What are you watching?

Just got back from Welcome to Marwen.

This is a film worth seeing. The special effects can be a little awkward at times, looking a bit like Polar Express or the Jim Carrey 'Christmas Carol', but very well done.

There is one cringe-y bit a little bit past the mid-way point, you'll see it coming.

Lord Raa

Exporter of Juice Tins
Just back from Bumblebee.

So it turns out that if you don't have annoying characters, creepy and inappropriate content and are actually able to see what's going on in an action sequence, you can make a decent Transformers movie.

If this was the first movie that had been released, you could understand why the franchise has grossed so many billion dollars. Worth seeing, as the soundtrack has some decent tunes on it.

Lord Raa

Exporter of Juice Tins
Caught The Front Runner last night, a reasonably well put together movie about a scandal I didn't know anything about.

It did have a nice point about journalistic ethics and why the best people rarely run for office/stand for election.
I watched Godzilla Plant Eater it was shit!
We were promised a epic Kaijuu Battle between Godzilla and King Ghidorah and we didn't get it.