Dance with the Devil


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Chapter 10

Two weeks later...

Happosai shook his head and sighed. "You three still haven't succeeded once, despite the near month I've been helping you?"

"Urgh, give us a break." Issei groaned. "Every time we think we got it something happens and it fails."

"Yes, well at least your clothes aren't exploding anymore." Ddrag pointed out helpfully. "If it helps, partner, neither I nor have any of my previous hosts did anything like this before."

"Why is this so hard?" Rias asked as she looked at Happosai. "Learning magic growing up was a lot easier than this. I've gone through some of Sairaorg's training when I was little, how come I can't do this?"

Happosai sighed and shook his head. "Truth is, I'm not sure. You're manipulating your auras in a way you've never done it before. I should mention that even among those who have mastered the skill of manipulating their aura, it still takes years to fully master."

"We can use magic." Xenovia retorted. "Why is this different?"

Happosai sighed heavily. "Well, that explains it I think. Even though I've gone over this, you're thinking this works like magic, though in your case," he pointed at Xenovia, "you're probably trying to brute force your way through everything, huh?"

Xenovia pouted, she got that a lot since she got here, as though she was just a muscle head who was only good for swinging Ex-Durandal around and not much else. 'Sad thing is, they're probably right.'

Issei growled and punched the ground. "I don't get it! Why can't I do it?!"

"Frustration doesn't help." Happosai shook his head. "Anyway, I think that's enough for today." He turned and walked off. Pausing to look back, he sighed heavily. It really wasn't their fault, they weren't used to doing stuff like this. After all, not everyone could be a prodigy when it came to combat.

After Happosai was gone, Issei sighed. "I don't get it."

"Don't worry, partner, even if I could do it, I've never done it, so don't try to force something that you can't do yet." Ddrag offered helpfully.

"I guess we're just not suited to do this, that's all." Rias commented. "At least we're not having our clothes explode every time we try anymore."

"Small miracles there." Both Xenovia and Issei commented, though neither had a problem with being naked when they were alone, it was the exploding clothes in public that bothered them.

Issei wondered if maybe his Dress Break skill was at fault for all those misfires. He shook his off and stood up. "Well, it kind of feels like we wasted a month."

"Not really." Rias smiled as she stood up and helped Xenovia up. "I feel a lot closer to the two of you because of it." She wouldn't admit it, but even though they would be heading to fight soon, as Odin had informed them that on the full moon, which was in two days, there was going to be a big event in Transylvania with the Vampires there. When asked about it, he just laughed and told them that his information network in Europe was almost unmatched.

"Too bad the old man won't help us out." Issei shook his head and sighed, wondering why Odin wasn't going to help them out but dismissed it. He didn't know where he heard it from, but it was never a good idea to rely on the Gods to help you with your problems, and Issei figured it was probably doubly true since he was a Devil.

"Yeah, but Vali said he would, since he's got questions for Jedah anyway."

"I think Vali wants to get away from Odin's teasing about being the Butt Dragon Emperor." Rias giggled in amusement as Xenovia and Issei both nodded and laughed. "Anyway, shall we get going?"

"Issei! Rias! Xenovia!" The three blinked and turned to see Rossweisse running up to them, well, bouncing up to them with how much her chest was bouncing all over the place. She wasn't even wearing anything super sexy, just a red track suit, but the bouncing...

"Issei, stop drooling." Rias ordered him. "Xenovia, stop drooling as well."

"I wasn't drooling." Xenovia protested, her face slightly flush. "Considering that you sleep in the nude and you two got me to do it as well, I've come to appreciate a nice pair of breasts, you know?"

"Everyone loves boobs." Issei giggled perversely. "Hey, Rossweisse, what's up?"

Rossweisse's face was a bit flush and she scratched her cheek before taking a deep breath and bowing. "There was a sale going on in town and there was all these cute things that I heard about and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go with me to go shopping?"

"Isn't it kind of late?" Issei asked in confusion.

"I was thinking tomorrow, sorry." Rossweisse poked her fingers together. "I mean, only if you're not busy and if you want to, but it's fine if you don't want to and I'll just have to make sure to take care of myself and..."

"Nah, it's fine." Issei waved her off. "Um, I mean, sure, it's just for a few hours, right?"

"Well, I don't intend to take that long." Rossweisse laughed and rubbed the back of her head at the flat stares that she was getting. "Um, sorry?"

"Shopping always takes hours, even if it's just to get some food." Rias crossed her arms under her breasts and held a finger up. "In fact, when I was little and went shopping with Grayfia, she always had a plan written out and we had to stick to it constantly because there were so many good things to buy and whenever I was left alone I ended up with a cart full of dolls, toys and other things to fill my room."

Issei, Xenovia and Rossweisse all sweat-dropped as none of them had the same experience growing up in affluence like Rias did.

"So do you want to go with Issei alone or do you want us to come with?" Xenovia asked and Rossweisse rubbed the back of her head and laughed softly.

"Well, I figure if there was lots of stuff that I would need extra help, so if you want to..."

"Sure." Rias smiled at her.

"Thanks." Rossweisse smiled back.


"You're still on cloud nine?" Akeno asked Koneko, who nodded, a small smile on her face as they cleaned up after training. "Must have been some date then." She giggled, remembering her own date. Nothing naughty had happened, but the fact that Issei had taken her to so many places and tried so many things out, including trying to get into a porn store, only to be thrown out by a big guy named Bubba. At least he apologized to them before tossing them out on their butts first.

Koneko nodded, a blush on her face as she remembered the date. "Uh huh... Issei-sempai was really nice." Other than hand holding, which someone had said was too lewd for their child's eyes, nothing much had happened, they had caught a movie, ate some food...

Well, there was the kiss that she gave him, but not even Akeno knew about that one. She was thankful Issei didn't seem like the kind of guy to kiss and tell at least.

If Koneko knew that was because Lilith had told him he'd have a lot more problems in his life if he did kiss and tell, she would have built a shrine to the succubus and declared her the patron Goddess of all things romance.

"Still, are you ready for what happens in a couple of days?" Akeno asked, getting a nod from Koneko. "Sheesh, I wonder why Odin said he wasn't able to help us. It's not like Transylvania is forbidden to the Norse Gods or something."

"Maybe the Greek Gods are the reason?" Koneko pointed out, after all, that area was practically right between the Greek and Norse Gods. "Maybe that area is neutral territory for the Gods?"

"Hmm, that could be." Akeno tapped her chin in thought. "Or maybe it's under the Greek Gods watch? Who knows?" Of course, there was the possibility that the area was off-limits for another reason, but neither of them knew if that was true or not.


Elsewhere in Valhalla...

"See? That's how you do it!" La Fey Pendragon smiled as Mittelt finally got the spell down.

"Thanks." Mittelt nodded at her. "I hate the fact that I wasn't very good with anything other than throwing spears of energy around."

La Fey waved her off. "It never hurts to learn support magic, even if it's not that splashy compared to other forms." She winked at Mittelt. "You never know when you might need to stop an arm from bleeding everywhere."

Mittelt sweat-dropped at that. "Personal experience?"

La Fey huffed and crossed her arms over her chest as she turned away. "Why I never! It's not like I watched my brother do that to someone by accident or anything." Her indignant look lasted a moment before she started to giggle. "Before you ask, the person who had his arm chopped off was used to it."

Mittelt sweat-dropped more. "Used to having his arm chopped off?! What kind of masochist did you guys find for that?!"

"One that was really helpful for learning healing magic?" La Fey said innocently while smiling harmlessly. "If it makes you feel better, the guy had already lost his limbs during a war in Eastern Europe when we were kids and was using prostetics to help teach us how to use healing magic and how to cut limbs off easily."

"...I swear, everyone who's descended from the Arthurian days are insane." Granted, Mittelt had only met two of them, but she wouldn't be surprised if Lancelot had kids somewhere along the way and they were all crazy.

"Now that's not fair. Just because Sir Lancelot killed a bunch of people looking for a shrubbery for those knights doesn't mean that all of my ancestors were crazy."

Mittelt gaped at the witch, who busted out laughing. "Oh my! You knew what I was talking about there!"

"Who hasn't seen that movie?" The Fallen Angel said, huffing in annoyance. "...Was that movie accurate in the slightest?"

"Parts of it were." La Fey pulled out a worn out journal. "Specifically the bunny of Caerbannog."

"...Rabbits are evil."

"Yes." La Fey nodded in agreement.


Dodging out of the way of a lunge-tackle, Vali, in his Balance Breaker, floated backwards. He and his opponent were flying above the trees, their feet skimming the surface of the the tops of the branches and leaves. "Seriously, Atsuko, why did you want to spar with me anyway when I'm like this?"

Sliding across the trees, her wings fully extended, the cyborg glared at him, her eyes slitted and her cybernetic cat ears pointed upwards. "Simple, I want to fight someone who can fly and has a cheating Dragon power."

Vali sweat-dropped at hearing that. "Cheating Dragon power? Girl do yourself a favor and look up what some of the other Longinus can do before you declare my power to be a cheating power." Not to mention that there were Devils, Gods and even humans with powers that were simply bonkers in the world.

As Atsuko rushed him again, Vali mentally frowned as he traded blows with her. While they weren't truly fighting, he had to give the girl credit, she was really good, even if she was more straightforward than that Xenovia girl was. Still, one thing that he found disconcerting when sparring with her, that super skimpy outfit of hers made his Sacred Gear's powers useless, how, he wasn't sure, he just knew it was troubling. "So, humor me, but how can you just ignore my Divide ability?" He asked, trying to block a kick from her and finding himself blasted backwards. "And punching through my barriers so easily."

"I think it has something to do with that so-called Balance Break of hers." Albion pointed out. "It feels like it's canceling out all of my powers every time I get near it somehow."

"It's called the NK-SG-D." Atsuko answered, shrugging and causing her breasts to bounce, much to Vali's chagrin. It wasn't like he didn't like women or anything, but he didn't really care about bouncing breasts as much as he liked a jiggly ass. "Mama-san told me that it was based off of something that can cancel Sacred Gear powers."

"Explains why Jeanne was ranting about you so much when I last talked to her." Vali shook his head, he had tuned most of what the reincarnation of the Maiden of Orleans had been ranting on about out, only picking up bits here and there. "Still, that power is quite convinent." And it sounded like something his grandfather would have just to mess with him.

