What did you have for dinner?


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All right, simple thread: What did you have for dinner?

Had roast chicken, drop by and tell us. Went out for Italian food? That's find too. Did you make Beef Wellington and want to post a photo-by-photo step-by-step guide to how you did it? You better believe you should be posting that.

Anyway, tonight I made and ate Crock Pot Venison Stew With Bacon and Mushrooms; the recipe's here for those who what to see it. After eight hours in a slow cooking crock pot, the venison was perfect and tender.

Here's the picture of the end result (large version here)

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Mac & Cheese mixed with leftover smoked mojo chicken from sunday.


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Four turkey breast sammiches with slices of american cheese and honey mustard.


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Lean Cuisine Salad Kit (Asian)


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Homemade Barbequed Ribs... As in, not made in a restaurant. I don't do the slaughtering myself, thankyouverymuch.


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I made pigs in a blanket using a recipe I came up with to add a bit of Hawaiian taste to them.

I use Portuguese sausage, Brie, and cresent rolls. According to everybody that has ever eaten this version is that they are pretty good.


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A wish sandwich. It's a kind of sandwich with two slices of bread and I wish I had some meat bow bow bow
I microwaved some frozen lasagna. No pictures.


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Pot roast and potatoes.


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Ribeye steak and baked potato. Mmm~
Chicken mushroom rice casserole with a side of broccoli raisin salad. Pretty good for stuff I whipped up in just an hour.

Also got called a "pony pornographer" which isn't relevant to dinner but noteworthy.
Chicken fried steak(Cooked on a flat top grill), mashed taters, and gravy.


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Tonight I made pork ribs using my custom marinade sauce. No full recipe this time but if anyone's interested the short version is this.

a splash of olive oil
a lot of dark soy sauce
a splash of teriyaki sauce
a double splash of balsamic vinegar
a fair bit of honey

I let the ribs marinade for about eight hours and then cooked them in a fan oven at 190c for half an hour. Half way through cooking I turned them and put on a glaze, which is the same as the marinade but with a lot more honey in it. This gives them a lovely sweet flavour.

Anyway, here's a picture of the end result. In the interest of honesty, I will admit I added the parsley just for the picture. I took it off before I ate. (Large version)


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Is this a thing now? Nice.

I got some leftover beef from last night's dinner and finely diced it up. I strained some tapioca flour and put it in a pan to cook it into a flatbread-looking thing (I've never heard it called anything but tapioca, so I have trouble describing it otherwise). I heated the diced beef in a pan with margarine, mixed it with cheese, and put it in the tapioca crust. I made three; nothing crazy, but it was a tasty dinner. I had one with margarine holding the tapioca together, but the beef was a little bit juicy and with the cheese I didn't need anything else to keep it from being dry. Yum!


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Green and gold salad. Assorted greens from the food co-op and potatoes from the same. Microwave the potatoes (or boil them; microwave is faster), use a bit of salt and make a salad dressing from olive oil, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. Mix well, top with chopped carrot and apple, serve.


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Fresh Toast.
Because my schedule is FUBAR.


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Mother's Day in Texas. We had barbecue with all the trimmings.

Beef ribs, sliced brisket, potato salad, baked beans, thick-sliced toast, dill pickles and pickled jalapenos on the side, plus a sprout salad with tomatoes and avocados that my sister whipped up.
Got a large butter croissant, put two slices of provolone cheese in it, Six thin slices of roast beef, and toasted it.



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pork for me tonight, im seasoning mine with old bay seasoning, honey, sugar, and a bit of orange marmalade