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Despite him being the canonical 6th Hokage, there aren't a lot of Hokage Kakashi fics out there. Probably my favorite one is Deadly Touch which has Kakashi being awesome and basically forcing Sarutobi into making him the 5th Hokage by subverting most of the ninja forces right out from under both Hiruzen and Danzo and wiping out Root in secret.

So, what? Kakashi being an asshole was just his way of trying to get the kids, particularly Mito, to trust Sarutobi less? Because they didn't need any help there. I suppose depending on how Sarutobi and then Kakashi handle the fallout of their genin test will be the deciding factor on just what Naruto, Biwako and Mito will be doing going forward.
Kakashi was ordered to test his Genin's loyalty that way because Sarutobi is panicking and semi-paranoid. He fears Kakashi doing what you just described or something similar; he fears that Kakashi will get Mito on his side, so he sabotaged that possibility.... In short, Hiruzen sees the threat of Kakashi everywhere, even in places where he should be more level-headed because they are a risk of their own.

Edit: Sarutobi is not completely wrong to fear usurpation, either. From Kakashi or otherwise. Kakashi is loyal to Konoha and its people, not this particular leader.
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Kakashi was ordered to test his Genin's loyalty that way because Sarutobi is panicking and semi-paranoid. He fears Kakashi doing what you just described or something similar; he fears that Kakashi will get Mito on his side, so he sabotaged that possibility.... In short, Hiruzen sees the threat of Kakashi everywhere, even in places where he should be more level-headed because they are a risk of their own.

Edit: Sarutobi is not completely wrong to fear usurpation, either. From Kakashi or otherwise. The latter is loyal to Konoha and its people, not this particular leader.
In otherwords, Sarutobi needs to retire, badly.


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There are a large number of fics that highlight that fact for various reasons and much of the time Hiruzen is cognizant of that fact himself. In this case, I'm not certain he is. Still, with the way you've set up the current situation, I'm hoping that Kakashi comes out on top and looking bad-ass. One doesn't get to see that very often.


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"Are you pleased now, Sandaime-sama?" Kakashi said, making his own displeasure clear.

The Third took in a puff from his pipe, then said, "watch your tone, Kakashi. I am still your Hokage," looking at Kakashi sternly.

Kakashi had never craved for the man's approval to Jiraiya’s level though, and he was long out of ANBU. What was the saying? 'You can take the operative out of ANBU, but you can't take the ANBU out of the operative'? Unfortunately for those who believed in the saying, Kakashi had been cured of most any loyalty he had had toward Sarutobi Hiruzen. Kakashi shrugged his shoulders visibly, making the Third's face spasm in annoyance very subtly. Kakashi was sharp enough to notice it, even when his nose was impeded by the accursed pipe and the Sharingan was inactive.

"…As a matter of fact, I am highly displeased," the Third said, frowning, "you have not uncovered the identity of their teachers, and they are more loyal to each other than they are to Konoha. Mito is more loyal to her teammates than she is to Konoha, and the other two likely do not care about the village."

"Whose fault is that? I normally don't say this, but I told you so," Kakashi said, relishing the renewed annoyance on the man's face.

Kakashi could smell his students-to-be nearing the office. A few seconds later, he noticed the Third make a discreet single-handed hand-seal… so he knew the man, being a Chakra Sensor, had felt them coming, too. A couple minutes later, the kids arrived at a walking pace.

Kakashi shrugged off the glares from his new students and, having reflected on both sides' behavior, decided to let Biwako off… though an apology from her wouldn't be remiss. Not so strangely, the three of them smelled nervous according to Kakashi's eyes and nose, though Biwako's rage eclipsed all her other emotions. The stranger part was that Naruto reeked of nervousness the most. Had Naruto done something else- naughty, for lack of a better word?

The Third began the talk, saying, "you three are to form Team Seven under Hatake Kakashi. Now, I would like to speak to each member separately. I have already had my conversation with Kakashi."

