Star Trek 2017


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Lord Raa

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Unconvinced by this trailer.

Not sure that there'd by so much open bullying in Star Fleet.

Also, aren't all these jokes already clichéd?

Lord Raa

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So, I saw the first 12 minutes of Lower Decks and I don't like it.

The main character is a bully who would never have graduated Starfleet Academy.

The jokes are not funny and the art is ugly.


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I only saw the previews, the art and ship style turned me off right away. The slapstick reminds me of the old Star Wreck books, pure parody, which apeals to some, but after 2009 and Discovery, that holds no interest to me.

Lord Raa

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Reminder that STD is now available on network CBS.

If you need to punish yourself.


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Reminder that Season 1 of Star Trek Picard is now out on Blu-Ray and DVD.

If, uh, you need to punish yourself....??? :confused: