Building Worlds: OoC thread


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Does anyone else have major plans to alter the fundamental nature of the universe at this point? I'm planning to diversify the ecosystem on the next turn, and start creating sentient life after that, so this would probably be the time to do it.


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I'll add them in as they go. I was waiting for Helka to post turn, but that never happened. >>


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When you say Sentient, do you mean the actual word or the scifi slang term?

Cause we already have sentient life at the moment in the actual scientific sense.

Sentient means: ''has feelings".

Sapience is the "learns about stuff and is smart and able to Science and philosophize" one.

Hence Homo SAPIENS


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Great, RL was busy, new stuff at work, and as usual urgent.

I will review what happened, but I think Helka was taking a long nap after creating the purple kelp.


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I think we should establish a time limit for turn length.

Maybe new turn every monday?


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Still trapped in character waiting for a response. >> Can't approach someone then be like "lol, k ignoremecool" because that's not what happened.


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You could always take it as being snubbed and blow something of hers up.


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Alright, going to start the next turn now, since everyone seems to be done doing what they're doing.

Ecosystem is now fully developed, so if you needed a niche filled for whatever species you wanted to make, it's now filled. If no one does it this turn, I'll create the first sentient/sapient life on the next turn.

Next turn starts sometime Saturday.


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Helka woke up from her trance.
I am assuming that if we did not create something, it does not exist or only in very limited format.
I am leaving it up to the other gods if Heramont wakes up soaked.


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Internet and computer problems.


EDIT: Making a list of possible sapient species, give me a bit...

Currently I have them organized into five "Families", Well four and a 'misc' family of stuff that doesn't fit in.

They are Krork, for Orkoid/Goblinoid species, Zenta, for magical species (currently various denominations of Elf), Taril for the midget races, Draco for the random lizard people.

And Cairn for the misc things that don't fit with anything else. Currently consists of Trolls, Thri-Kreen, Ents and (War)Forged. To be renamed. Might stick baseline Humans in Cairn.

Any ideas while I work on and flesh them out?

Also yes they all use five letters, that's on purpose.

ELFDIT: OH YES.... Just had a wonderful idea for Elven culture that is actually pretty unique for Elves.

Now, to figure out what the hell I should do with Orc's.

Infiltraitor females, or warhammer style fungus creatures.

I want them to VARY dammit, not just "Humans but X and X", So I'm trying to stick as much weirdness as possible across the board.

Troll's are non magical fatasses who breed through self mutilation, heal much faster then anything else, and are literally omnivorous, eating even rock, dirt, wood, bones, anything, they store the raw material for their regen as what is essentially Troll fat, and thin down as they heal, a skinny troll is a very recently fucked up troll, fire and acid work as the old standby but you can just fuck them up until they run out of material to heal with.

Though be careful about cutting bits off, if you cut a part off of them that's big enough it will become a baby troll.


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I'm sorta interested now.

Can I have a bit of fun?

Sex: Male
Domain: Secrets
Profile: That's a Secret :p


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I think there should be no problem with you joining, perhaps a bit broader domain might be better, but your choice. Since sentinent life is coming up, things are going to get interesting.


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Gwyll said:
I think there should be no problem with you joining, perhaps a bit broader domain might be better, but your choice. Since sentinent life is coming up, things are going to get interesting.
Don't worry about the domain for long. The Impudent Godling Lartne is sneaky enough to see multiple openings for expanding his power. If I'm allowed to post at the moment. You'll see how :p


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SO many screaming babies.

So many.

I'll drop the notes I currently have here for you to look at, since I can't work with all these kids here.

Some of these haven't been 'made' yet and will by 'made' through various derping, the drow and dark elves are(or will be) the fault of arrogant High Elf mages.


Orc: Modified 40k Ork's, tuned to regard other sapients as Orky regardless of how they actually act, to prevent them from just killing everything on the planet. They are also, because of lightwave's wonder's, stuck behind the Storm, and kind of can't get to anyone else until the trudge their way up to boats that can get through that damn thing.

Gretchen: Slave race to the Orc's, similar to goblins, but with longer more triangular ears, and large noses. More Clever then Orc's on average.

Ogre: Large, strong creatures, highly territorial, prefer swampland, extremely unhygienic. They have rounded heads and strange long cone ears.

Goblin: Come in a large variety of colors, bright and dark. Tiny nose. small round edged ears that stick up above their heads. Have main villages hidden in random out of the way places, use small warcamps as Chaff to keep enemies from finding them, they have a lot of enemies.

Hobgoblin: The Bigger cousins of the goblins, stronger, but less general intelligence, better at strategy and tactics in spite of this. Orange.


Troll: Asexual and genderless, breed by ripping off large parts of themselves, like an arm or leg, which grows into an infant Troll. Their regen is not magical, they can eat pretty much anything, and don't produce much waste as anything that can be used as raw materials for regeneration is stored in the body, Trolls are thus very fat, but slim down very quickly as they regen.

Thri-Kreen: Bug People, males outnumber females, females are much larger and sedentary, acting as Queen's. Two meter tall mantis people, four arms, upper arms are larger, but do not have thumbs, two legs.

Forged: Robots, Breed by building children. Almost every non inanimate object, and some inanimate, in Forged Society is a forged. Doorforged, Toasterforged, Windowforged, Houseforged, Tankforged... The Forged were literally created with more scientific knowledge then any other race, and will completely skip the caveman through renaissance ages. But Forged technology does not advance without outside assistance, the Forged literally are not capable of scientific advancement.

Ent: Living Tree's, lazy bastards, Low population, slow breeder's, long lives, Allied with the Wodar.


