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Was coming up with ideas for Ice Release, ended up analyzing one of the only Ice Release we ever see.

Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals

The Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals were a signature jutsu of Yuki Clan back when they were one of the dominant forces in the Land of Water. It was originally called just the Mirroring Ice Crystals until the notoriety of the jutsu and its wielders earned it a name that more closely matched its reputation.

This ninjutsu creates one or more rectangular mirrors of solid ice as tall and wide as the caster. The ice is far more resistant to physical force than an ordinary mirror, cold enough to chill the air around them, and remain stationary in the air at whatever angle and distance was chosen when they are first created.

The caster is able to merge his entire body with the ice, allowing them to freely enter and exit them at will. When they enter a mirror, their reflection appears on its surface and they can see everything before them unhindered. They can attack even from inside the mirror by throwing projectiles from within to a target outside or by extending a part of their body to strike or grab their enemy.

But the greatest property of these mirrors is that they share a connection with the caster which allows them to move into one or out of one at speeds faster than the eye can see, propelled as if by magnetism. Using this, the wielder can essentially slingshot themselves towards a target to attack them and then retreat to their mirror at high speed with hit-and-run tactics.

The jutsu's true potential is realised when it is used to create more than one mirror.

The caster can move directly from one mirror to the other at high speed without slowing down or stopping at all, attacking their enemy while moving between them as well as from within the mirror they step into. And they can take advantage of their connection with both mirrors to cover a greater distance than what would be possible with just one as they propel themselves from one mirror and draw them towards the other. To further aid their offense, the caster can confuse the enemy on which one they physically inhabit by creating the same reflection on any of the other mirrors that are present.

By creating these mirrors in strategic positions, one can quickly and easily move around the battlefield or they can quickly surround their opponent in an inescapable trap.

However the more mirrors they create and the more often they move between the mirrors then the more chakra they expend.