As much as Vali hated his grandfather, he had to admit that Rizevim wasn't a fool, even if he was a psychotic monster that got off on the thought of causing war, destruction, death and broken families. 'Almost like some human politicians, actually.' Vali mentally laughed at his own joke. "Fine, keep coming then."

"Gladly!" Atsuko grinned and seemingly pushed off the tops of the trees to rush at him while the two flew through the air while sparring. "Where's the Monkey King that follows you around?"

"Keeping an eye on some people." Vali answered. "And before you ask, Arthur's dealing with stuff on his end."

"I wasn't going to." She ducked under a punch and tried to kick him, but Vali zipped upwards into the air away from here. "Sheesh! Get back here!"

"Vali, an ability that can cancel Sacred Gear powers is far too dangerous to leave alone."

"Albion, are you seriously suggesting that I try to end her?" Vali asked as he fired some blasts at Atsuko, who covered herself in some sort of flaming aura and blocked them. "Do you really see her as that much of a threat?"

"Yes." The wings on his back flashed. "However, I was not talking about her. I doubt that she would try to kill us unless we became an enemy. If her power is based off of something that can cancel Sacred Gear powers, I would like to find whomever has it, destroy it and kill the person who has it."

"If anything, it sounds like what that bastard grandfather of mine would have." Vali snarled as he traded blows with Atsuko. Though privately he wouldn't be surprised if Azazel had developed something like that as well, just in case. "Tell me something, Atsuko, what will you do when this is over?"

"I'm not sure, I just want to know why Ranma betrayed us. That's all. After that, we'll see."

Vali smirked as he kicked her away. "Well, that's interesting." Not that it was a bad thing, he was pretty much the same way, no real direction and going where the winds took him. So long as he got good fights along the way, he was satisfied.

"So why are you here anyway?" Atsuko asked as she flipped over Vali and punched him in his back, sending him tumbling across the tops of the trees.

Grunting, Vali righted himself and blocked another punch from Atsuko which sent him flying further back. Grinning under his helmet, he pushed forward and drove a knee into her stomach, causing her to gasp as the wind was knocked out of her. "If you want to know, I suppose letting you know this wouldn't hurt. I haven't spoke to Ophis in many months and I'm concerned that something happened."

"Uh..." Atsuko gave him a blank look. "I have no idea who that is."

"A dark haired loli that's actually a Dragon of unimaginable power." Vali supplied for her. "I was working for her when I betrayed Azazel."

"Oh yeah! I remember you talking about that. I never met her though." Atsuko frowned at that. "Wait, you said she's a loli? ...I'm worried that Jedah used that to tempt Ranma to join him."

"...Ranma's a lolicon?" Vali asked, surprised when Atsuko nodded at him.

"Well, that's what everyone tells me, but then I saw his wife and her boobs are bigger than my head, so I have no clue! Plus he said he had sex with Serafall Leviathan and..." Atsuko blinked as Vali face-faulted out of the air. "...What?"

"He had sex with one of the four Devil Kings?!"

"Yes and he said he'd do it again." Atsuko nodded, causing Vali to face-fault again. "So you're worried about Ophis though, huh? Isn't she super powerful though?"

"More powerful than I could ever hope to become in my lifetime, yes, but that doesn't mean she can't be defeated or killed by something that specifically affects Dragons." Plus Vali knew that while he might not get as strong as Ophis, he felt like he could defeat her if he really tried.

And if he died trying, at least he would have died to one of the strongest beings alive.

Not that he would even try since he was actually fond of the little Dragon for some reason. "Anyway, shall we continue?" Vali asked, getting a nod from Atsuko. She wasn't even remotely close to being done yet.



"Well, it's not often someone calls for me." Fafnir said as he raised his head out of the water to look at the young girl in front of him. "Is there something you wish, young one?"

The girl gave him a look full of determination and took a deep breath. "You worked with Azazel, didn't you?" Fafnir nodded to her. "I want you to help me."

"Oh? And why would you want me to help you?"

"A friend of mine is working for a bad guy, I want to help save him. Even if it's just a little bit, I want your power to help protect everyone and save my friend."

"Your friend must mean a lot to you. Tell me, what is your name?"

"I'm Asia Argento." The blonde girl said and bowed to the Dragon King. "And Ranma is a friend of mine, but more than that, he's a dear friend to Issei, Lilith, Mittelt and others. I don't know if he's become a true bad guy or if he's being controlled or what, but I want to help my friends save him, I want to make sure that everyone is safe. And most importantly, I don't want to have anyone worry about me anymore."

"Oh? It takes a lot of bravery to call forth the power of one of the Dragon Kings. By just doing this, I would say that no one should worry about you ever." He smiled at the young girl. "But I suppose I could enter a pact with you. What is it you wish? How long? And what is your desire?"

"I simply wish to help my friends and protect them as long as I live. Please, Dragon King Fafnir, I beg of you, lend me your strength."

Fafnir was silent for some time before a rumbling noise was heard from his throat. As she listened, Asia gulped, worried that she had made him mad.

"HA HA HA HA HA!" Fafnir laughed at her. "You're an interesting one, so heart-felt and pure. Very well, if you wish to enter a pact with me, you must offer me something of what I want."

"...What?" Asia's face was slightly fearful.

Fafnir grinned at her. "Whenever I make a pact with someone, I ask for a precious treasure from them. I don't care for much besides treasure. So, with that in mind..."

"But I don't have anything truly valuable." Asia protested, her eyes tearing up. "Oh no! Why didn't anyone tell me? I would have gotten you something special in that case. Some food maybe? I mean, I can cook, but I don't know if I could get enough food for a Dragon King..."

Fafnir shook his head. "No, little one. For you see, the thing I want from you, if I was to make a pact with you, is simply your panties."

"...My panties?" Asia gaped at him as he nodded.

"Specifically the pair you're wearing right now." Asia gawked at the Dragon King. "Panties are a precious treasure! Give me your panties and I shall enter a pact with you."

"...Okay." Asia hiked her skirt up and slid her fingers under the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. The fact that she wasn't wearing anything under her clothes was kind of a thrill. 'Too bad Issei isn't here...' If he was, she had no idea what she would do. Stepping out of her panties, she held them up to Fafnir. "Like this?"

"YES! Like that! With this, our pact is complete!" Fafnir, defying all logic, was able to grab her panties with his mouth and take them from her. As he pulled his head back, Asia felt a tingling on her right hand. Pulling it close to her face, she looked at the symbol that appeared on her palm. "If you ever need me, use my symbol to summon me. I shall come from anywhere to protect you."

"Thank you." Asia smiled and bowed to the Dragon King.

"Oh, and before I forget, if you summon me, I expect you to have some clothes on that directly touches your body, such as a pair of panties or your swimsuit as payment."

Asia was blushing hard as Fafnir disappeared below the water. "...I have to take my panties off in battle to have him help me?" Sure, Rias had to flash her breasts to power up Issei in battle, but that was Rias and this was her and...

"No! If I keep thinking like this then I'll never be able to get anywhere with Issei!" Asia's face was still flush, but she had a determined look on her face as she stood tall. "No, I will do it, if taking off my panties in combat is the price to pay, then so be it!"

"If I had known you'd be willing to go that far, I would have offered to be your bodyguard." A familiar voice spoke up and Asia's face turned red as she looked down to see Happosai standing between her legs. "I mean, free access to your panties? That Dragon sure is lucky."

"EEEEEK!!! PERVERT!" Asia screamed as she spun and kicked Happosai over the trees and into Vali, who was flying overhead, stunning them both.

Happosai giggled as he tumbled through the air. "At least the carpets match the drapes."


The next day...

"Oh my! This is so cute!" Rossweisse gushed as she looked at the guinea pig doll. It was the size of a real one as well.

"You know, if it wasn't for the fact that I can see the tag on the side, I would swear that was a real guinea pig." Rias commented as she, Issei and Xenovia wandered through the store. They had found some interesting clothes that Rias had to try on, plus there had been some really interesting things that Rias just HAD to have added to her collection at home.


In Hell...

Venelana suddenly twitched and sighed. "I'm going to need to hire someone to clean Rias's room out at this rate." She muttered as she looked around the room. "At least I understand why she wanted those lego sets now." She muttered while looking at the completed X-wing and TIE-fighter lego figures that were on top of six large panda bears on her bed surrounded by more than a few dozen sets of clothes. "What will she do when she gets married?"

Turning, she left the room and closed the door behind her. She wouldn't ask her maids to clean up Rias's room, the last time she did she heard screaming for twenty minutes and the maid had rushed out of the room, sobbing for some odd reason. 'Just what is in Rias's closet anyway?'


Back on Earth...

Xenovia picked up something that looked like floss before her eyes went blank and white and her face turned bright red as she realized that it was some sort of swimsuit. 'My underwear has more fabric than this!' She thought to herself and was about to put it away when she thought about how it would look on herself and how Issei would react to it. '...Well...' Looking left and right, she folded it up and was about to put it in her basket. After all, she wanted to look good for Issei.

"You find something interesting?" Issei asked, causing her to yelp and fumble with the suit before grabbing it and hiding it away in her pants pocket and stiffen up. "What's wrong?"

"N-no-nothing, just surprised is all, I wasn't expecting you there." Xenovia shot back, her voice stuttering as she tried to calm down. Turning to look at him, she blushed and scratched her cheek. "Hey, Issei, I was wondering, is there any kind of swimsuits you prefer?"

"Huh?" Issei blinked in surprise, wondering what brought this on. "...Not really, so long as I can see glorious boobs I don't care too much."

She smiled, expecting that answer. "Okay." She looked behind him and saw Rias looking across the store in confusion. "What's with Rias?"

"Huh?" Issei turned to see Rias frowning in confusion. "I dunno, let's go see." The two walked over to Rias and were about to call out to her when a hint of movement off to the side caught their attention.

There, surrounded by various cute outfits, was Rossweisse and an unknown man with long silver hair, tinted glasses on his face and a silver robe over his body. "Who..?" Before Issei could finish the question, the man raised his glasses up and took them off and he and Rossweisse seemingly disappeared. "What the hell?!"

