Misc. TV Show Recomended Fiction

TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel is probably one of my favorite authors in general. Generally tight writing, I usually get some laughs out of everything, and the author has a pretty good knowledge of the various canons.


California Crackpot
Girl Talk
Summary: (Doctor Who) Identity discussions. (Or: Why The Master became The Mistress.)


California Crackpot
Anatomy of a Secret by Beatrice Otter
Summary: Old memories are stirred up when a group Trill scientists come the station, led by one Jadzia Dax. Though she claims to be the daughter of Benjamin's old friend, Curzon Dax, she is more than what she seems, and some secrets can't be kept forever. (DS9, in the Kelvin timeline)

The ThirtyFourth Rule by Beatrice Otter
Summary: Quark and Odo, war and the Rules of Acquisition.


California Crackpot
Sum of More than His Parts by Merfilly
(M*A*S*H* tv series)

Summary: Charles Winchester, shaped from a negligent father, annealed in war, and molded into a caring man that reaches out quietly.

(A examination of Charles, before, during, and after the war, and who he was, who he was becoming, and who he became.)