is that most of alien force has been thrown out of the window to this point the second series has been almost complete fail so i will be taking what is good about the show and mixing it in here

For starters this takes place 7 years after the first series instead of 5, and that Ben never removed the omnitrix.

During the 7 year interval Ben has made a name for himself as a hero taking down some alien threats but mostly sticking to human criminals. His omnitrix has improved as well. In addition to the 19 aliens he had access to at the end of the first series he has access to his alien force aliens (including a highly altered alien x) During this same period Gwen's magical powers have grown a great deal making her known to the various magic users and groups.

As for Kevin 2 years prior to the idea he escaped from the Null void (which it is later discovered is another section of the phantom zone) and thanks to him finally learning how to revert to his human form lays low His powers are altered slightly after an incident with the Parasite causes his powers to mutate into the ability to copy any ability his victim has slightly altering his battle form. he is still the sociopath he was before but he is smarter about it.

After it founding the Justice league becomes aware of Ben 10 and Lucky Girl and their actions. for the most part reactions are mixed Superman and Green Lantern worry about kids being involved with super heroics so young While Jonn is fairly indifferent Hawkgirl acts indifferent but makes a note in her reports to the Thanagarian homeworld about the threat Ben and Gwen might be to their efforts.

Eventually the Thanagarian invasion happens Ben and Gwen manage to keep bellwood safe for a while but eventually have to go underground.

Fast forward to the formation of the JLU along with 3 others (Static, Gear and Supergirl) Ben and Gwen are invited to join the league on a probationary basis (meaning that any missions they take are to involve a senior member)

and thats about it the majority of the story would be about the missions they do as members of the league. i imagined that there would be a story arc involving a large number of meta humans being attack by somebody that keeps talking about somebody named Ben. though that is really up to whom ever writes this


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Huh, I almost forgot about the Static Shock cartoon.

I suppose it could be interesting, but it's hard to tell without a snippet/chapter to look at.


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I'd be more than willing to read this. Any pairing ideas for the story?


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Agreed. Ben 10 definetly has some fiction potential.


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i hadn't really given much thought to pairings but maybe ben/kara or ben/stargirl or even ben/julie (with the events of episodes not featuring the dnaliens happening as they did in the episodes)

And maybe Gear or Static for Gwen

i had considered adding teen age versions of the ppg in the probationary group. but i would interested to find out what you guys think

tomorrow i am going to try write up a short snippet covering Ben and Gwens invite. mostly to try to start the engine on my writing mobile


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Will Gwen's powers still be magic based or will she be the pink lantern?


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Khortez said:
Will Gwen's powers still be magic based or will she be the pink lantern?
magic based, but she will know a spell that will allow her to create energy constructs in a pinch.

i am going to go work on that snippet i talked about yesterday
I love crossovers, and this one sounds very intertesting. Personally, I wouldn't have the PPG girls in it because they and their world are a bit too "cartoony" compared to Justice League and even Ben 10, but that's up to you ultimately.


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if i were to include the ppg's there would be 2 things to note.

1. these wouldn't be the little girls that we all remember.

2. by the time the invite came they would be 17 (or at least that is what their records would say.

Here is what i have on them.

for starters by the start of the story the girls have been in the game for roughly 12 years and where they were once the example of Perfect little girls they are now perfect teenagers (Physically speaking anyways.)

roughly 2 years prior to the start of the story the Professor dies leaving the girls with an absolutely huge insurance policy.

The Mayor (in a fit of political competence he never displayed before or since) arranges for the girls to be emancipated.

as for the girls

Blossom: is still the leader of the ppg. since she has almost always been the leader she has trouble working with anybody outside of her sisters leading many heros who have worked with her to consider her witchy. Since the Professor's death she has become extremely driven sometimes going days without sleep.

Buttercup: Has had issues dealing with her femininity. She is still the toughest of the the three and in terms of strengh level is 1.5 times stronger then the other two. Since the professors death she has started to deal with her feminine issues and mentally she is dealing with it the best out of the three of them.

Bubbles: Unlike her sisters who have dealt with their fathers death Bubbles has refused to do so. In the last year or so she has started having a long string of lovers leading her to have among the young metahuman community a reputation as a village bicycle. Recently she has been fielding offers from mens magazines to pose after she turns 18.

that being said i forgot to add a name to the list of probationary members

Danny Phantom
I figured that you'd be aging the PPGs up, but the odea of them existing alongside Superman and the like is just a little too weird for me (tho I'd still prolly read it). But like I said before, that's just my personal view. It's your fic after all.

Danny Phantom is an interesting choice. I was going to suggest some other characters that you could use if you wish, but I don't want to seem like I'm trying to butt in or something.


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go ahead and suggest granted i may not use them (i may not use the power puffs but i felt it was good to have a history for them) but it would be good to have some idea besides my own.

that being said remember they need to be either teenagers (like almost all of the team) or really new to the hero thing (like supergirl)

My suggestions were going to be Violet Parr, a slightly older Dash, and some Sky High students like Warren Peace, Layla, or Will Stronghold (I do like the sidekicks, but unless their powers evolved or something, I'm not sure how helpful they'd be in the League).