"That looked like Gasper's Forbidden Balor View." Xenovia commented, wondering how someone had that ability.

Rias didn't say anything, but the angry look on her face spoke wonders. "Issei, Xenovia," she turned to them and they gulped, seeing her eyes glowing with power, "I have an idea of who that is, and we're going to find him and get Rossweisse back."

The two nodded, dropped their baskets and quickly left the building.



"Was there a reason you told Euclid what you did?" The masked Devil Hunter asked Jedah, who was sitting in his chair in Makai and grinning as he watched the events play out. "And how did he just disappear like that?"

"To answer your questions, I did it because it's amusing. The poor boy is such a... What is it called again when someone has an unhealthy obsession with their sibling?"

"Siscon or Brocon?"

"Yes, that." Jedah nodded. "Yes, he's a total siscon that was devastated when his sister, Grayfia Lucifuge, betrayed the Great Devil King Lucifer to marry Sirzechs Lucifer that he would be willing to sell out reality to Rizevim." He sighed, such foolish morons. "However, I can't deny his power is tremendous. After all, he's almost as strong as his sister is and she could have been one of the four Devil Kings if not for Serafall Leviathan being more determined to win the title."

"You're well informed."

Jedah smirked at the masked Hunter. "Well, for one, Grayfia and Sirzech's romance is well-known among Devil Society. It was easy to find out how she betrayed the Old Satan Faction just to be with the man she fell in love with. Her battle against Serafall Leviathan is also rather spectacular and there are many records of it. The rest?" A nasty grin came to his face. "Simple," he leaned back in his chair and chuckled. "When I stole that Sacred Gear from that poor fool; Euclid was the first person I tested it on. I want to see what he will do if he thought that there was a chance he could get someone like his sister to follow him."

The masked hunter tilted her head. "And you chose the Valkyrie turned Devil because..."

"She looks like his sister. It wouldn't surprise me if they were distantly related somehow."

"Hmm... Didn't you tell me that when a Devil gains a peerage that everyone in that peerage is part of their family?" Jedah turned to look at her and nodded. "And isn't Rias Gremory the sister of the current Devil King Lucifer?"

"Indeed, I'm glad you paid attention. What does this have to do with..."

"Since Euclid's sister married Rias Gremory's brother, wouldn't that mean that the Valkyrie turned Devil is now related to him?"

"...You make a fair point!" Jedah laughed at that. "You know what I meant though."

"Yeah. So, when..."

Jedah chuckled. "Tomorrow is when the event happens. Rizevim is very cautious, despite being his attitude of wishing nothing but carnage on everyone. But he won't be able to resist showing up to cause problems."

Jedah's grin grew. He not only knew that Satan's son would do that, but he was banking on it. 'After all, I need to get rid of him, because if he gets his hands on that Longinus, we're all dead.' If what Euclid had told him was true, then he had to not only get that Longinus before Rizevim did, but he had to remove the Super Devil from reality one way or another.

"So how did your errand boy disappear like that?"

Jedah chuckled at her. "I merely had my alchemist create a copy of a budding Longinus and fuse it with his eyes. I believe it was called Forbidden Balor View or something. Anyway, the glasses prevent it from being active constantly, but he can't turn it off naturally, ever. It allows him to stop time for a short while."

"...Terrifying ability."

"I can only imagine what would happen if some of your enemies had sought out Sacred Gear users." Jedah laughed as he felt her revulsion at that. "Anyway, I want to see what Gremory and the Red Dragon Emperor do next." The fact that Euclid couldn't teleport away without alerting all the nearby Norse Gods made things more...



"So where did Rossweisse go?" Issei asked as he looked around hoping to find at least a trace of the person who took her.

Rias said nothing as she pulled out her cell phone and started messing with it. "Hopefully she didn't go far."

"Rias?" Issei and Xenovia asked as she Rias slowly smiled.

"Excellent, they're still in town, if we hurry we can catch up to them." Rias nodded as she looked at her phone. "Come on!"

"Wait!" Issei yelled as he and Xenovia ran after Rias, though he wasn't complaining about the running, after all, Rias had quite the bounce when she ran. "How do you know that?!"

Rias looked over her shoulder at him. "Huh? Well, remember when I got everyone new cell phones after you got back from Kyoto?" Issei and Xenovia nodded as they ran through the streets quickly. "There are tracking chips in all of them. I did that just in case something like this happened."

"Wait, what?! You mean you could spy on me having a date?"

Rias shook her head. "I would never use it for such a petty reason, I merely wanted to make sure that if we got split up or someone was hurt that I could find you quickly, that's all."

"Rias, when we get back, we're going to have a serious talk about privacy violations." Issei grumbled under his breath. At least there was a good reason for having it, but the fact that he didn't know about it, and he guessed that none of the others did either, bothered him. Heck, she had given one to Irina as well. What bothered him was that if he ever decided to check out the porn store, she could find out where he was simply by looking at her phone and then complain to him later.

'...Now that I think about it, when was the last time I looked at porn anyway?' Considering that he was sexing up both Rias and Xenovia every night, porn really didn't hold the same allure it once did. Not that he'd give it up. Besides, it wasn't like Rias or Xenovia would watch it with him. "By the way, you said you recognized who was talking to Rossweisse..."

"Yeah." Rias nodded as they turned a corner. "I recognized him from a picture that Grayfia showed me a few years ago, but I thought he was dead."

"So who is he?" Xenovia asked as they weaved between traffic, much to the onlooker's surprise.

"Euclid Lucifuge, Grayfia's younger brother and my uncle."



Rossweisse grimaced as she sat on a cheap bed, her arms tied behind her back via magic. "Seriously? I just wanted to go shopping, why the heck did this happen to me?" She frowned at her captor. "Listen, Mr... Lucifuge was it?" The man nodded at her. "I'm flattered that you found me quite lovely, but I'm not interested in people who kidnap me just to..." She trailed off as he shushed her.

"You look so much like my dear sister... Your eyes are different, but your hair, your mannerisms, even your body, so much like hers..." He frowned as he thought about his sister. "She had to betray us, betray the family and become a lowly Gremory servant when she married the man who stole our master's title away."

Rossweisse gulped as she felt his eyes roam her body. "Hey now! I'm sure that she had her reasons, but I'm not her!"

"Perhaps not, but you could perhaps... Replace her with time."

Rossweisse growled as she saw the look in his eyes. The fact that this... Siscon was practically drooling over her was both disturbing and disgusting. "That's it... I've HAD IT!" With a burst of magical power, she broke free of her bindings startling Euclid. Snarling at her kidnapper she belted him in the face, sending him spinning and crashing to the floor. "I'm so sick and tired of being the fucking joke of a Valkyrie. I'm SORRY that I couldn't inherit my family's magic crest!" She kicked him in the ribs, causing him to cough blood and crash into the ceiling. "I can't help that I worked extra hard in school because of it and graduated high school five years early! Oh no, it's fine! I'm the loser Valkyrie who can't get a boyfriend and is still a virgin!" Holding out her hand, a blast of magical power slammed Euclid across the room and into a wall. "Just because I want a boyfriend doesn't mean I want some creep who's all hung up on his sister to come after me!" She glared and blasted him with even more magic. "And then I just get thrown in with a louse of a boss who's a large pervert! Excuse me for being serious! Excuse me for having standards in what I want my men to be like! Excuse me for not spreading my legs for every cute and hot guy that comes along! You know what? I'm done! As soon as we save Ranma, I'm grabbing him, I'm grabbing Issei, and we're going to have a threesome! Yeah! You heard me! I don't care! I won't even let them use protection! I don't care if I end up with both of their kids! Fuck it! Fuck being a virgin! And most importantly! FUCK YOU!"

"AAAAAH!" Euclid screamed as magical energy bombarded him and sent him through the wall and out of the building.

"Ahhh!" Rossweisse panted and smiled in satisfaction. "That felt good."

"...You really meant it about the threesome?" Issei asked, causing Rossweisse to turn red as she saw him, Rias and Xenovia, who had just come in and were all staring at her with wide eyes.


"...Everyone, we have to rescue Ranma, I want to pop Rossweisse's cherry before he does!" Hey, if she wanted to have a threesome, even if it was with another guy, he wouldn't complain, Rossweisse was hot!

The poor Valkyrie's face turned even redder and steam came out of her ears. "That is... Um..."

"Hey!" Xenovia ran to the hole in the wall and looked outside. "Where did that guy go?"

The other three looked out the hole and saw the crater that Euclid made, but they didn't see a body.


"My my..." Jedah laughed as he threw Euclid onto a bed and pulled out a bottle of Phoenix Tears before splashing his subordinate with it. "I hope you learned your lesson." Having to cast a recall spell on the fool was annoying, but worth it for how entertaining he had been at the end. 'Besides, wanting a threesome as her first time? My my, what a desperate woman.'

"Yes." He nodded, groaning in pain. Sure, the damage was gone, but the pain still remained.

"Seriously?" A male voice said and Euclid looked up as Ranma glared at him. "You called everyone together to see this sad sack?"

"Of course not." Jedah grinned and walked over to his chair before sitting down. "It's time to make our move. Tomorrow night, the full moon happens and it's time to collect my prize." Besides, messing with Demitri would be so much fun.

"Tsk," Bulleta scoffed as she looked at him. "And what? We're going to just show up as a large army or something?"

"Of course not." Jedah grinned as he pushed a button on his chair and everyone who was standing up suddenly jerked from side to side as they felt his castle move. "Behold! This is what I've been working on for years! A transformable! Mobile! Fortress Castle of Death!"

"You totally ripped off Go Nagai, didn't you?" Ranma replied as he watched the main viewing monitor show the castle shift and change, going from being stuck on the ground to a flying fortress.

"Humans do have some interesting ideas after all." Jedah laughed as he forced a portal open. "Let us go! To the land of the Vampires!" Of course, moving something this large would take some time, even for him.


In her room, Nabiki smirked as she felt the fortress move. "Well, I was wondering how this was going to play out. Thanks, Jedah, now I know what's going to happen."

Oh this was going to be so much fun. "I wonder how everyone's going to take it when they find out the truth."

End Chapter 10


Seriously, WTF were they thinking with Euclid anyway? In canon, he kidnaps Rossweisse when she's on a date with Issei, has a replica of Boosted Gear (including its Balance Break form) and challenges Issei because he wants to impress his sister, which is why he kidnapped Rossweisse in the first place.

