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I'm suffering through a cold with a runny nose, and the place I work at has mandated that if you have even a minor case of cold like symptoms, you go and get tested for Covid. Well, after a few hoops, I got the time and got tested officially, now I'm just waiting for the results.

Honestly, I'm expecting a negative result, but a positive result is not out of the question, and that would be...well, there's no two ways about it. It would be bad.

What's really annoying is the fact that I'm suffering through a cold due to personal stupidity.

Incidentally...getting tested was *not* in any way an easy thing to go through.


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I'm not interested in whom anyone voted for, but I am curious if anyone else here from the US already voted. I got my ballot Saturday, and mailed it Sunday...


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Got mine early October mailed it a couple days later after I got some stamps =P . Kinda threw me off when it required a first class stamp instead of being prepaid.


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Really? Mine was simply put in envelope, drop it off in the official drop box/polling place. No stamp required.

Got my ballot Sept 27, mailed it the next day. Checked the website, they've already got it.


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In Ohio, we have a couple different ways of getting a absentee or mail in ballot processed. We can put it in the mail (either at a post office, or in a mail box), we can put it in a board of elections drop box, or we can drive to the nearest board of elections facility and drop it off directly.

If it had been closer to the election, I would ave drove and given it to them. But with over 3 weeks left, I put it in the mail box Sunday. It would have been picked up Monday by the USPS, and I checked on-line early today, the board of elections did not have it processed yet, but it is too soon to be concerned... I'll check every few days and see when they get it.


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Well, the cold is gone, my nose doesn't make an impression of a broken faucet anymore, and the Covid test came back negative, so that's a weight off my mind.


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Good news.... glad for you
Thanks. I was reasonably certain that I wasn't infected, but the place I work for needs to be extra EXTRA sure. So I will be honest and admit that I endured the uncomfortable sensations from the test in silence.


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Hope that is all it is...
I'm breathing more easy now. At least part of it WAS an overfull stomach.

Beyond that, we'll see. I will seclude myself as much as possible. I don't want to be responsible for any deaths, even partially and indirectly.

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I've decided that I'm going to get back into my moonshining hobby. Going to go small scale messing about with one of them air stills, rather than going with my old pot still.
Well... I actually feel a bit bad now... the sole goal when posting was that *Eric*, not Donald, was accusing Google of conspiring to influence U.S. using anime... which is... well... I thought both laughable and relevant to the forum. I normally do not post on pure politics.

As for Donald... I don't think him evil, but not thinking him evil does not really change all the bad he has done, the lies told, and the sheer damage his antics have caused... including our relations with other countries, including England, Germany, and even Canada....
Can you really stand up and say Joe Biden is any better? Aside from the fact the man clearly doesn't have all of his mental faculties in order, he has been proven to have actually colluded with Russia. He was also involved in all sorts of political corruption in Ukraine... You know, the two major issues Pelosi and company tried to impeach Trump for.

Say what you will about President Trump, because he's far from perfect, but he has done far more good than bad for the United States. And let's be honest, relations between the countries you mentioned isn't all that bad.
So here I am at Disney world. Dad's electric scooter has one of its wheels lock up. Now I'm carrying it to the van, so that we don't have to deal with it when everyone else is leaving at the same time.

So how's everyone else doing?
No, it's open again. You just need to have a 'reservation' to get into a particular park, and there's no more park-hopping.

EDIT: It's Disneyland in California that's closed. We're at Disney World, on Florida.
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Okay, that makes more sense. Wait, why is one Disneyland, and the other Disney World?


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Even though Disneyland is one park, Disneyland Resort is two parks Disneyland and California Adventures.
Oh. That does explain why Paris and Shanghai are both Disneyland though.
I've been trying to worldbuild but so far it feels like reality decided to go all out and use my ideas as a blueprint...

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Two things. One, I'm making rum with my new air still.

Going to go with a second distillation to give it a cleaner taste before I put it in an oak cask for a couple of years.

Two, I thought this video is beautiful and it did bring a tear to my eye.


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My portfolio didn't really move much over the last few days. I was expecting some extreme volatility.