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Living Up To The Name ? by TheDivineDemon reviews
Grief hits us all and when it comes how we handle it can send ripples across the world. Watch as Xander Harris deals with his own and evolves from it.
Crossover - Buffy: The Vampire Slayer & Fate/stay night - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 10 - Words: 69,964 - Reviews: 161 - Favs: 280 - Follows: 287 - Updated: 3-8-13 - Published: 11-6-11 - Xander H.

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Y'know I liked that one alright at first, but the longer it goes on the more Xander acts like an arrogant jackass without receiving story-based comeuppance. The whole, I totally know better than established magic users despite the fact I'm a random schmoe who's read a couple books is kinda wearing. I mean he'll probably get screwed over because of it eventually, but until then my enjoyment is kinda taking a nosedive.
it's not that He knows better, but the fact that he is an idiot who wante to 'progress' faster than it's... well he just wants to 'progress' faster, ignoring everything else.
and my interest on that story is taking a really big nosedive with the Nasuverse Magic and Circuits becoming 'canon' in that universe instead of one of the many 'styles' and oractices aviable in BtVS, and chosen by Xander because of it's 'simplicity', but now it's a Let's import the Magical theory of Kinoko Nasu, ignoring the far too many issued with Magic in BtVS and a faulty fascimile of Gil's Massive ego, Archer's cynism and Lancer hot bloodness into a Xander-Shape and scrapping common sense, the few IQ that he had and giving him an inferiority complex from hell.
not to mention the pwer addiction and subsequent cold turkey effect after his primal posession.
it was good, then it became progressively meh, until now when it started to become Ughh.
For me, the progression hasn't gone that far, though I agree, it's heading in that direction.

As for the wanting to progress element, resembles how Willow ended up with her magic addiction.

Though I agree, making the Nasuverse style the default magic type was not something I was happy with.
and the 'let's import Nasu's Magic System and making it the defailt one' part was really what mede the fic go into Ughh territory for me.
As far as Recommended fics go, I think I'll recommend Infinity Box by HMaxMarius

A word of warning though, it IS from the Ship of the Line Challenge, though unlike most it focuses more on Ensemble than Xander, which is why I'm giving it a recommendation. I'll admit at points, due to the particulars of the challenge, you may have your Suspension of Disbelief challenged but I enjoyed it. I ended up reading the last chapter while listening to Just Let Me Die by Hollywood Undead which suited it well.
meh, i am following 3 "Ship of the Line" Fics, mainly fecause i'm a Xander fan bordering on Fanboy (fortunately i still loathe Fanwanking Xander or outright replacing him with an OC, but sadly most of the time i end up reading and somewhat enjoying the latter).

they are... enjoyable, but not really recc worthy, OTOH they seem more beliable than the 'Ascendant Justice' and more likeable than the 'Leviathan Jr.' one.

but hell, there are the titles (not providing the links because i am not really reccomending them) and al can be found on TTH:

The Sunnydale Saga
I AM the Starship
New Eden


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I don't like Ship of the line stories. BTVS doesn't scale well and when you bring star ships into that setting a lot of things becomes meaningles.

Add to that rampart superXander you pretty much stopped writing about BTVS and gone to write original story with lead named Xander.

Somebody have to do a proper Xander with power story to show up to all these idiotic writers how it is done.
Hello everybody, just some random lurker here wanting to thank you all for the new reading material you've recommended. Also going to drop some recommendation of my own before I start reading.

Most of you have probably already read these but for those who haven't... enjoy

Six Foot Deep by eckles

-Good story, but the plot takes a while to move on and they make some changes in the lore. He has some other good stories too but YMMV.

The Zeppo Effect : A BTVS Mass Effect Tale by Dr Gonzo

-Current favorite crossover series

He Can't See It by Brother Bludgeon

-Not a crossover, not really sure if it's going to be updated. Most likely half of you have a good idea what this one is about from the title.

Silk and Sandals

-I really enjoyed the show when I was younger so when I read this crossover it was an instant favorite.

Thanks again!
Silk and Sandals and its follow ups are good, and have some character depth rather than just oo-rah super powers.

He can't See It is also pretty good I thought, if short and likely dead at this point.

Zeppo Effect is good, though my enjoyment is/was curtailed by not being a big fan of Mass Effect.

I've had trouble getting into Six Foot Deep, it's been fun at points but I have trouble with the whole, is it worth following up on?


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Six Foot Deep is like many of eckles' stories, with all of the pros and cons. It's detailed with a good premise and long chapters but very slow to start. Even though the story sounds like it should be about Xander, a possible new love interest, and their shenanigans, it usually draws back to Buffy and her reactions to hearing about him, or in some other stories another member of the Scoobies. Then it'll probably peter out a bit as eckles runs out of steam, then abandons it.

In the case of Six Foot Deep, I keep reading it, but it's more out of a "when will you get on with it" sense of curiosity. It took 10 chapters to finally reach what Xander was currently up to. The first 9 chapters were about Buffy and Dawn, Buffy's estrangement with Xander, meeting Lara Croft, Lara's theories on the origin of the Slayer Spirit, Buffy's reaction, Buffy confronting Giles, and Giles' spin on the theory. Though to be fair, the summary doesn't really mention Xander.


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^Pretty much what he said. It WAS better than than what I had expected given summary which set the bar very low indeed.

Six Foot Deep has some interesthing bits. For example the part about Why slayers called Vampire Slayers was the best IMO. A good bit of world building.