Yeah, not impressed with him.


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Chapter 11

Sighing as she looked out at the night sky, Valerie Tepes, who was wearing her typical clothes, could only shake her head. "It's times like this I wish I could see myself in a mirror." Tonight was the night that she was going to marry Demitri. She didn't have any feelings for him in the slightest, but if marrying him kept him from destroying her family and the few friends she had, she supposed it was worth it.

"Why did you agree?" A male voice spoke up and she turned to see a Vampire a bit older than her. "Surely you would..."

"Brother..." Valerie shook her head. "Considering that you despise me, why would you care about what happens to me?"

"I don't despise you, I just..." He trailed off as she glared at him. "We are family, surely you..."

"Regardless of the fact that we have the same father, I am an impure Vampire," Valerie interrupted him. "If not for the power that I happened to be born with, I would have been cast out the same as any impure Vampire." Turning away, she walked away from him. "And I do not care for most of the Vampires, but I do not wish to see us wiped out because of Lord Maximoff. If marrying him keeps him from eradicating all of you, then it's a small sacrifice, do you not agree?" She looked back at him and gave him a small smirk. "Or would you rather die?"

"Valerie, please, you know that I..." He gripped his throat as he felt invisible hands grabbing it and squeezing.

"You wish for me to betray our lord? You wish for me to go back to the way things were before I became the ruler of the Vampires?" She turned and walked towards him, a soft glow around her body. "Perhaps you would care to bring your concerns up to Lord Demitri yourself? Or perhaps you wish to manipulate me like you did in the past?" She narrowed her eyes at him as she got close to him. "Remember, I care nothing for you, I just do not wish to see the Vampires end."

Grimacing, he forced a small smile out. "You've changed, so much, sister."

Scoffing, she turned and left, allowing him to fall to the floor. "I have no time for you, I must prepare for later tonight."

Coughing, Marius Tepes could only watch as his half-sister left the room. "That bitch! I did everything for her! Helping her get stronger! And all she does is turn around and demote me after becoming the leader of the Vampires?! And she has the gall to treat me like this?!" He would regain his position, he knew it, and his little bitch of a half-sister would know her place...

Under his heel.



"I'm surprised that no one's seen us yet." Ranma commented to Jedah, who merely smirked at him.

"Amazing what you can do when you can just make your flying fortress look like a large cloud. Anyway," he chuckled as he flew upwards and Ranma followed after him, the two stopping as the throne room floor opened up and revealed a massive amount of large mechanical creatures.

"The fuck?!" Bulleta screamed as she and the others, who had been sitting on some hovering chairs, gaped at what she saw, "those are Phobos! Several of them!"

Jedah smirked as the Phobos, all of which looked like Dogu figurines with relatively thin bodies and large shoulders and faces with nearly closed eyes, all started to light up. "Don't worry, they won't do anything too bad, I just need them to cause a bit of..." He trailed off and saw Rizevim walk into the room on the upper levels. "Carnage."

A beeping sound caught his attention and he chuckled. "Well then, it's time." A flash of energy caught most people's attention as his left hand was covered by an orange gauntlet.

"What is that?" The masked Hunter asked as she looked at what was on his hand curiously.

"A replica of Boosted Gear, nothing more." Jedah chuckled as the green gem started to glow. "And thanks to Leonardo and Akane, it finally has enough Dragon souls in it to do this."

"Boost." A purely mechanical voice came out of it.

"Now then, it looks like your friends are here, Saotome." Jedah continued to grin as he snapped his gauntlet-covered fingers. "It's too early for them to interfere, however, so let's... Liven things up."


Issei groaned as he looked around. "Where the hell am I?" He and the others had just arrived at the edges of the Vampire territory when a sudden blinding light covered them and they all vanished. The area he was in looked like some sort of swamp, complete with rotting trees, mold-covered logs, broken trees sticking out of the water and ankle-deep water and mud around his feet. "Ewww, who knows what's in here?"

Hearing a frog croaking in the distance, he turned and gaped. "Since when do frogs have three heads? And are the size of big dogs and breathing fire?!"

"Partner, you may want to do something about that." Ddrag commented as Issei's arm was covered with his Sacred Gear. "BOOST!"

"Heh, don't need to tell me twice." Issei grinned as he felt his strength double at that moment. Charging up an energy attack, he punched forward, sending a bolt of energy at it, he nearly cheered as the frog exploded from that. "Ha, nothing for..." He trailed off as more and more large frogs started to ribbit and raise themselves out of the muck. "Um, Ddrag..."

"Stop talking and start shooting!" Ddrag yelled as Issei complied and blasting the frogs. There were a lot of them, and they were big, and they could breathe fire. 'What's up with random fire breathing things?!' Issei mentally yelled as he extended Ascalon from his left hand and cut the frogs into pieces. "Just what are these things?"

"I don't know, I've never seen them before, but at least they aren't that tough." Ddrag replied, getting a nod from Issei.

After a few minutes of slicing, blasting and killing the frogs, Issei stood there, panting all alone. "Is that all of them."

"Look out." A familiar voice spoke up and Issei turned only to see a large frog nearly on top of him before it exploded messily. "Seriously, Issei? Frogs? Better than the imps I was dealing with."

"Xenovia!" Issei smiled as he saw the blue-haired girl in her skin-tight black body suit. "If you're here, then the others..." He trailed off as she shook her head. "I mean..."

"I have no clue where any of them are at. For all we know they could be near an active volcano or something." Xenovia didn't like that thought and hoped no one was near one.


Gasper looked down below at the glowing molten rock and then looked up at the monster made of said molten rock that was staring at him. "Why does it have to be a volcano monster?!" He cried out in despair.

The creature had no answer as it punched at him, only to find that Gasper wasn't there anymore.

"No fair!" Gasper pouted from behind a rock. "How do you fight a giant lava monster anyway?"


"Exactly!" Gasper yelled at the creature, agreeing with it before activating his Sacred Gear and getting away from it.



"What did you do to them?" Ranma asked Jedah, noticing that several people that were on the deck had disappeared as well.

"Random teleportation to various locations in Makai." Jedah said as he shrugged at Ranma's surprised look. "But I do like games, so if they can overcome what's in front of them somehow..."

"You sent the half Vampire to fight a lava monster?" Ranma deadpanned, getting a shrug from Jedah.

"I never said I was fair." He laughed and leaned back in his chair to watch the events unfold.

"So, what do you want me to do then?" Ranma asked as Jedah turned to look at him.

"I need you to go down and collect the target." Jedah gave him a grin.

"Fine." Ranma answered as he caught sight of what happened to Gasper on the screen. "The one you showed me before, right?" Jedah nodded, grinning and Ranma turned to leave, CC following after him.

"Now then..." Jedah turned back to look at what happened to the others. He frowned in confusion as he looked at where Gasper was.

Or rather, wasn't.

"What the fuck?! Where did he go?!"


A few moments earlier...

"Dang it!" Gasper yelled as he avoided a flaming boulder heading his way. Using his Sacred Gear, he quickly ducked behind a rock and out of sight of the scary lava monster. 'What kind of thing is this?! I've never heard of one in Hell!' Maybe it was out in some wild areas? If he survived this, he would have to ask Rias if there were any lava monsters like this.

Before he could even think about anything else, a glowing circle appeared in front of him. 'Head to the light or fight the giant lava monster, not much choice!' He thought as he lunged into the glowing circle and disappeared.



Akeno looked around the area she had been transported to and frowned in confusion. "I'm pretty sure this isn't Romania... The grass is too dead."

"Of course it's not." A female voice said from above. Looking up, she gawked at the green-haired female in the air. "You're in Makai," the woman smirked, "and, unfortunately for you, I, Morrigan Aensland, am your opponent."

"...You wouldn't happen to be related to Lilith, would you?"

Morrigan narrowed her eyes at Akeno, who spread her Devil wings and rose into the air to meet her. "You know the other half of my soul, huh?

Akeno gave her a flat look. "How does half a soul survive?"

Morrigan shrugged. "I don't know, you could ask my father if he were alive, after all, I survived as one fourth of a soul for ages until he gave it back to me."

Akeno sweat-dropped heavily. If her wings could sweat, she was sure they'd be doing the same thing as her. "Are you kidding me?"

"No, I'm not." Morrigan punched forward, a glowing bat of Youkai energy rushed out and blasted Akeno before she could react, sending her down to the ground. "Is that all? That was just a love tap." She did find it amusing that Akeno landed on her chest and bounced onto her back. 'Her tits are bigger than mine, this'll be fun to put her in her place.'

"I'll show you love tap." Akeno grumbled as she got up and shook her head. "I must thank you though, it's not often I get to cut loose against a strong opponent." One of her wings disappeared and became a Fallen Angel wing in its place. Lightning started to dance around her hands, creating light around her body and casting parts of her body in shadow in the process. "Now I'll show you that you shouldn't take me lightly."

Morrigan grinned at her. "This might be fun." A powerful aura surrounded her as she held her hands upwards and flexed her fingers. "Do try to keep me entertained, I'd rather not die of boredom."

Akeno let out a scream as she launched the lightning at Morrigan, who countered with a flurry of Youki blasts, which exploded on contact, kicking up dust and dirt in the air and obscuring the vision of both combatants for a few moments.

Morrigan just grinned as the smoke from the explosion cleared and revealed a determined looking Akeno. "Well, let's see how long your determination lasts, girl."



"Lord Vali, why didn't we use Lord Odin's teleportation array?" La Fey looked at Vali as the two flew into the Vampire's territory. "It would have been faster than mine."

"Because of what happened, you sensed it didn't you?" He looked at her. "Kind of sucks for them, but whatever."

The two landed near some trees that overlooked the Vampire's castle. "So now what, Lord Vali?" La Fey could see something was going on inside the castle, but what it was, she didn't know.

"I'm going to wait for a bit." Vali slowly grinned, hopefully his grandfather would show up. "And if he does..." He whispered to himself. And even if his grandfather didn't, he still had a score to settle with a few people that were supposed to show up.

"Too bad that Bikou's ancestor wanted to talk with him, huh?" La Fey said, getting a nod from Vali. Vali would have loved to face Indra's vanguard in a fight, but not when he was in a no-nonsense mood.