That- canny old man! The Third, having phrased things as he had, was implying that Sarutobi was the one to have pushed for Team Seven passing. What was more, Kakashi wasn't allowed to talk about the 'test' the Third had ordered him to put into his own test. Like haven’t already found more than one loophole; not to mention multiple plans for his next move, even a court-martial, ha! Kakashi giggled, seemingly perversely and lost in his own head, but he decided not to oversell things so he didn’t get Icha Icha out.

Kakashi straightened his face and posture, ostensibly due to the Third’s glare, but Sarutobi didn’t really faze him anymore. ‘You know, Sarutobi Hiruzen,’ Kakashi said inside his own head, ‘for someone who’s so paranoid about me usurping your position, you are remarkably quick to underestimate me.’


‘Kakashi’ was dying to know what the Third and Kakashi’s students had talked about, but that could wait for later. The four of them were in Training Ground Three, with the kids looking at each other strangely and glaring at him. ‘Kakashi’ clapped his hands while his original was using Genjutsu to trick the ANBU spying on them into not seeing anything and another clone was running interference with that annoying Telescope Jutsu and its crystal ball.

‘Kakashi’ said, “so, kids; we are going to do a role-playing exercise. I will be the Leader of the Village Hidden in the Foliage, the Hikage and- hmm- Naruto will be my best Jounin, Shaberu. Shaberu, step up.”

Biwako was eyeing ‘Kakashi’ shrewdly, Naruto looked resentful and Mito confused. Hmm, so Biwako is good at seeing through such things. ‘Kakashi’ said, “so, Shaberu. You have the loyalty of most of my forces, so there is a risk of you usurping my position. I secretly want you to make sure that the previous leader’s children hate you. Thus, as soon as you get the opportunity, make sure to test their loyalty to each other in a particular way.”

At that point, Naruto was also looking at ‘Kakashi’ in a new light. He said, “hm, Hikage-sama. How should I go about ‘testing’ them?”

‘Kakashi’ scratched his head. Then, he said, “first off, I want you to make sure that you are a hardass; that you come across as someone who doesn’t much care about them, but at the same time find an excuse that will hold up to scrutiny, like your obsession with not abandoning comrades. Secondly, don’t tell them about it, and don’t tell anyone else either! Because I’m a paranoid old man -see the hair?- but losing my faculties, I have left a loophole or three, though I’ve closed plenty. Thirdly, make sure to threaten them in such a way that you see which way they choose: each other, or Konoha? Fourthly, I am thinking of wording things in such a way that they think I’m their benefactor and you truly intended to fail them. Finally, I want you to find out who has trained them.”

Naruto, or rather Shaberu, said, “Understood, Hikage-sama! I am most definitely not thinking of using a hypo- hypothetical scenario to get my point across!” Then, Naruto got out of the role, saying, “don’t even walls have ears, Kakashi-san, though?”

‘Kakashi’ shook his head. He said, “as long as your new students don’t blab too soon, I’m certain that you have taken care of everything else, Shaberu. Also that you haven't told me anything about who trained them, even though you have an idea.” Then, he let the smugness show on his face, the half of it that was visible. His ‘eye-smirk’ as Genma had called it.

‘Kakashi’ could see the progression of emotions on the kids’ faces. He would like to be a fly on the wall when Sarutobi found out about Kakashi's 'indiscretion'.

Trust between those three and me is shaky and will need to be built from the ground up at best, even when it comes to Mito, but I'm glad to have this chance. Come to think of it, though…. They were really quick to believe the worst of Sarutobi, even though he talked to them first. They obviously know what he pulled with separating the twins. Could they know about the other secret about them that Sarutobi is hiding?

Kakashi needed to think on that further – Naruto and Mito needed to find out very carefully; the Kyuubi and what had followed its attack was a very volatile and delicate matter. He would also consult with Jiraiya, thanks to the little miracle of Fuuinjutsu Jiraiya had sent Kakashi with a Toad very recently.

Come to think of it, could Biwako have suspicions, like I do, about the Uchiha Clan Downfall? No, can’t be. She was too young to notice the signs. Then again, age is less of a factor than some think. Mito helped me make a seal for the Sharingan when she was six and improved it to the point I can shut it off or activate it in split seconds when she wasn’t even eight! Could Biwako have been able- forget it. Kakashi decided to shelve that train of thought for later.


