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Hello again, it's Latewave with another RP. You may be wondering what will make this one different from all the others? Well it's not Digimon for once. Sacrilege you may say, but you can put a sock into it. Basically it's for the other major mon show. POKEYMONZ.

Basically you will play as a starting character from Kanto. You just got your license as one of five classes, which are as follows:

+Permits for HM's, This means that they can request and use a HM at any time without collecting a badge for it.

+Pokemon location They have a higher chance of meeting rare pokemon

+Johto Odds they have a higher chance of incountering Johto pokemon in Kanto then regular trainers. Others can meet a Johto Pokemon with a high enough roll thou.

-can't do gyms Why they can challenge the Gyms, their is no point in it. As researchers the advantages the Badge gives. Let's them use HM's is pointless. They also can't challenge the gym for money as they didn't register in the league.

-less money sources They can't challenge gyms or trainers for money.

+Breeding They get to bred pokemon

+Long term stat benefits, Bred pokemon have better stats

+Breed special moves/babies They generally get the moves and baby forms they want.

-need special permission for gyms, They can't generally take the Gym Challenge, but if they get permission from a Pokemon Professor they can for money. But challenging them for the Badge for HM permission is fine.

-slow startup/Babies are low leveled, Babies are babies and take effort to raise. Plus they have to catch Extra pokemon to get truly excellent pokemon.

-Needs special requirements to breed. You need two pokemon of breedable groups/ Ditto. and you can't have pokemon that hate each other breed.


+Faster Leveling 10% bonus on XP gain and the sheer fact they always get challenged increases the rate they level up.

+Tutor moves Basically if one pokemon you have knows a move you can teach another pokemon how to do it. If it's possible in Gen 3 anyways.

+Higher number of moves learn-able Basically you can keep all the moves your pokemon knows and cycle through it for best possible combos.

+Can challenge any gym As trainers they have taken the Gym Challenge.

-Lose money when losing

-always getting challenged

-may have to repeat challenges.

+Heals Pokemon,

+Can heal random trainers for profit,

-Needs supplies and good money sources The average field heal could either be a potion or an anidote. But worst cases may require more expensive healing items.

-Trainers hate them because they heal people who only challenge them again. Some trainers may target nurses.


+Good money sources for pictures, the quality of the picture does effect the price but an average photographer can just get money of trainers by taking pictures of their pokemonz

, Extensive travel requires permits, You can get HM's like the Researcher does.

+Excellent at scouting areas

-Can't challenge gyms for money.

You will be getting Pokemon shortly from Prof. Oak. Some of them have already been slaimed by certain people. The current choices are Squirtle, Pikachu, Eevee, Bulbasaur, and Charmander, and because NGD rolled so bloody high he gets his own Starter. Of the normal starters, four have already been chosen. If we get more people, well, more Pokemon will be given.

WeÆre using the Gen 3 move list's, and for battling, weÆre using Pokemon Online, on the server æTFF.Æ

<a href='http://pokemon-online.eu/' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>http://pokemon-online.eu/</a>


Trainers can have more then 4 moves. They can swap around any of the moves they have at any time basically.

You can set EV's as you want same with Hidden power and abilities.

<a href='http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_by_base_happiness' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lis..._base_happiness</a>

Pokemon that EVO by Happiness need 220 to evolve. They don't have to Level to do so. They evolve on the spot.

Also, If a pokemon evolves twice a day like a Zubat with 220 happiness evos to golbat then Crobat. It won't be able to battle due to exaustion for a day or two.


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I'm already on.

Name: Blue

Type: Trainer

Partner(s): Eevee


Beedril, Lvl. 26
Eevee, Lvl. 22
Pidgey, Lvl. 24
Mankey, Lvl. 20
Clefairy, Lvl. 19
Butterfree, Lvl. 18


Weedle, Lvl. 5
Pikachu, Lvl. 7
Rattata, Lvl. 11
Smoochum, Lvl. 5
Paras, Lvl. 9
Zubat, Lvl. 9
Geodude, Lvl. 10
Sandshrew, Lvl. 8

15594 Poke, 4 Pokeballs, 1 Duskball, TM 08 Water Pulse, Nugget


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Name: Latrio

Class: Breeder


Wartorlte LVL 20 "Gamera"
Spearow LVL 18 "FEAR"
Mankey LVL 19 "Optimus Primal"
Jigglypuff LVL 16 "Jiggy"
Zubat LVL 21 "Dracula"
Kabuto LVL 15 "Cancer"
Wooper LVL 16
Remoraid LVL 15

8100 poke
2 pokeballs
2 Great Ball
1 Ultra Ball
1 potion
1 Moon stone
1 Dawn Stone
1 Escape Rope
6 rocket hats.