Looking around, Atsuko wondered where she was. All she could see was large rocks all around her while the sky itself was really dark. "Sheesh, even with my vision I can barely see anything." At least there wasn't a lot of tall grass around her, with her luck there would be a bunch of small monsters in the grass ready to jump out and attack her for no reason.

Of course, it could be worse, there could be mechanical spider-like bots with powerful lasers that could snipe her from a distance running around. "And me with no shield to reflect them either."

A crack of lightning lit up the sky and Atsuko could see a large body on top of the rock formation. "GRRRRR!" The person growled before jumping high into the air and landing right in front of Atsuko, causing a tremor, cracking the ground and causing her to fall on her ass.

"Oh, it's Victor!" Atsuko rolled backwards and got back to her feet as she took a stance in front of him. "Here for a rematch, huh?"

He didn't answer and when the lightning in the air flashed again, Atsuko could see his eyes were white and blank even though he was growling and glaring at her.

"Not much for conversation, huh?" Atsuko yelped at he rushed forward, faster than he did the last time they fought, and tried to cave her face in. Ducking under the punch, she grabbed his outstretched arm and, using his momentum against him, flipped him onto his back, cratering the ground. Before she could let go, a powerful surge of electricity rushed through her, lighting her body and causing her to scream out as she spasmed and twitched, rolling away in pain. "I hate... Hate... HATE this weakness!" Her muscles were all cramped up, her bones wouldn't move and it felt like her hair was sticking out in all directions.

Seeing a shadow above her, Atsuko could only grimace as Victor lowered his foot to stomp on her. "This is going to hurt, isn't it?" For some reason, this felt really familiar to her.

As Victor slammed his foot down over and over again, Atsuko could only cry out in pain as the ground around her cracked and broke in all directions.


Victor's eyes widened as a surge of power launched him off of Atsuko. Shaking his head and standing back up, he could only stare as Atsuko was wearing a skimpy outfit that hid almost nothing, a mechanical tail coming out of her backside just above her butt and two mechanical ears on her head while her eyes were slitted like a cat's and an aura of energy surrounded her.

Standing up straight, Atsuko glared at the confused creature. "This time, Victor, I'll win cleanly."

Victor merely growled and rushed forward as Atsuko did at the same time. The two punched at each other at the same time, with Victor's fist covered in electrical energy as it clashed with Atsuko's flaming aura-covered fist. The two energies clashed against each other before exploding backwards and causing the ground to become uneven as large rocks that were buried under ground were pulled to the surface while the two fighters were launched away from each other.

"SMASH!" Victor roared out.

Atsuko was looking at her fist that had clashed with Victor and grinned as she squeezed it. "Well, that's good to know. Seems that this aura protects me from electrical powers." She really hoped that information on her weakness didn't get out, it would suck if she had to use the NK-SG-D on even random mooks just so they couldn't blast her with a taser and short her out for a bit.



Jedah chuckled as he watched Atsuko and Victor trade Earth-shattering blows. "Too bad for Victor, he was rather simple-minded."

"What did you do to him?" Rivezim asked, chuckling as he watched Victor get punched through a large slab of rock before he grabbed it and slammed it into Atsuko.

"Nothing much, I assure you." Jedah shook his head. "I merely told him that if he destroys that girl then I shall help him revive his family, pretty simple, huh?" Of course, making it so that the poor fool could feel nothing but rage and destruction was just a small price to pay for such a useful tool.

It was simply amazing how much his Sacred Gear could destroy people's minds when its influence was forced upon them for too long.


Atsuko shook her head as she shook off the effects of that last giant rock to the head. "I know that I've got a hard skull, but that still hurts!" Looking at Victor, who was pushing himself onto his feet again, she took a deep breath to try and calm down, or stop the spinning, she wasn't sure which. Atsuko held her hand in front of her as her aura pooled to a point in front of her. "Take this! Nuku Nuku SHOT!" Snapping her arm back, she found herself sliding backwards as the ball of energy rocketed forward at Victor, only to increase in size as it continued to travel onward.

The large blue-skinned creature's eyes widened as the energy ball crashed in on him. "NnnGAAAAAH!" He screamed as he was lifted off his feet and sent flying back several feet before the energy exploded and sent him crashing onto the ground hard where he slid, digging up a trench until he crashed into a large rock that had been pulled up in their fight. "That...Can't..." He groaned, trying to move but finding that his body would not respond to him in the slightest.

All was silent for several minutes, not even thunder could be heard, even though lightning was arcing overhead and lighting the area up.

"Hey..." Victor opened his eyes to see Atsuko, who was still in that skimpy outfit and had one hand on her head and some blood running from the top of her scalp. "I win."

"You did." Victor grinned at her, his eyes returning to normal. "Victor apologizes, only wanted to help family. They... Don't move anymore."

"So you worked for Jedah because he could help you?"

"He said that he found something that could bring the dead back to life. Victor just had to be useful to him."

Atsuko looked at him sadly. "I'm sorry. I kind of know where you come from though. My brother found me when I was a kitten and then after I got shot by mama's underlings, he and papa saved my life by putting my brain into an android's body."

"Interesting, Victor had no idea that father's research could be used like that." The large man chuckled before coughing. "Please, Victor only wishes to save his family."

"...I don't know." Atsuko shook her head. "The dead should stay dead, don't you think?"

"Victor was once dead, so were you, is it wrong to wish to live? Or to wish those you love to live?" He looked at her curiously.

"...I don't know. In many ways it's selfish, wanting to bring back the dead. But I guess that's what makes us similar to humans, huh?" She smiled at him gently. "But I can't grant your wish. I don't think Jedah can either."

"Even if it's not possible, Victor just wants to see them again." He closed his eyes. "Sometimes Victor can see their ghosts, but they never stick around long."

"Who were they?"

Victor smiled at her. "Father was Professor Gerdenheim, he didn't move after Victor woke up and Emily stopped moving a long time ago."

"Gerdenheim?" Atsuko's eyes widened. "He was blacklisted from the scientific community for inhumane experiments that involved trying to bring the dead back to life." She frowned as she thought about something. "Wait, he created an artificial doll that could move, but there was a lot wrong with it. Papa-san told me that Eimi and I were based on his research."

"Then... You are Victor's sister?" Victor looked at her curiously.

She smiled at him gently. "Yeah, I guess... You know, I can't save Professor Gerdenheim, but I bet we can save Emily."

"Huh?" His eyes widened. "What do you mean?"

Atsuko winked at him. "Trust me, Victor, when it comes to things like this, my family's full of geniuses. If Emily is like I was, then we can fix her up no problem!"

Victor smiled and closed his eyes. "Thank you. Victor tired now."

A glowing circle appeared not far from Atsuko. Standing up, she picked Victor up and threw him over her shoulders. "I can't leave you here. Come on then, let's go."

Victor didn't answer, he simply smiled in contentment.



"So, where..." Issei was looking around before jumping and dodging to the side as an energy beam came rushing through. Regaining his balance, he saw a very tall robotic being marching through the swamp, though he noticed that it sank into the murk and muck pretty easily, showing its massive weight.

"What is that thing?" Xenovia asked as she swung Ex-Durandal at it, launching a wave of power that caused the murk and mud to spread out like the Red Sea. The thing held out a hand and a barrier appeared in front of it, blocking the attack from Xenovia.

"Hey, partner, I don't think we need to play around with this one." Issei nodded as flames erupted around him. "Welsh Dragon, Balance Breaker!"

Lighting up boosters on his back, Issei rushed forward. "Let's get a measure of this thing, shall we?"

"Not a problem. BOOST!"

As he charged in on the large machine, Issei idly noted that the two circular clasps on its chest started to glow before light came out of them and washed over him. "What the?" For a moment, he was confused as to what was going on, he couldn't feel any actual power in the light before his whole body throbbed and he fell into the mud face-first, where he bounced and slid until he landed on his back, his Scale Mail armor disappearing while his face was screwed shut and he twitched and contorted his body while groaning in agony. "What...Is...ARNNGH!"

"Issei!" Xenovia yelled, shocked at what she was seeing.


"And what the hell is that thing anyway?" Rivezim asked Jedah in confusion.

The tall Devil merely grinned at Lucifer's son. "Phobos, or as the Mexicans call it, Huitzil. It was a weapon created millions of years ago by aliens or something and was created with the sole purpose of eliminating all life on the planet."

"Must not have been much back then." Rivezim scoffed and looked at the masked person in the room, wondering why he was feeling hostility directed at him before shrugging it off.

"I dunno, ask the Dinosaurs, those things eliminated them." Jedah chuckled softly. "I discovered a bunch of them ages ago, but when I saw what they were programmed to do, I stored them away and tried to find a way to make them work for me. I doubt I need to tell you that having something uncontrollable working under you is a bad thing."

"So I guess you succeeded then?"

Jedah laughed and shook his head. "No, I failed miserably. I was about to scrap the whole thing when Vali gave me what I needed to make it work." Rivezim gave him a confused look and Jedah grinned. "Gogmagog, a weapon created by the Ancient Gods to fight their war. It was a lot easier to study that than Huitzil, and the information I gained from studying it helped me finish programming those Dinosaur slayers. And to answer your next question, I put a large chunk of Dragonice in each of them. Poor Red Dragon Emperor, facing a robot with a radioactive rock in its chest and capable of using it as a beam to hurt him."

"I swear I've heard this plot somewhere before." Rivezim muttered, wondering where he had heard it before shaking his head, it didn't matter, this was rather amusing.

"Indeed. I'm curious as to where this will go."

"So why did you send that blue-haired girl with him anyway?"

Jedah smirked as he leaned back in his chair. "A game is boring if it's too easy after all."


"Yaaaaah!" Xenovia yelled as she swung Ex-Durandal down, sending another wave of energy at Phobos, who held up a hand and blocked it with a barrier. "Sunnvabitch! How the hell can I get through that barrier?!" When the robot lowered its barrier, it blasted Issei with more of that light that was causing him to cry and groan in pain. "DAMN YOU!" She rushed forward and swung at it, only to find that a sword-like claw extended from its left hand to parry her attack and sent her flying backwards.