Team Seven had gotten started with D-ranks. The face Biwako had made when first told what they had to do was especially entertaining. Mito would lag behind the other two's teamwork, probably not for the first time in her life, considering she lived with the Akimichi clan and was friends with the Yamanaka and Nara heirs, too.

On the other hand, Kakashi wasn't concentrating on teamwork as much as he had expected he would need to, so he was free to get his Genin's individual skills up to par. Even if adding Mito to the other two's maneuvers posed a challenge, she was much more in tune with them than Kakashi had dared hope.

It was time for the second weekly three-on-one spar. Kakashi was always right in time for team meetings, quite unlike his usual habits. He got Icha Icha out of his pouch in front of his Genin team for the first time. He noticed Mito roll her eyes – it was probably because of being around Jiraiya so much that she had recognized and dismissed it so quickly. Biwako and Naruto were looking at the book in curiosity.

"What's that book, Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked, looking hyper, but Kakashi wasn't fooled. Naruto was a lot like his father in that both were generally goofy, but the higher the stakes got, the more focused and dangerous and ruthless both got.

'Unlike Minato-sensei, though, Naruto's behavior is more a mask, I think; on the other hand, sensei was truly like that and his behavior more akin to split personalities,' Kakashi thought to himself, ‘that doesn’t bode well for Naruto’s mental stability either way. However much I loved and love sensei, he definitely had a few screws loose, beyond the usual for high-level shinobi.’

When Kakashi didn't reply, Naruto's face turned stony. Biwako put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and whispered something even Kakashi couldn't hear into Naruto's ear.

Naruto's face turned from moderately tan to a deep blush. "How- how do you know about me sneaking glances at those magazines in shops?!" Naruto said in a low voice, but Kakashi was able to hear him.

Kakashi put his Icha Icha Paradise 3 copy back into his pouch along with 1, 2 and both Icha Icha Violence books – however amused he was at poor Naruto’s predicament, they had something important to do and he wasn’t certain Biwako’s pride could take it if he fought her while reading a book.

The three of them were putting a little bit of distance between each other when Kakashi gave the starting signal. They were in a triangle formation, with Mito being at the far back from Kakashi, making the Clone hand-seal already-

Kakashi stomped on the ground, doing a one-handed hand-seal at the same time. 'Earth Style: Tracking Maze!' He had decided to shake things up in order to put the kids’ ability to work together to the test.

A 'Y'-shaped wall, decorated with dog-head statues cut off the kids from one another. Kakashi joined his hands, whispering, "part two," making the two-meter tall wall expand upwards, far beyond easy jumping distance for most Chuunin and also in every other direction, turning it into a maze of hardened walls. He also added a third part, changing his hand-seal, so that water started coming out the dog heads, enough to weaken fire ninjutsu.

'Just because I don't hate Biwako doesn't mean I will make things easy for her,' Kakashi thought to himself. He seriously doubted that Naruto's Earth Style would help the kids much, considering just how much Chakra Kakashi had concentrated into each wall and how tightly he had packed the rock-like soil. The strain on Kakashi's Chakra system made him shiver a bit, but he had Chakra levels comparable to the average Kage in their prime and amazing Chakra Control, so the Chakra expenditure of that jutsu didn't affect him beyond that.

Kakashi shook his head at how pitiful his Chakra reserve was compared to his- everything else, really.*

Let's see. Biwako has managed to locate Mito, if I judge by the direction she is heading. I wonder how? Chakra sense is dampened in there due to my Chakra's presence and density, to the point someone would need to be as good a sensor as the Sandaime to use it beyond a couple meters. The loud water shower and added smells should take care of any fellow tracker, whether they use their ears or nose, unless they are comparable to an Inuzuka.

The steady drain of Chakra to maintain the water shower was barely noticeable – Kakashi had made sure to find a bigger source of water under the ground to fuel that. Kakashi used one of the dog heads to look where Naruto was with his ‘Dog’s Eyes’ jutsu.*

Naruto put his index finger on the ground. After at least twenty seconds of trying, he shook his head, then tried again, which led to Naruto heading toward Mito, too. Kakashi couldn't believe what his senses were telling him. Both Naruto and Biwako?! What are they feeding kids these days?