Day 15 of Journey

TITLE:Rocket Paraphernalia Collector


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Name: Aarik

Class: Trainer

Charmeleon: LV 26 Charcoal
Pidgeotto: LV 26 Silk Scarf
Pikachu: LV 26 Light Ball
Wartortle: LV 25
Tangela: LV 23
Kadabra: LV 24

Butterfree: LV 24
Beedril: LV 24
Pichu: LV 22
Dugtrio: LV 26
Geodude: LV 25
Gyarados: LV 20
Kabuto: LV 22

Cash: 19,270
Safety Net: 10,000

4 Pokeball's, 1 Great Ball, 2 Ultra Ball's 1 Fast Ball, 2 Heavy Ball, 4 Potion's, 5 Antidotes, 2 Paralyze Heals, 2 Awakening, 2 Full Restore, 1 Repel, 1 Moon Stone, 1 Fire Stone, 1 Poison Barb.

Badges: Boulder, Cascade, Thunder.

Aerial Ace
Bulk Up

Key Item's: National Atlas, Timesaver (Mach Bike)

Title: Luck of Extremes.


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Name: Deuce

Class: Trainer

Starter: Pikachu

Team:pikachu (Raiden) Lvl 27,Charmeleon (Cano)lvl 27 [Quick Claw], Pidgeotto (Aera) Lvl 27, Aerodactyl (Petra) lvl 27, Sneasel (Ghirahim) Lvl 27[BlackGlasses], Kadabra (Nym) Lvl 27

PC Box 1:Geodude Lvl 11, Spearow lvl 11, Butterfree (Klaus) Lvl 21 [Silver Powder],Mankey (Lee Sin) Lvl 19,Gyarados Lvl 22


PokeBalls:8 Pokeballs, 3 great ball, 1 ultra ball, 1 Net ball, 1 friend ball, 1 Luxury Ball, 1 Quick Ball, 1 Level Ball

Restorers: 4 potions, 1 hyper potion, 3 antidote, 2 Paralyze Heal,1 Burn Heal, 1 Awakening

Utility: 1 Escape Rope

Evolution Items:1 everstone,1 Moonstone, 1 Dawnstone, 1 Water Stone, 1 Protector

TM/HM: 1 TM 39 Rock Tomb, 1 TM 01 Mega Punch, TM 09 Bullet Seed, 1 TM 03 Water Pulse

Equip Items:1 lagging tail




Badges: Boulder, Cascade

Key Items: S.S. Anne Ticket, Mach Bike, Good Rod

Title:Luckiest Bastard

Day 21 of journey


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Name: Zaffre Rosewood

Class: Researcher


Quilava (Torch) Level 22 [Charcoal]
Farfetch'd (Cha'Ding) Level 19
Paras (Shroom) Level 22 alternates with Ivysaur (Sprout) Level 21
Flaffy (Cotton) Level 20 [Magnet]
Chinchou (Lanturn) Level 22
Solrock (Soul) Level 21

Meowth (Kitty) Level 14

Days: 12.

15900 Poke (5900 on hand, 10000 in Savings), 5 Poke Balls, 2 Potions, Ultra Ball, Magmarizer, Net Ball, Rare Candy, Soft Sand, 3 Great Balls, Bide TM, Dawn Stone, Water Pulse TM, Theif TM, X Speed, Nugget, [Nevermeltice, Dusk ball, Full Restore, Heal ball, Dragon Scale]*Not yet attained.

Cascade Badge.


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Okay, just some basic info for you guys on what to do with your mons in Pokemon Online.

First off, once you get it installed, head to your team builder, and select Team. Here, you can make your starter, along with any other mons you add to your team. Let's walk you through how to make your starter. First off though, go up to the bar at the very top of your window, and select the Gen drop down menu, switching to Advance (3rd gen).

Next, let's take your starter, I'll be using bulbasaur as a example. Start by clicking the Pokemon 1 box, then going to the list and selecting the Mon you want, in this case, 001 Bulbasaur, and double clicking it. Next, go to the Advanced tab, click it, and select Side Window. Here is where you can adjust lvl, gender, ability, happiness, shiny, hidden power type, and Determinate values, or DVs. Ignore the DVs.

Adjust your mons lvl to the correct value, in this case, 5, and select a gender. For Gender, your method of choice will depend on the mons gender ratio, if a 50/50, you can just choose, if it's anything else, you need to roll for it.

After this, choose your ability, if more then one is available, by flipping a coin. Follow this up by adjusting the base happiness to it's proper value for that mon, link for this at the end of post. Do not check shiny until the GM has had a chance to roll for shininess.