Landing in the mud and sliding back, Xenovia grimaced. She couldn't tell what that light was doing to Issei, but it looked like it was killing him. "How can I...?"


"You know..." Hilda, a pretty Valkyrie shook her head at Xenovia, "your sword has all these special powers, yet you only use it one way. If you weren't such a muscle-head, you'd probably be pretty dangerous. I mean, don't you have all sorts of Excalibur fragments in it?"

Xenovia nodded, wondering why she was bring this up.

Hilda grinned at her. "Well, why don't'cha try using them? Can't it change forms, make you invisible, go super fast and other things? Maybe instead of using just Destruction, you should try the others out too?"

*End Flash*

"Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt, could it?" Xenovia closed her eyes and a Holy aura surrounded her. "Let's see..."

Issei, meanwhile, could only jerk and groan in pain. "Ddrag...What..."

"Can't...Help..." The Dragon in his gauntlet groaned in pain as even that dissolved. ""

Suddenly the light stopped and Issei gasped as the pain suddenly disappeared. His eyes snapping open, he could only gasp in relief as a giant version of Ex-Durandal was passing over his head and slamming into Huitzil and knocking it away with an explosion of power.

"Issei!" Xenovia was by his side, Ex-Druandal back to normal as she helped pick him out of the mud and put him over her shoulders in a fireman's carry. "Let's get out of here!" Her form blurred and she disappeared.

Huitzil watched as the girl became invisible to its normal sight, which was fine, it could still see the aura of both of its targets, though the one with the big sword was moving at a very fast speed through the air. If Huitzil had human emotions, it would simply shrug. Instead, the large machine hovered into the air before going after the two targets.


Panting after getting a few miles away from the machine, Xenovia laid Issei down on some rocks before sliding down and sitting in the mud. "You know," she panted and grinned, "this kind of reminds me of the first time Irina and I were on a mission to hunt down some apostates in Ireland."

"Oh?" Issei asked, his body still wracked with pain as he turned to look at her. "What happened?"

Xenovia grinned at him, her body and even face were covered in mud, "ended up on a pig farm and got sat on by a pot-bellied pig. It took us hours to get clean after that."

Issei laughed before groaning. "Hurts to laugh. What was that light?"

"Whatever it was, it was attacking me as well, partner." A gem on Issei's wrist spoke up. "I seriously felt like I was going to die and I wouldn't be able to see any other partners."

"Eh?" Issei looked at his wrist weakly. "What do you mean?"

"I mean it felt like my whole being was being torn apart on a spiritual level." Ddrag groaned out. "I'm sure that if you need my power in the near future, I can give it, but I doubt that you could do more than the basic Balance Breaker, partner."

"Right now I feel nothing but exhaustion and pain down to my bones." Issei looked at Xenovia. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine!" Xenovia stood up and looked back the way they came before gulping. "Oh fudgecicle." When Issei asked what was wrong, she sighed. "Looks like the robot was able to follow us, I can see it closing in." Her eyes widened and she yelped before ducking down as an energy beam passed over where her head was a moment ago. "Sunnva!"

"Dammit!" Issei groaned and pushed himself to his knees and he got into the mud again. "Ddrag, Xenovia, if we don't make it out of this, it's been a lot of fun."

"Don't talk like that, partner, because otherwise we will die."

"Just saying my goodbyes now in case I don't get to later." Issei looked at Xenovia. "Can we get out of here like we did last time?"

"I can't run forever." Xenovia shook her head. "That thing was able to follow us even though I was using Transparency and Rapidly to get out of there undetected."

Issei groaned and closed his eyes. "Dammit!"

"Hey... Issei." Xenovia spoke up after a few moments. "Can you do me a favor?" Issei looked at her and nodded. "If..." She took a deep breath. "If we get out of this, I want you to marry me."

Issei gawked at her. "HUH?!"

She looked at him seriously. "I mean it. Promise me, right here, right now, if we get out of this alive, save Ranma and get home that you'll marry me."

Issei looked at her and slowly nodded. "Sure. I'll marry you. I'll even set the wedding date if you want. When we graduate from high school."

Xenovia smiled and was blushing as she thought about it. "That's a promise, right? You won't go back on it, right?"

"Yeah, I won't. I promise."

Xenovia smiled happily at him. "Thank you." The next thing she knew she was starting to glow. "What the heck?"

Issei looked at himself and noticed a few things. First of all, he was glowing the same color as Xenovia, secondly, the pain he had been feeling was gone as though it had never been there to begin with. "Um... You don't think..."

"I don't, I'm just a dumb muscle-head after all." Xenovia winked at Issei. "But this feels..."

"Well, well, you two finally managed to do what I thought was impossible." Ddrag spoke up, his voice as strong as ever as Boosted Gear formed over Issei's left arm. "I'm guessing that Xenovia wanted to ask you to marry her for awhile but was worried about your response, so that's why you two kept failing."

"Heh, guess so..." Xenovia rubbed the back of her head nervously. "So, um, now what?"

A crashing sound caught their attention and the two stood up to see Huitzil standing over them.

The two glared at the robot as their energies swirled, mixed and melded together.

"Welsh Dragon, Combination Balance Break!"


"What's this?!" Jedah exclaimed, staring in shock at what he was seeing. "Since when can Sacred Gears do this?!"


When the energies dissipated, Issei was standing there in his Scale Mail armor, the design was the same as before but instead of red, it was gold in color with emerald green gems. "Woah?! What the heck?!"

"Partner, I don't know if you know this, but I'm brimming with Holy energy right now. I'd almost say that we transcended any known limits right now."

Next to him, Xenovia looked at herself, her body was covered in a scale mail armor, though hers was red and the gems were gold in color, that looked like Issei's, except for the part where her thighs were uncovered, most of the outer sides of her butt were exposed and there was only a strap across the middle of her breasts, leaving the tops and bottoms of them exposed. "Sheesh! What's with all the skin?" The gauntlets on her arms were a bit thinner than Issei's were.

"What are you talking about? That's standard for any Red Dragon Empress." Ddrag commented, though shockingly it came from Xenovia's armor. "Don't ask me how I'm in two places at once, but do remember that this guy has something that will cripple us if it shines on us."

"Right." Xenovia nodded and hefted Ex-Durandal, but noticed that the blade looked more scaly than she remembered it being, but decided to ignore it and focus on Huitzil, whose chest was starting to glow again. "DODGE!" She screamed as boosters erupted from their backs and sent them zipping to the side as light cascaded over where they had been a moment ago.

Issei's eyes were wide behind his helmet. "Ddrag, did we..."

"Move as fast as we can in Knight form? Yes. I'm surprised myself." Ddrag admitted.

Grinning under his helmet, Issei did a back-flip to avoid a beam of energy that Huitzil fired at him. As he hung in mid-air, he extended his left hand. "Well, let's see just how strong this is." When he landed, a large ball of energy formed in front of him. Issei's eyes widened at the size of it before he punched forward with his right hand. "DRAGON SHOT!"

Huitzil immediately raised its arms to block the shot, which quickly grew to be larger than it was, and was pushed back several feet before it bathed the energy ball in the light from its chest, dissipating the energy after only a few moments.

As soon as it put its arms down, Xenovia was there next to it and was swinging her sword. Putting its arm up, Huitzil blocked the attack, only to find that the sword wasn't slicing into its arm like a normal sword, but tearing into it as though the scales were like a chainsaw and its arm was a log. If it could feel human emotions, Huitzil would have been panicking as Xenovia cut through its arm with a sound similar to a car crashing into a tree and getting torn apart in the process. Letting out a scream, Xenovia cut the thing's arm off completely and watched with some satisfaction as it stumbled backwards.

"Hey! UGLY!" Issei yelled as he rushed in at high speeds. "TAKE THIS!"


Issei's next punch was so hard that the two ton ancient machine was lifted off its feet and sent flying backwards. "Xenovia!"

"On it!" She yelled from the air. "Now then, let's see about this..."


Xenovia's eyes widened as she felt her power suddenly spike upwards as her armor actually started to boost her power. "Seems like this isn't just for show, I might be a dumb muscle-head, but right now, this works perfectly for me! TAKE THIS! SWORD SMITE!" The scales that were curved along the edge of the sword suddenly bent forward and made the sword look like it had super sharp teeth. In all, six "teeth" seemingly formed on the sword and then, on the blade, where those teeth were situated, swords of different shapes appeared. Swinging her sword down, the six swords under her blade launched at Huitzil, two piercing it in the chest, one in each arm and one in each eye.

Xenovia gawked in shock. "Those were illusionary copies of each Excalibur fragment, how did they pierce it?" She had another move she was going to do, but this worked too.

Ddrag started to laugh at her. "Did you really think that using my power wouldn't have some benefits? Besides, the swords might be illusionary, but the energy around them isn't."

"Well, that's convenient." Xenovia muttered as her sword started to glow a light blue. "Issei! Let's finish this!"

"RIGHT!" Issei yelled as two familiar cannons formed on his back. "Hey, Ddrag, just for clarification, I haven't been using any of my promoted powers, have I?"

"No, that's what makes this so shocking to me as well. I don't know what's going on here."

Issei smirked as power started to build up. "Well, let's just blame Ranma, this is all his fault anyway." After all, if Ranma hadn't joined Jedah, then they wouldn't have started to learn this in earnest and they wouldn't be in a murky swamp fighting a giant robot.


"BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST! BOOST!" Was heard from both Issei and Xenovia's armors.

"TAKE THIS! DRAGON CANNON!" Issei yelled as he fired a double cannon blast.

Xenovia smiled as she saw a light blue aura around her sword. "In this form, I'll call you... Dragon Durandal. Now! GO!" Swinging her sword down, she launched an arcing blue wave of energy that slammed onto Huitzil just as Issei's Dragon cannon attack slammed into it from the front.

The two energies mixed and built up before exploding and sending pieces of Huitzil and the Dragonice crystal in its chest everywhere.

"Holy crap!" Issei gaped as he returned to normal. "What was that?!"

"That was what happens when you mix Holy and Devil powers and boost them with my own." Ddrag commented from the gem on Issei's wrist.

"Yeah I... Hey!" Issei gaped as he looked at the gem on his wrist.


"Ddrag, why do you have a gold center?"