As soon as the three of them had regrouped, Naruto made an Earth-style Wall in such a way that the three Genin could use it as a ramp to jump over Kakashi's own walls-

Kakashi wasn't idle, though. He used Housenka no jutsu to pepper them with small fireballs. Naruto hadn't noticed Kakashi until the last moment apparently, so when Naruto used water filled with Kakashi's Chakra to make a Water Formation Wall while only using only one hand-seal in record time, Kakashi stopped in his tracks for two tenths of a second, which was the equivalent of a pratfall for a regular Jounin.

‘Naruto can use a second element? So proficiently, at that?’ Kakashi thought to himself. The kids were fresh Genin! Wait. How long have they been hiding their skills and what else are they hiding?

The smell of something- different but known under the ground made Kakashi focus fully again. He decided to strike the different-smelling soil beneath him with shuriken imbued with Lightning Style Chakra, and was rewarded with the familiar sound and smell of Earth Clones dispelling. Of course, the kids wouldn't let things stop at that, so over twenty of Mito attacked Kakashi, some hiding under Jiraiya's invisibility jutsu.

Kakashi fought her hand-to-hand, dispelling the clones before Mito had the chance to gather her wits, but the Uchiha clan's coming of age jutsu covered the space between the original Mito and Kakashi before he could follow through, surprisingly powerful considering how damp and filled with Kakashi’s Chakra the air was.

Naruto’s globs of mud landed where Kakashi's eyes would have been, had he not used the Kawarimi no jutsu to escape. Then, Biwako's shuriken started coming towards Kakashi at a rate and with a precision that reminded him of- well, of her brother, when Itachi had had his Sharingan off at least. 'So, they have been hiding more! I haven’t even seen Naruto use his staff when not startled,' Kakashi thought absentmindedly as he deflected the shuriken with a kunai, 'could Biwako already have the Sharingan? If so, why isn't she using it, though?'

Filing up all those discrepancies for later, Kakashi decided to finish the spar. He swiped at Naruto’s arm with his kunai, then caught the other hand by the wrist. Kakashi threw Naruto in such a way that the coming punch’s force was redirected toward Naruto himself, likely spraining the kid’s wrist. Then Kakashi had to contend with Biwako’s tanto and Mito’s Fuuinjutsu-based trap. He used ‘Fire Style: Vapors Jutsu’ to counter a ‘Wild Water Wave’ from Naruto and make Biwako back off at the same time, while gathering more water vapors to turn into the Hidden Mist Jutsu.

Not wasting any time, Kakashi went on the attack. His nose wasn’t hampered by his own mist, so he used his full speed and response time to disarm Biwako, then knock her out by pinching her shoulder blade, near the spine where the Gate of Life was located. He went to do the same to Mito. There was logically no way she should have had the time to react, and yet Mito sidestepped at exactly the right time for Kakashi to simply cause her pain with his pinch.

She tried to get some kind of Cursed Seal on Kakashi while Naruto was preparing something so huge that even Kakashi, being no kind of Chakra sensor, was able to sense the Chakra building up. As Kakashi knocked Mito out, he could feel himself slowly lose Naruto’s scent. ‘The cheeky brat is infusing my Hidden Mist with his own Chakra!’ Kakashi concluded, but it didn’t keep him from reaching Naruto and knocking him out.

A few minutes later, after Naruto had taken care of all injuries with an efficiency and level of skill that still impressed Kakashi, Kakashi started going over the kids’ performance. He said, “well, your teamwork has improved in the past few weeks, but it wasn’t the main reason why you performed so well. I know you kids don’t exactly trust me yet, but two of you have been holding back hugely, only revealing your skills -or some of them- when under duress."

Naruto looked contemplative, so Kakashi told him to speak freely. Naruto said, "Kakashi-sensei, isn't a ninja supposed to keep their skills secret until they really need those skills?"

Kakashi shook his head. He said. "The saying is mostly valid. Young shinobi aren't meant to hide their skills from their teachers, though. That's a misconception. It leads to learning less and weakening oneself in the long run."