Pick a type for your Hidden power move, hidden power is a move that almost any mon can learn, and the Type is normally unknown till used. We're ignoring that for the most part, but if you insist, just use a d20, and assign numbers to each type.

Next is nature. Nature is allowed to be chosen for common mons,while uncommon mons you choose a stat you want boosted and roll a d4 to pick which nature you get of that stat boost. A link explaining them in more detail will be at the end of this post.

Effort Values, or EVs, are the sliding bars. EVs effect how your mon gains stats, and will be explained in detail in a second post after this one. They can be complicated in some ways, but not so much for this RP.

Moves. All moves a mon can learn will be in the list, which can be sorted by how a move is learned, type, pow, acc, name, PP, and category. You are only allowed to use moves a mon is properly lvled for, or you have used a TM to teach in the RP. For egg moves and such, please read on.

Finally, we have the Nickname and hold item areas in the bottom left. Nicknames can be whatever you wish, while hold items are dependent on if you've given them one in the RP, or were lucky enough to catch a wild mon holding something.

Egg moves, are moves a mon can only learn via breeding. For purposes of this RP, chain breed moves can only be gotten by breeders, while more common moves such as growl or sing, can rarely be found in the wild for more common mons.

GM rolls for various stats. Egg move for a common or uncommon mon on capture, d100, 90-94 is a status move, 95-100 is a non chain breeding move of your choice. These numbers may be modified if it's a unusually common species for the area of capture.

Shiny is a d100 roll, with 85 and up being a shiny mon.

Tutoring moves, is done by having the mon that can learn the move, learn it from a mon that knows the move. This can be done over a varying amount of time, with a varying amount of success rate. Obviously it will be easier to teach a Elec mon Thunderbolt then it will Water gun, or to teach a mon a move it learns naturally at a later lvl. Any and all TM moves will be tutorable at the GMs discretion, on a case by case basis, and HMs can not be tutored at anytime, barring extreme events, again, at the GMs discretion.

For specific info on any one mon or move, please search Bulbapedia for info, or ask me if you can't find it yourself, I'll be happy to help, though do try not to use me too much guys.

For capturing mons, we are using the route encounter rosters from Fire Red and Leaf Green. Common mons are those with a greater then 25% encounter rate, rares 5% or lower, and uncommon anything between those. Rare encounters will be handled by the GM, and will not be eligible for egg moves on capture.

Links:<a href='http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_by_base_happiness' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Base Happiness</a>, <a href='http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Effort_Values' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Effort Values</a>, <a href='http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nature' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Natures</a>,
<a href='http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Bulbapedia Home Page</a>


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Effort Values.

Some of the more complicated mechanics of the Pokemon games, Effort values effect your stat growth for each mon. Effort Values, or EVs, are unique to each individual mon, and will differ depending on how you train them. For the purposes of this RP however, we are simply letting you set them how you want.

EVs, max at a total of 510 for each mon, with a max of 255 for each stat. EVs increase a stat a little for every 4 evs in that stat, so the effective max for a stat is 252.

Let's take two pikachu, and give one 255 in speed and attack, and the other 255 in speed and spilt the remaining between att and def.

The first one ends up at lvl 100 with 209 att and 279 speed, along with 96 defense, while the second one ends up with 279 speed, 177 att, and 128 def.

Basically, for Effort values, put 252 in two stats you want the highest, or split them up evenly among the three or more you want better then average but not amazing stats in.

For clarifaction, in the games, you get EVs based on what mons your mon defeats, and these effect how big the boosts to a stat is at lvl up. The more lvls you have to go once EVs are maxed, the better your end stats will be. Getting a lvl 100 mon with no EVs, will be weaker in stats then even a maxed ev mon at 60-70 in many cases.

EVs are not consumed on lvl up, and cannot be removed in the games. This is why most people get as many as possible in a single lvl.

The 510 Evs are not per lvl, they are lifetime totals, and as such will be the ones used for the entire lvl range of that mon.

EVs are not effected by evolution, but stats will change due to different base stats.

While at lvl 3-4 255 EVs may only increase a stat by 1-3, at lvl 100 that becomes a difference of anywhere from 50-150.

For purposes of the RP, we are simply assuming all mons have 510 EVs no matter what.

Also, EVs will effect how effective any moves that the mon or it's evolutions learn as time goes on, so think about what you want your mon to end up specializing in when you choose.

TL:DR, Want 2 stats highest? Put 255 in each of them, want 3 or more? Divide 510 by the number of stats you want, put that many in each one.