"Hmm... I don't know, but if I had to guess, it's because of Xenovia's Holy energy and your Devil energy mixing together."

"Um..." Xenovia spoke up and Issei looked at her, she was back in normal form with Ex-Durandal held in her right hand. "Issei, how do you make Ddrag's gem disappear?" She held up her left hand and Issei gaped at it.

In the center of the back of her hand was an emerald green gem.


"Well... That happened." Rivezim muttered in awe.

Jedah narrowed his eyes. 'The question remains was that a permanent thing or a one-time deal? And if it's permanent, can they do it without the other one?'

Still, this was most interesting, he had never heard of the Red Dragon Emperor doing anything like this before. "Makes me wonder what other secrets Sacred Gears hold in them."



Mittelt looked around, frowning in confusion as she looked at the forest she had been transported to. "Where am I? I don't recognize this place." A white mist slowly crept up from the ground and gave her the shivers. "I feel like I'm in a bad horror film or something."

"Oh really?" A familiar voice had Mittelt's eyes widening and her face turn ashen pale as a tall and powerful figure walked out from the shadows in front of her. "Would it happen to be a slasher film?"

"Ko...ka...biel..?" Mittelt trembled as she saw someone who shouldn't have been there, someone who was supposedly sealed away in Cocytus, someone that Azazel had personally dealt with. "But...But how?! I thought Lord Azazel sealed you away!"

Kokabiel grinned at her and laughed. "You can thank Jedah Dohma for freeing me." He flexed his fingers and a sword of light magic appeared in his each hand. "I do believe that I still need to punish you... Daughter."

Mittelt gulped, even with her promotion to a four-winged Fallen Angel, Kokabiel was a ten-winged Fallen Angel.

And she was facing him all alone.

Chapter 11 End


So that was a lot of stuff happening.

Originally I wasn't going to have Victor survive, but that's what ended up happening. Lousy sympathetic backstories.


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Chapter 12

Kokabiel grinned as he walked forward. "Ah, that look of primal terror, it's been far too long since I've seen someone with that look on their face."

Mittelt glared at the tall being in front of her. "Why? Why are you here?!"

"I told you, thank Jedah Dohma for freeing me from my prison." He chuckled before rushing forward and swinging at Mittelt, only to grin savagely as she blocked his sword slash with a pink sword in one hand and a black sword in the other. "Oh? Your Fallen Angel and Devil magic? To think you'd fall to the Devils."

Mittelt growled at him. "Not the Devils, but to a Hanyou."

Kokabiel sneered before kicking Mittelt away from him, as he watched her eyes bulge and she gasped in pain, he shook his head. "Really? A lowly part-Demon? Even for someone as worthless as you were, that's low."

Mittelt groaned as she landed on her back, but much to Kokabiel's surprise, she used the momentum to flip over and land on her feet. "Maybe so, but unlike you, Ranma took me in and never once made me feel like I was worthless, and even Lord Azazel has apologized for abandoning me."

Kokabiel merely chuckled. "Ah yes, the worthless should be discarded, either by letting them meet their demises to the more worthy or by being eliminated by their superiors. Either way, there's no room in this world for weaklings."

"You're wrong!" Mittelt yelled as a spear that was made up of pink and black energies swirling and melding into a pale yellow color formed in her hands. "Just because someone is weak doesn't mean you should discard them. Just because you don't think they have a use doesn't mean they don't!"

As the spear was launched at him, Kokabiel merely covered his body with his wings and laughed at Mittelt. "Really? You think I'm afraid of a weak, low-level Fallen Angel who threw herself in with lowly Demons?"

When the spear hit his wings and exploded, Kokabiel's eyes widened as he was flung backwards from the surprising force behind the attack which caused him to land on his back.

"Yeah, and I've picked up a few tricks since you last saw me." Mittelt smirked at him. "Besides, you just got knocked flat on your ass from this worthless weakling."

Kokabiel chuckled and got to his feet, his feathers only looking slightly ruffled. "I must say, that's rather impressive. Not many can claim to have caught me off guard even once." Holding up his left hand, several light spears formed above him. "Now, how about we have some fun?" He dropped his hand and the spears rushed forward at Mittlet, who unfurled her wings and flew into the air to avoid Kokabiel's attack. "Ho? You actually managed to get a promotion? How very interesting."

Mittelt held her arms out to the side and several more spears of mixed Devil and Holy magic formed by her sides. "Go back to whatever hole of Hell you crawled out of!" She snapped her arms forward and launched the spears at Kokabiel.

Chuckling, Kokabiel created his own light spears and launched them at Mittelt's spear, causing them to collide in mid-air and explode violently, though harmlessly. "Whatever happened to the little girl who looked at me with such admiration, I wonder? If you had shown this much ability, I wouldn't have given up on you and sent you to kill the Red Dragon Emperor."

"What?" Mittelt's pupil's shrank. "But Lord Azazel..."

Kokabiel smirked at her. "I gave Raynare the order to kill the Red Dragon Emperor should he have a Sacred Gear. The four of you were so pathetic, going off to your deaths so easily."

"But... But why?! The Grigori can't afford to lose more members!"

"I was planning on using it to restart the war." He sighed heavily. "Alas that never came to fruition." Mittelt couldn't believe how sad Kokabiel was sounding at that moment. "No matter how things are looking, the Great Alliance is far weaker than most think. Heaven can't create more Angels, thus once all the Fallen Angels are gone, that's it and only the Devils can continue to increase their numbers easily."

"You're wrong about one thing." Mittelt narrowed her eyes at him. "Heaven can reincarnate humans into Angels now."

"Interesting. I suppose that's one way to do it... Please don't tell me that Heaven will get one hundred forty-four thousand people as new Angels and then stop."

"...Isn't that a reference to the book of Revelations?" Mittelt asked, getting a nod from Kokabiel.

"Glad you remembered that bit." Kokabiel snapped his fingers and multiple spears formed around him, some small, some normal sized and some were large. "Alas, I think it's time for you to go." Pointing his finger at Mittelt, he watched as all the spears converged on the small girl and exploded violently, obscuring his vision. "...How did they explode?"

The next thing he knew, Mittelt was yelling as she rushed him, a pink sword in her hand. Catching it with two fingers, he casually snapped the blade before grabbing her throat with his other hand and squeezed. "Silly daughter, you really thought you could get to me with such a weak attack like that?" He asked as he casually put pressure on her throat, causing her to gag and kick her legs as she struggled to get free. "Tell me, daughter, just why did you have to turn on me? Surely you knew that this would be the end result." He chuckled at her glare. "Yes, go on, glare at me, there's not much else you" He trailed off as she stopped struggling and started to grin at him. When she opened her mouth, he loosened his grip on her neck. "Just what are you..."

"Die..." She whispered and the next thing Kokabiel knew, she was slamming one of her spears into his body at point blank range.

As the spear turned red, his eyes widened while she grinned at him. The spear flashed for a moment before exploding violently, sending both Kokabiel and Mittelt flying in opposite directions.

Bouncing and tumbling through the air, Mittelt, who was covered in cuts, blood and burns from the explosion, eventually slid to a stop. After a few moments, she shook her head to try and clear the concussion she was sure she was suffering from and looked back at Kokabiel, who wasn't too far away from her, much to her shock, actually hurting.

"You..." Kokabiel gripped at his chest as blood poured out of the wound on his chest. "You've gotten so strong. How?" He was walking with a noticeable limp and he was glaring at her.

Mittelt pushed herself to her knees and glared at Kokabiel as he limped forward. "Because I'm not full of hate and insanity anymore. Because unlike you, I can find joy in life. Because I won't become a monster like you. I refuse to! Even if you're my father, I don't care! I have friends! I have lovers!"

Kokabiel started to chuckle at her. "So did I, it didn't stop me from becoming what I am." His smile was surprisingly gentle as he looked at her.

"But I'm not you. I will never become you! Because you gave up." Kokabiel looked at her in surprise as she forced herself to her feet. "You were the Star of God, one of the best he ever made, but you couldn't hold yourself to His standard, could you? Lord Azazel always said that even if he couldn't ever return to Heaven at least he wanted to do as much good as he could. You?" He coughed as she glared at him. "You gave up. You decided to do nothing but cause harm and despair! And that's why..." Despite hurting, despite bleeding, despite wanting to run away in fear, she stood there, glaring at him and all four of her wings spread out of her back, though one was a Devil's wing and not a Fallen Angel's wing. "I won't become like you. I'm going to go and save my boyfriend. I'm going to have a family with him, and if you stand in my way..." She smirked. "Then I'll treat you like a wall that needs to be punched through."

Kokabiel chuckled softly and shook his head. "No need for that." The mists slowly started to dissipate and Kokabiel started to fade. "You did well, it's too bad you're a Devil now though."

"Whatever." Mittelt scoffed at him. "I got someone who loves me, and when I find out why he betrayed us, we're going to talk." She watched as the mist fully evaporated and Kokabiel's form turned dark before disappearing. "Stupid apparitions."

After all, the real Kokabiel had lost one of his wings when Vali tore it off when the two clashed before. This one had all ten of his wings. "Besides, I doubt I could have hurt him if it was the real Kokabiel."

Seeing a glowing circle form where Kokabiel had been standing, she shrugged and walked towards it.


"What was that?" Rivezim looked at Jedah, who grinned.

"Apparition forest. To people inside, it creates manifestations that feeds off their memories." He shrugged at Lucifer's son. "Sometimes it's an overwhelming fear, a lost loved one, a possible future or something that the person did in the past that they regret deeply. Really, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that forest was sentient and was warping reality somehow."

The next thing they knew, several bats formed in the room before pooling together and revealing a familiar green-haired, large breasted succubus who was holding an unconscious Akeno, who had her outfit torn in several places, revealing her large breasts and full ass to everyone, in her arms. "Really pathetic." She dropped Akeno to the floor like a sack of potatoes and watched as she bounced and groaned, her bare breasts bouncing with the movement.

Sighing, Jedah snapped his fingers and looked at Euclid. "Get her to a cell somewhere, I don't want to deal with her just yet. And don't do anything to her for crying out loud, I need you for later."