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Those are some interesting suggestions, but for this they wouldn't work with Violet and The Dash the universe they come from is too different (though if you want to see a good bit of fiction involving the dc universe and the Incredibles read Legend Makers fanfic. sins of youth )

As for Sky High i never saw that movie (though i admit it did look interesting) in the previews).

That being said i am considering Ben/ Gwen as a possible pairing.

That being said thanks for the suggestions.


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Uh..Ben and Gwen are closely related COUSINS. That would be just...wrong.


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yes i am aware of their status as first cousins.

what i am saying is that there is no religious or legal (depending on the state they live in) barriers.

Let me explain all of this started when i came up for the idea that while they would not be dating almost everybody (the public at large, the media, etc.) with the exception of their parents, Grandpa max and others that are in the know believe that Lucky Girl and Ben 10 are an item. it would have become a running gag.

at that point i decided to do a little research and went to a couple Christian web sites.

the overall opinion is that there is nothing in the bible that prohibits it ( if you have one read Leviticus 18 and 19 (the parts of the book covering sexual sins ) )and that any such relations depends purely on the the opinions of the people involved.

After that i gave some thought to the idea putting them together for real and honestly outside the taboo attached to it (something that has really only sprung up in the last 100 years or so)

at current 24 states prohibit marriage between cousins

all that being said i never said i was going to do it for sure and if i do i could always go with the one of them is adopted cliche. i may just go back to the idea of people thinking they are dating gag

all of that aside if they were not related do you they would be good together.


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Haha... nice reasoning, really top notch job. But, you're just a pervert.


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i can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not.

That being said what is so perverted about thinking ben and gwen would make a good couple.


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Indeed, people seem to forget the motto of TFF:

Leave your sanity at the door

which covers those of us who have further adopted

Incest is best, put your ______ to the test.

edit: personally, I don't care about the pairings. but interesting idea, I'd read it, etc.


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just so we are clear i believe incest as described in Leviticus 18 is wrong but thats just my opinion.


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I don't personally think incest is a great thing either, what with the genetic issues of inbreeding, but I'm just saying, the "Leave your sanity at the door" bit covers anyone who wants to make any pairing argument. Hell, I once made the argument for Naruto/Bowl of Ramen.


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jaredstar said:
i can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not.

That being said what is so perverted about thinking ben and gwen would make a good couple.
I am not being sarcastic at all, but as I see it, you are just trying to justify your belief, and that is fine. Really. But that doesn't mean yer not a pervert. You are, we all are. Just most of us (well, most of people on earth, not here) don't get jollies from Counsincest.

Just pointing that out.


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but thats the thing i don't get my jollies from it i just think that they would make a good romantic couple. i just don't find the idea of them together to be perverted

i am actually trying to step away from the pervert thing ( i am getting over an addition to porn and haven't been to the lemon section or a xxx site ( with a couple of stumbles along the way) for a couple months now.)

Ah to hell with it, if i decide to go with them as a couple i will use the standard " one of them is adopted" path and be done with it.

besides them as a couple was a third tier idea (if i couldn't get any of the other possible pairings for them to work.

that being said

i have given thought expanding the universe a bit (for the most part they would just be names being mentioned or explanations.)

The first of which would include the J.C.A into the larger universe having Uncle and Tohru as magic teachers for Gwen during 4 of the seven summers between the end of the first series and the start of the story. and to introduce a story arc in which one of the magically based villans steals tarakudo's mask from section 13


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Oh...the Ben/Gwen being a couple could be a running gag...no more, no less. I like the Jackie Chan Adventures being brought into play. As for the Powerpuff Girls...I think This webpage gives a good idea for tennage Powerpuffs as well.
jaredstar said:
Those are some interesting suggestions,á but for this they wouldn't worká á with Violet and The Dashá the universe they come from is too differentá (though if you want to see a good bit of fiction involving the dc universe and the Incrediblesá read Legend Makers fanfic. sins of youthá )
No prob, and thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

jaredstar said:
As for Sky Highá i never saw that movieáá (though i admit it did look interesting) in the previews).
You should see it. I didn't take any notice of it until I caught it on TV late at night. It's a really fun movie.

As for Ben/Gwen, I ultimately don't care about who hooks up with who (it's a fic about superheroes and I want action, not romance [though I don't mind it if it's well-done and doesn't take over everything]), but frankly, I personally find the coupling strange, IMHO. I guess I could go with it though if one of them was adopted (that is if you do end up incorporating the idea). Personally though, Ben/Stargirl and Gwen and Static or Gear could be interesting.

I *really* like the idea of including JCA (I think the show's awesome) in here. Will you have the Marvel universe in here too, or the Teen Titans? Gargoyles could be really cool as well (like, being mentioned and such like the JCA stuff).

*L* I remember that ad. Funny, even though Aquaman-mocking makes me a sad little girl.