For referance, Att/Def is used by Normal, Flying, Fighting, Rock, Steel, Ground, Poison, Bug, and Ghost. Special Att/Special Def is used by Electric, Fire, Water, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Dark, and Dragon

One last note. In the games, this info is mainly used by competitive scene players, and as such, will be of less importance to Nurses, Photographers, and Researchers, then it will be to Trainers and Breeders


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Okay, time to explain Pokemon Centers. Here we go.

First off like the games you can heal your pokemon here and access the computer, But that's not all. First is the phone. You can call other people using it. Next is the fact that important people, say, pokemon professors will have Emails you can bug.

Also If you don't feel like going outside at night you can sleep at a pokemon center.

You also have your own Mailboxes and Voicemail.


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Since I seem to have become mechanics man for this RP, let's talk about trainers you encounter in fields, gyms, and such, and how they effect your lvl and cash.

First off, Gyms. In gyms you will have to fight all trainers before you can challenge the leader if your class is Trainer. Breeders, Photographers and so on can simply challenge to leader, though they can challenge the full roster of trainers if they want.

Next, fields. We use the Gen 3 rosters and lvls for all trainers found, in or out of gyms. In order to decide how many lvls you would gain from a particular route or cave, add up the total number of lvls for pokemon owned by trainers on the route, for example, one route has a 4 trainers with 2 lvl 10 mons each, and one with 4 lvl 8s. In this case we add up the lvls to a total of 112, then divide it by the total number of mons for all trainers, or 12 in this case, for a average of 9 rounded down. If the decimal is .4 or higher round up, if lower round down.

After this is figured out, we average your partys lvls. We then compare the two. Lvls gained depend on the difference between the two.

Party Lvls higher then the average will gain less, while lower will gain more.

If you match the average, you get one lvl for each mon in the party, and 4 to pass out as you wish. One lvl higher averages get one lvl for everyone, and 3 to pass out. Two higher, 1 lvl each, and 1 lvl to pass out, 3, one lvl each, 4 or higher, No party lvls, can gain ONE lvl if you use a single mon, two if the mon is lower then the route/cave average.

Lower party averages will gain a bonus, but will have to face some of the trainers in PO, with the trainers being controlled by the GM. One lvl lower you get 1 lvl each and 5 to pass out, 2-3 lower, 2 lvls each, 5 to pass out, 3 or more lower, 2 each, 6 to pass out.

Note, mons can only gain up to two pass out lvls at once.

Cash gained is simply the total amount of cash from trainers and is taken from the game info itself. Losses will result in 50% cash loss in the game. This may change for events, or if we start up a banking system.

Events will have their own cash rewards for any trainers fought during them, and any trainers that have there lvls boosted for any reason may have cash increased as well.

Fights between Player Character Trainers will result in 200-2000 cash prize, based on 50% of the losers assets. Higher prizes can be agreed on by both trainers prior to a match.

For conviences sake, I'll provide a list of Route and Cave lvl averages and cash totals, updating them as we reach each route or cave. If you don't see a route or cave on there, then either no ones reached it yet, or there are no trainers there for the RP.

These are for Trainer sweeps only, not for wild pokemon.

Route 3-Average lvl 10 Total Cash-1288

Mt Moon, 1F- Average lvl 11 Total Cash-1436

Route 24-Nugget Bridge event, please contact GM

Route 25- Average lvl 15 Total Cash-3144

Route 6- Average lvl 17 Total Cash-1792

Route 11- average lvl, 19 Total cash-5952 Bonus, 1 lvl to a single mon, due to number of trainers.
*more to come*


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TITLE: Mankey Thief, Lord of High Rolls, That Mankey that makes Aarik Sad

Pokeball Necklace with two pokeballs on it
Mockery of Aarik


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Latewave here. For anyone playing. You should now keep track of your time/date.


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Just to let you know, when searching for pokemon, you have a chance to encounter rare, possibly even non native pokemon, and later, may even have chances at spotting or capturing legendaries. All encounters of this type are classed under rare encounters.

All rare encounters are created by one of the Two GMs, and then battled on PO, either on the TFF server, or if that's not up, the GM will find a open one and hold the battle there. Rare encounters have moves, natures, evs, hidden power types, genders, abilitys, and shininess set before the battle, and will not be changed if captured. All rares come with hold items, though they may be anything from a rare evolution stone, to a useless piece of mail.

If you faint a non legendary rare encounter, it's considered caught unless it's of sufficent base stat total that it could possibly break free while unconcious. For reference, the threshold is 500 base stat total. Since it is unconcious, you will be able to throw another ball, and it will no longer be able to resist after the 4th ball breakout.