Elf: High Elf Mages, Low Elf Commoners, Zero no Tsukaima inspired. Several different countries. Irony. Low Elves look like more slender and skinnier humans with normal sized but pointed ears, High elves have pure white skin, various highly bright hair colors that no other species has, such as shades of green, blue, red, PINK, orange, and other bright colors, White is also common, have very long three inch pointed ears, Blue is the most common eye color, but their are other shades, red occurs occasionally.

Wodar: Basically wood elves, middle ground between high and low Elves, are all one giant group. brown hair is the most common, tanned skin, uniformly green eyes.

Drow: Homunculus servitors. Essentially mindless slaves. Due to not really counting as alive, they can be patched up and rezzed if they 'stop functioning'. Have nigh pitch black skin, red eyes and white hair, uniformly.

Dark Elf: The result of the Elves 'breeding' with the Drow, are proficient slavers, Elves hate the shit out of them, it is mutual. Have Drow's red eyes, brown skin, and either black or white hair.


Hobbit: Short, ginger, tidy, good chef's, have some habits involving not leaving their homes.

Dwarf: Your kidding right? GENERIC DORFYNESS ALL THE WAY. Craftsmen, metalworking, sciences are a tad odd, find very odd uses for various random things, like floodgates and pumps, have the oddest random phobias, like strange fictional creatures called elephants or carp and also tree's. Hate the shit out of most Krork species, don't get along well with Zenta half the time, especially Dark Elves, fuck Dark Elves, with warhammers.

Gnome: Tiny and weak, try to tech up, vary bad at it, Gnome technology has a tendency to randomly fall apart or fail, though they at the least have odd contraptions that are smaller then the massive weird things the Dwarves make, Tend to either live with or be at war with Dwarves, depending on random factors, when they are working together, expect much mad science lulz.


Kobold: Communist Midget lizard people, Proficient, compulsive trap makers, nearly as good with metalworking and mining as Dwarves.

(Lizardfolk)Saurus: Strong, dumb, tough skinned/scaled, Pseudo-Tribal, sometimes live in Kobold cities as much stronger soldiers, have an odd society, where males are universally and unquestionably in charge but females run 99% of the non military Government, with only their highest rank military leader also being the Chief of the 'tribe'. Females are almost but not quiet slaves, and do not seem to care. Most other races think the Saurus are weird, and prefer to avoid their towns and villages due to their... Indecency.


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Can I post ?


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Just a reminder, domains are given by the DM accounts, not your actions (looking at you god of secrets).


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Archons of Law made. This will be my response to all those ridiculous dragons and fae and that junk. My next post (when i've thought of them) will include their basic programming, but to date they:

Glow yellow

Are protected against physical and spiritual corruption

Can Fly

Physically protected (armor)

Extremely skilled with Halbard and kite shield

Capable of fusing with a sentient being


Able to communicate with Jeth.


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The Joke>>>>>>>>>>

Your head.

Magic isn't claimed.

It was up for grabs.

Lartne grabbed it.

His character is wrong genre savvy.

Also it's a baby. (Godling = Baby god)

Basically, think of when Spongebob stole a balloon.

On what turned out to be free balloon day.

Since it was free, he stole nothing.

There's also the fact that in universe we're just fucking around for the lulz.

Nobody should give a shit if a baby want's to play with the shiny new toy.

So long as he's not gonna choke on it.


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Indications of it being a joke:0.

Edit: Had an interesting thought. When we eventually get vampires, why not make the curse magical in nature, and focused around the shedding of blood, not drinking it or any other kind of consumption device. Making it possible that vampires just need to be in the same area as blood being shed, not necessarily the ones who have to be shedding it. Pacifist vampires could be nomadic and travel to battlefields, and just be nearby.

Of course opposed to those kinds of vampire would be marauding bands going around killing everyone it basically eliminates the vampire aristocrat/vampire society trope in one fell swoop.

And given that feeding is magical in nature, we could get cool scenes like this:

The group ground to a halt, taking their queue from their tracker, a pale skinned ranger of moderate renown in this area. It didn't take a tracker to understand why, large touted had been torn into the ground by some massive force, and puddle of viscera could be seen, still steaming in the cold winter air.

The group shifted uneasily, scanning the surrounding treeline for whatever could have done this. Despite the blood no one could find a corpse, shin unnerved the adventurers more than they would care to admit. Had they seen the ricktus smile on their guides face, they'd have like turn tail and run.

"A moment, gentleman." The ranger asked, his voice unusually breathy.

Before anyone could respond, their guide began to glow with an unholy light. A putrid smell began to waft through the clearing, as darkness seemed to close in on the group. Then, a sanguine tendril, immaterial in nature, began to winds it's way around their guide, before constructing suddenly. Alarmed, the group sprung to action to free their guide, but the tendril disappeared beneath the man's skin, leaving only absolute darkness in It's wake.

Yet only for a moment, and when the light returned , their guide stood unharmed. Perhaps to preempt any questions, the man continued forward, suddenly much more sure of his steps.

"Why, I think somebody has slain a giant today..."

Only later in their nightmares wound the group notice that they ground had been picked clean of blood and gore.


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Well, for that, someone needs to make vampires, and given that Stars are the representative of good, they'd better be unusual.

Sorry for the delay. Switched over to Comcast and the transitions been trying. Seems that everything is working good now though.

Anyways, probably going to revise/fill out my creatures a bit later. I wanted to start the next turn so you guys could keep going.


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I would love to edit my post in the thread, but I'd need to do a lot of writing and I'm just not been feeling the flow lately.

Don't know why.

I've talked with latewave about some of the racesI made and some speculation about what they may or may not do.

Also Zartne hates Elves. Because they made/will make the Drow, and he feels really bad for them.