Naruto looked down, seemingly contemplating something again.

"That goes for all three of you," Kakashi said, raising his voice a bit, "if you would like to tell me or show me or learn something, I'm available. I can't promise I will always have time, nor that I will definitely teach you what you might ask, but I will at least hear you out."


Kakashi was -somewhat secretly- watching while his Genin were pulling weeds from a garden. He saw Naruto put a hand on Mito's wrist- yes, that wasn't a weed; Naruto was right to stop her.

"What's going on here- what are you brat doing to the Honorable Daughter!?" An elderly male voice yelled out, brandishing a walking cane like a staff.

Kakashi twitched, but he decided to wait and see how the kids would handle the situation.

The old man fussed over Mito while glaring at Naruto and threatening to report him. Kakashi could smell Naruto's rage, but in his body language, it was barely perceptible. "Let go of Mito," Naruto told the old man, who started threatening Naruto with his cousin, Homura, who was a trusted advisor of the Third's.

Naruto put his hand on the man's shoulder and squeezed . He told the old man something in the ear very quietly while a shaken Mito moved away from the old man and hid behind Naruto. The old man smelled of terrible, terrible fear that put even Kakashi on edge, so he moved to put a stop to the confrontation, before Biwako had the chance to make things worse.

"Y- you little- I am not so easily intimidated. Mr. Teacher! Do you know what that little monster did and said?!" The man, Mitokado Miura or something, said.

Mito said, "don't listen to that crazy old fart, Kakashi-sensei! The bastard started everything!" Her voice shrill.

"Young lady," the old man said, "please do not argue with me on this," trying to shove Naruto away, then hit him with his cane, but only succeeding in dropping to the dirt with a little discreet help from Naruto.

Miura started yelling about an assault, so loudly that his wife came out. Fortunately, they weren't close enough to other houses for neighbors to come. Then, Kakashi intervened. He helped the man to his feet, 'accidentally' elbowing him in the gut to shut him up. Then, Kakashi said out loud "don't bother lying, Miura-san. I was here, hidden, all along. So, this is what you are going to do: you will sign on the mission sheet, paying us triple the standard fee for our exceptional performance. You will keep away from any member of my team. You will also refrain from spreading any rumors, especially ones filled with lies.

» That will have some benefits for you, too: one, you will be able to request missions from Konoha shinobi in the future. Two, the shinobi of Konoha will still be willing to protect you and not accidentally cause you to have a heart attack, then forget their medical knowledge for a few minutes. Three, you know who I am; you know what influence I hold, so don't pretend you don't, nor that Homura-san will support you against me. You also know that my father's failed mission had a backlash on me. You wouldn't want that kind of reputation to fall on your children and grandchildren, would you…?”

When that- incident was over and done with, Kakashi told his students, “kids, two rules when dealing with civilians, especially clients: one, be very careful and never get physical, preferably even when they do so first. Two, rule one can be ignored like I did only when you are certain you will get away with it.”

Kakashi knew that all that nonsense had only escalated to that point because there had been no consequences to the offenders. Perhaps people would get the idea after a scare or three. He sighed under his breath. If the Third had cared less about the idea of Konoha and more about the people- oh well. Dwelling on what ifs nearly broke me before.


The Third and both his advisors were looking at Kakashi with varying degrees of disquiet. At last, Homura broke the silence. He said, “was that really necessary, Kakashi?”

Kakashi nodded, but did nothing else.

“You will have to explain more than that,” the Third said, an edge in his voice.

Koharu opened her eyes. Koharu actually opened her eyes! Kakashi made sure to listen very carefully.

She said, “what I do not get is this: why have we gathered here for something so trivial?” An edge in her voice, too.

The Third said, “if our civilians don’t feel safe in their own home village, then what image do we show to potential clients? This is of monumental importance!-”

“Hiruzen…?” Koharu said, “get bent,” closing her eyes to half-lidded again.

The Third just stood there, looking dumbfounded. Kakashi wasn’t much better off.