Legends, will always have a chance to breakout, but this chance will be lower overall then the breakout chances of a non legend. Legends also have a chance of escape if you take too long to capture them.

In the event your fighting a non native rare, you will be asked for a type, with dragon and up to two others excluded, and will then fight one of five pokemon from a region of that type, all five will be chosen by the gm, and will consist of one common, two uncommons, and two rares, with at least one of the rares being more common then the other.

After a certain point, rare encounters will start making attempts to run as they get lower on health. You will need to start attempting capture as they get lower, and eventually will need to start using great, ultra, and the variations such as timer balls to have a reasonable chance for capture.

All encounter rolls are done with a d100.


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Okay We'll be having an event around 3pm Pacific 4pm Mountain 5pm Central and 6 Eastern. On the 8th day. of your Journey. Around 1 PM game time.


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Event has been delayed, due to Real Life interference. Will now be held when enough people are present on day 8 of game and in real life.


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Any possible chance I can get in on this? I just got my HnH character killed and need something else to do while I cool off over getting killed by a fucking mouflon if I even go back to playing it.

Also we have some kind of check list of all I need to do exactly. There's lots of info her and I'm confused on to what I'm actually supposed to do in regards to picking out a starter since it seems there's some dice rolls or something that happened some where along the line.


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Of course you can join, just pick one of the classes at the top and hop on the Toad Temple IRC at irc.lunarnet.org, we'll get ya caught up and started.


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#Toad_Temple actually. Not sure if the # is necessary, but if I do /join Toad_temple it doesn't work.


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Ok thanks.

Edit- My poke-profile

Name Velocitas Eradico

Class: Breeder

Story: From a long line of pokemon breeders Velocitas, Vel to his friends, wished instead to become a full fledged trainer despite his parents wishes otherwise. With this in mind he has set off to gain a full trainer's license instead of the limited breeder's license he now holds.


Meowth(Gilgamesh) Level 14

Pidgey(Featherduster) Level 13

Poliwag Level 14

Pikachu Level 10

1,000 Pokedollars
1x Great ball
1x Ultra Ball
3x Pokeballs
1x Leaf Stone
1x Max Revive
1x Sharp Beak

twin blade

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Name: Kariya Allul

Class: Trainer
Partner: Ivysaur (Bloomer)

Level 22 Ivysaur
Level 22 Beedrill (Queen) Poison Barb
Level 18 Beedrill (Worker) Poison Barb
Level 16 Beedrill (Killer) Poison Barb
Level 25 Onix (Rocky) Hard Rock
Level 14 Psyduck (Ache)


4310 Pokedollars
1 Criminal Record
5 Pokeballs
2 Potions
1 Gold Nugget
TM Roar
TM Bubble Beam
1 Ultraball
1 Antidote

Pewter Badge
Cerulean Badge

Story: Kariya had slept in the first day Professor Oak was handing out the Starter Pokemon. Though he wanted one of his own, and start journeying, he was too hesitant to face the Pokemon Professor's wrath - until other people came to visit Oak to get Starters as well.

After a harrowing escape from the Viridian Forest, Kariya and Bloomer marched straight to the Pewter Gym. And proceeded to oneshot everything in sight. Poor, poor Brock.

Due to a series of misunderstandings and downright stupidity, Kariya attempted to attack a police blockade in order to get through Mount Moon. He failed, and with the addition of a criminal record, he is forced to deal with the less lenient side of the Kanto Region.

Luckily, Kariya is still able to tackle the Gyms - and with Leech Seed spam and a lot of luck, he was able to take out Misty and get her Badge.


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Don't forget to do Spot checks when you enter a new city, or even one you've been to before. Never know what rumors or sights you might hear or see.


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Seeing as most of those who are playing the game are far advanced for their area, either in lvl or in roster, we've decided to up the challenge a bit. In both the games and the anime, Lt Surge can be considered to be a wake up call. As such, from Misty onward, Gym leaders, gym trainers, and any other form of battle, may be ramped up a bit. This may mean more lvls, different Pokemon, different moves, or even people you've fought before having pokemon meant to be counters to your main style in game.

Of course, the increased difficultly, means increased rewards. More cash, items, and some trainers may even offer to trade for one of your pokemon from their stock if you impress them enough.


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Okay, the limitations on Fly and Teleport. Oh fun. Okay here's the simple on both of them. Fly takes you places The distance between point a and b ya know? You can use it to explore when you have fly. But teleport is different. You don't have a distance between point a and b you just are there. So basically you can use teleport to take you anywhere you have been in the region.


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Okay time for realization. If you have mon that can swim. If can catch water types in the water. Okay, Any water type is good as a fishing rod. But any other type has modifiers to the catch rate.