Otherwise story itself is pretty avarage.
do anyone knows or remembers the title of a fic on TTH that has Xander and Harry Potter teaming up (after going solo IIRC) in a little town to prevent an interdimensional Evil Overlord from gaining Foothold on Earth? i remember that the Evil Character made some rather funny comments along the lines of the 'progression' of most RPG/Farytales/Games/Movies that it was always a knight who defeated him, sometimes acompained by a wizard, lancer, priestess, etc.
i want to re-read it if only for those amusing comments.
What was the timeframe for each of them going solo? like was it during Xander's summer off and after Harry graduated or what?
found it, it's called It All Started in Anaheim and it's Road Trip for Xander and an AU for Harry, but after offing Voldemort.

i actually tought that Xander would be older than that, but then i read it a year or two ago.
I thought it might be that one but A) I wasn't sure and B) I read it about a year+ ago myself.
ok, let me cast a really mediocre version of Astral Recall or summon Spirit on this thread
[insert niffy pic here]

so i was threading down Nostalgia road and found this... mildly enjoyable piece of fiction called: Heir of Voldemort, thankfully is not yet another Harry meets the scooby gang, instead is yet another 'Xander parents are not what they seem' and frankly this OC version of Xander's mother (Cassandra Bones instead of, you know, Jessica Harris) is frankly an awesome woobie, after that there is a sort of sequel, but it's a ten year old corpse.
i enjoyed readin it, but frankly you'd have to take the story from the BtVS side because it's a very divergent AU from the HP side and, well...
Harry and many HP characters die... painfully, OTOH Harry is barely there in the story and really Ginny is among the few important characters from the HP side in this fic


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shioran toushin said:
but it's a ten year old corpse.
And oh my god does it shows.

I'm reading it because I'm a sucker for Xander, but honestly boredom is the only thing making me go on. I can almost imagine the furious and frantic self-finger-banging the author undoubtly died while writing that.

It has, among others, mind and body-raping Voldemort, Ethan Rayne as a nice guy whoring himself for the good cause, Snape as the ultimate woobie, Sirius Black as The Most Evil Being Ever (the maj are needed, yes), Tom!Voldemort trying to stockholm-syndrom Ginny (and the author specificaly defending that by saying that it's not child porn technically, because the abductions, rapes, blackmail are ok, dontchaknow) and countless other things. And BtVS-timeline hasn't strated yet, so all that and we aren't even in the "Voldemort's Heir" part of the story yet, because Xander is some sort of characters who only exists to interract with the OC named Jessica Harris.

The day Hurt/Comfort dies as a fanfic genre will be a blessed one.

Oh god, I'm gonna throw up. Snape is now banging Ginny. The same Ginny who is in a very fragil state of mind after having been raped in every sense of the word by Voldemort, tortured and been forced to torture and just lost her child-by-voldy to Percy punching her in the stomach, leaving her for dead. Wat. All of my fucks. Why oh wy g&ebvbncfonh.

Okay, finished it, here is the review:

No action, next to no plot, only one long attempt at writing hurt/comfort and probably a lot of imaginary porn involving Snape for the author. I don't recommend it.
There was another fic I recently read that had a similar premise, i.e. Xander is the spawn of Voldemort but the execution was different. In the first chapter Volde comes across Xander, realizes who he is and investigates his sons brain with EVIL!Super!Legilimency, culminating in Volde realizing in disgust that his son is an honest to goodness champion and thus 100% mind wiping him to blank slate mode. That was the end of chapter one and that was it for a while, but recently it got another one showing various character reactions to Xander being effectively killed/wiped from reality which included Willow and surprisingly enough what was apparently his destined love or what have you Minako Aino. I can't for the life of me remember the name or author... it was on TTH and maybe the writer was tactless? It was interesting in any event.
meh, Jeopardizer it's right in... basically? everything, on the other hand his work with the OC was 'nice'.
and you forgot to mention that it had also the clichee of Ethan and Giles being ex-howarts students, Voldemort, apart from what you daid was also the biggest baddest mofo all around in the Mystical Evilness side of the equation and gaining power from every Dark thing and creature in the world and Draco fucking Malfoy becoming an 'Spike' expy and Xander's snarky jerkish evil-lite buddy at the end.

i found it mildly enjoyable only because of the OC, and frankly i read it with Nostalgia googles (and thank god it's not another Super Harry or Raziel!Xander fic googles) and second the non recomendation, but it served me well to kill time (and sanity coupled with some IQ points).
sadly i think that the fandom is dead or is a Zombie Ghoul, at least for Xander fans who don't like the whole Raziel!Xander, the i can't do wrong Xander and the Woe is me because everyone else is such a bastard Xander.
and IMHO he is the only reason for why i even read BtVS fics.
So was anyone else reading Welcome to the rest of your life? It's now the completed first part of a series of stories about Xander being dropped into the Anita verse in the late 80's and making his way as a vampire hunter. I think it's pretty good and avoids making him or really any of the characters Sues. Plus it doesn't seem like the author has any plans on it degenerating into a bunch of crappy lemons.


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The Eromancer said:
Still as far as "super" heroes go Hawkeye's skills are theoretically attainable by even us in the real world. Same with Black Widow and... oh. my. god.

What if that Halloween Xander went as Hawkeye and Willow as Black Widow?
... Dammit. Now I have to write this. *Looks at calender* Still got plenty of time til Halloween, so I might as well.