Homura cleared his throat, then said, “I believe what Koharu meant is that things will only escalate further if the situation isn’t nipped in the bud, and that one civilian or two aren’t much in the grand scheme of things. Related to me or not. Remember – this happened due to your negligence, Hiruzen. I’m washing my hands of this matter.” Then, the man walked away.

Kakashi stood at attention, not-so-secretly enjoying the expression on the Third’s face. The Third lifted his head, telling Kakashi to ‘just go’, which disappointed Kakashi a little. He had wanted to see him in anguish for longer. There’s something seriously wrong with the Third, though. For a moment, Kakashi had caught him murmuring something like ‘is he the one who has the eye?’ and ‘international changes beneficial to Konoha’.... Perhaps he should send Jiraiya a message about that.


After cleaning the Inuzuka kennels, walking the pups, sewer duty and catching Tora twice in a row, with Naruto the only one not to get scratched or bitten at all, Team Seven was being given a C-rank mission, meant to take place in the Land of Wind.

The Third gave Kakashi two scrolls, then said, “you are to meet with a certain Sand Jounin by the name of Baki and give him the scroll tied with blue rope. The one with yellow rope contains the rest of your briefing. Any questions? No? Get out of my office,” not even glancing at the Genin.

Kakashi told his students what to pack, then walked to the Forest of Death. Yellow rope meant complications. He opened the mission briefing there, which contained a few extra instructions- My, my…. This is interesting. What are you up to, Sarutobi Hiruzen?
There seems to have been a lot that happened during and after the Nine Tails Attack. I can't help but wonder if perhaps Naruto has the Yin Chakra and Mito has the Yang Chakra. It would explain why Naruto has less issues controlling his chakra than in canon. I have a feeling the Jinchuriki issue is going to come forward soon, with it being revealed just who (if not both of them) the Jinchuriki is. Nevermind that with the high chance of encountering Gaara, Biwako's Sharingan and Naruto's Mokuton will likely be outed. Ironically, even without Mito or Naruto being a Jinchuriki, between the Sharingan, Mokuton and the Uzumaki sealing techniques and Kakashi just being a general bad-ass, Team Baki is severely outclassed even with Gaara on their team.

One thing I'd like to see is Temari being a bad-ass (her canon match against Tenten doesn't count because they were horribly mismatched to the point that the fan theory of the random matches not being entirely random has merit). It's outright stated in canon that she should have been a Chunin long before the canon Chunin exam and that she was intentionally held back (which was likely used to justify why Shikamaru was promoted over everyone else when all was said and done).


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Did you notice Hiruzen's suspicions that Kakashi has Uchiha Kagami's eye and is the one who has mind-whammied Hiruzen and the rest of the world?
(Of course, Danzo easing down when Kakashi started being sent on even more missions when Naruto was 10 or so probably helped)

As for Team Baki, well, we'll see. :D
Yes, but I passed that off as Hiruzen seeing shadows everywhere and being overly paranoid now that he realized he's been mind controlled over the years. I'm betting he's suspicious of pretty much everyone but Jiraiya at this point.
Especially when you consider that Hiruzen looks like he was looking for an excuse to drop the hammer on Team Kakashi and both Koharu and Homura unreservedly and unhesitatingly sided with Kakashi, despite Homura being related to the complaintant.


Apparently a report-er
Especially when you consider that Hiruzen looks like he was looking for an excuse to drop the hammer on Team Kakashi and both Koharu and Homura unreservedly and unhesitatingly sided with Kakashi, despite Homura being related to the complaintant.
Yeah. They've gotten tired of Hiruzen's shit, too. Any gripes with the chapter? Should I make Homura more hesitant?

Edit: Jiraiya famously sucks at Genjutsu. That might help, too.
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No gripes. Actually, it was actually nice to see Homura professionally level-headed. Most fanfictions have him, Koharu and Danzo being an Unholy Alliance against Sarutobi, who is generally portrayed as a saint. That only works if the writer is particularly good, like Larry Hess. I've actually been digging many more recent fics that have taken a more measured response to the living members of Team Tobirama and (occasionally) Danzo.
Oftentimes, Koharu and Homura don't have any depth to doing what they do and come off as 2D villains.