Looking around, Gasper could have sworn he had been in this place before. The walls were stone and seemingly cobbled together, there were loads of boxes, wooden, metal and even cardboard around him. As he moved around, he gasped as he saw some scribbles on the wall. "This is where I used to hide out when I was being bullied." Frowning softly, the blond half-Vampire wondered how he got here. "There was that teleportation circle, but where did it come from?" Not that he was complaining, it was better than fighting a lava monster after all.

Still, if this was the castle that Gasper knew growing up, that meant there were a bunch of tunnels that were known to everyone. Mostly because if there were Vampire Hunters in the area, all the children were quick to use them to escape before the Hunters got into the castle.

Which was something that regularly happened since the late fifteenth century when that one Vampire Hunter clan had killed off Count Dracula, and Vampires had long lives and even longer memories. Walking over to the door, he opened it and looked around before nodding as he didn't see anyone. Running across the hallway, he pushed a fake wall back and slid into the tunnels of the castle. "I don't know what's going on, but I know where to look to find out." After all, there was a large meeting hall where all the Vampires met up every day to discuss various things and talk about rumors. And there were tunnels that went there and had strategic points to let anyone who was inside the tunnels hear what was going on outside.

As Gasper moved quickly through the tunnels he was thankful that there were no traps in them. Both because of the fact that young Vampires used them and that Vampires had such a sense of superiority that setting traps like weaklings was an affront to them. 'Maybe I'm a weakling for sneaking through like this, but I don't care, I just want to know what's going on.'

It took him almost twenty minutes of moving through the tunnels before he ended up at the large meeting hall. 'What's going on?' He thought to himself as he peered through the small holes in the wall to see what was going on out there.

Everyone was dressed up something fancy, Gasper couldn't think of a reason everyone to dress like this. Sure, Vampires by nature loved to dress fancy, but this was really fancy, like someone was getting married or something. His eyes widened as he saw a familiar short-haired woman in a black wedding dress walking towards the front where he could see a tall man that just emanated power who wore a dark blue suit and cape. He didn't know who that guy was, but there was something bad going on, he knew it.

As events went on, he listened to the person running the thing and groaned mentally. 'A wedding, this sucks, no way Valerie marries someone like him. Hmm... Then again, it's been a long time since I talked to her. Should I do what they do in all those movies and wait until... Wait, no, they're Vampires, they wouldn't...' Deciding to get involved, he slid the trap door open and slipped out before putting it back and standing up tall.

Valerie mentally sighed as she listened to the whole commencement thing going on, this was really just... She blinked as a lot of gasping was heard in the crowd, turning, she saw Demitri and a few others surrounded by some sort of energy field. Spinning and looking to the back, her eyes widened. "Gasper?! What are you doing here?!"

"Really, I was told something bad was going to happen to you on this day so I was training with the Norse Gods and now I'm here. What's going on?" Gasper asked, his eyes shining brightly as he kept his Sacred Gear up and immobilized several people. "So I'm here, confused, trying to rescue a friend, keep something bad from happening to you and I have no idea why you're getting married to someone who's fashion sense was out of date over five hundred years ago."

Everyone gawked at Gasper in shock.

"That's Lord Maximoff." Valerie pointed out helpfully.

"...You mean the phony who ran off a long time ago and let our people fall into a civil war?" Gasper asked, getting a nod and some gasps from the crowd.

"You know, brat, you really shoul..." Whatever the Vampire was going to say was cut off as Gasper's power stopped that one cold.

"Look, I really don't want to be mean to anyone, I just want to know what's going on, that's all. Someone tell me before I lose what control I have over this Sacred Gear and freeze all of you in time!"

"Demitri Maximoff returned from wherever he was, found out what happened to you, got mad and threatened to kill everyone, so I offered to marry him to stop him from doing that."

Gasper gawked at Valerie. "...That is the stupidest reason to get married I ever heard." He couldn't think of a dumber reason if he tried.



"Bless you, Shampoo."

"Shut up, Mousse."


"It's not a stupid reason." Demitri said as his power erupted and scattered the power holding him. Turning, he grinned as he saw Gasper's eyes return to normal. "Ah, you must be the half-Vampire I heard about. From what I was told you were rather timid in nature." He started to walk towards Gasper, who was taking a few steps back. The power he felt from this Vampire was magnitudes higher than he thought possible. To Gasper, it felt like he was facing Issei's Juggernaut Drive all over again. Only it was a lot more focused and controlled than what Issei was putting out at the time. "Do you resent the other Vampires? It really was a shame I didn't find you before they exiled you. I could have URGH!" Demitri let out a scream as a powerful blast of Youki hit him from behind, causing him to stagger and slump to his knees. "WHO DARES?!"

Materializing next to Valerie and putting Excalibur Betrayal against her throat, Ranma smirked at the Vampire Lord. "Ah, Jedah was right about you, an over-powered idiot who thinks he's better than he actually is. Yo, Gasper! Thanks for the assist man, I would have had to figure another way to get Valerie here if you hadn't shown up."

"WHAT?!" Demitri turned to glare at Gasper, his power starting to leak out uncontrollably. "You DARE HELP HIM STEAL MY BRIDE?!"

"I had no clue he'd show up like this!" Gasper yelled back before watching as a black wave hit Demitri in the back, sending him flying into the wall above Gasper, who quickly got out of the way, and Demitri slowly slid down to the ground. "And you!" Gasper pointed at Ranma. "Let her go!" He yelled. "She's done nothing to you!"

"...Why do you think I'm using her as a hostage?" Ranma asked. "Intel says Dark and Dim-whitted here would blast her anyway."

"...You're holding a sword to her throat."

"That is entirely for my protection," Ranma countered. "I know what you can do, and being who she is, I'm not trusting the intel is complete on what she can do." Ranma then addressed Demitri. "Anyway, yeah, Gasper wasn't part of any plan, Demitri, he just helped out. Anyway..." Ranma put his hand on Valerie's shoulder. "Sorry about this, but someone really needs to talk to you." A black sigil formed over them before washing over them and the two disappeared.

"DAMN YOU ALL!" Demitri screamed as his power erupted fully, sending everyone flying. "I WILL NOT BE DENIED!" His body shifted and morphed, turning more muscular and demonic in the process. "I WILL HAVE MY BRIDE!"

Gasper let out a yelp of terror and quickly fled as everyone else in the room started to flee and scream while the walls around them started to crack and crumble.


Jedah smirked as he watched the events play out. "Excellent. So that's where the little one disappeared to." When Ranma and Valerie appeared in front of him, he bowed to the female Vampire. "Welcome, Valerie Tepes. My name is Jedah Dohma, and I am in need of the power of your Holy Grail Sacred Gear."

End Chapter 12


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Chapter 13

Reappearing where they had originally disappeared from, Issei and Xenovia both sighed in relief as they saw everyone else that had disappeared at the same time as them.

"And this is why I said not to go teleporting into other areas of the world without a plan." A male voice spoke up and Issei turned to see Vali sitting on a rock with La Fey next to him and Kiba not too far away.

"YEE! You made it!" The blonde witch giggled in glee and bounced over to him. "And you're not as bad off as the Angel!"

"Huh?" Issei looked behind her and saw Irina, who was sitting in a ball and rocking back and forth, a disturbed look on her face. "What happened?!"

"Bunnies are supposed to be cute. Bunnies are supposed to be cute. Bunnies aren't supposed to be hulking monstrosities that eat people!" Irina cried out as she continued to rock back and forth, her eyes blank and showing signs of pure shock.

"Apparently she met Makai bunnies." Kiba answered and shook his head.

Vali grinned at that. "If things like that exist in the Demon world, I'll need to go there and visit it some day." After all, monsters like that sounded very interesting. Who knew what else could be there?

"I... See."

"I'd rather have bunnies than perverted robots." Koneko grumbled, catching Issei's attention.

"A fat yellow robot appeared before us." Asia spoke up. "He had a long tongue and said that Koneko was a cutie, he kind of ignored me, but, um..." She looked at Rias. "Rias was there with us and..."

"THAT BASTARD CALLED ME A HAG!" Rias yelled, her eyes shining in anger. "I've never been so insulted in my life!"

"Wait, what?!" Issei yelled in anger. "Where's that robot, I'll..."

"Calm down." Xenovia put her left hand on Issei's shoulder to stop him. "I'm sure that they already dealt with it if they're all here."

"Um, Xenovia..." Asia spoke up as she saw the other girl's wrist. "What's with your wrist?"

"Huh?" Xenovia blinked and looked at her hand. "Oh, right, um... Well, Rias, remember how we were trying to do the aura synchronization thing... I managed to do it."

"Really?" Rias looked at her and smiled. "Well, that's good. What happened?"

"We were fighting a big robot thing and I proposed to Issei and he accepted." Xenovia's face was completely neutral, though her cheeks were tinged pink.

"YEEE!" Suddenly Irina was up and grabbing Xenovia's hands. "That's so romantic! Then what? Then what?"

"Then we were able to fully synchronize our auras and now I have this." Nodding at her left hand, Xenovia looked at the others in the group.

Koneko and Asia were both pouting as they heard that, which wasn't unexpected. Vali was shaking his head while La Fey was looking pretty giddy.

"Really?" Rias asked as she looked at Issei, who was blushing, but nodded. Sighing, she shook her head and smiled at him. "I'm jealous, but congrats." Her peerage gaped at her in shock and she rolled her eyes. "I'm not going to deny someone happiness just because I'm jealous." She gave Issei a pointed look. "We'll talk after this is over, of course."

Issei gulped and was about to say something when a flash of light appeared in front of him and Mittelt and Atsuko walked out of it, the latter of whom was carrying a large person. "Huh? Where'd you two come from?"

"I was fighting Victor and discovered we're kind of related." Atsuko smiled as she helped Victor over to the rocks. "Just rest here, I'll be back for you." Victor nodded at him.

"I just killed Kokabiel's ghost, nothing much." Mittelt shrugged at the looks she was getting. "It wasn't really him, just a ghost that was really strong and took on his form."

"I doubt you could have beaten him if it was actually him." Vali commented, getting a nod from Mittelt.

"I might be a four winged Fallen Angel, but he had ten, yeah, no. Maybe if I had six I'd have a chance." She wouldn't even think about the odds of getting another set of wings anytime soon. "Anyway..."

There was an eruption of power that flooded the area and everyone turned to look at the castle as it started to visibly crack and crumble, even from as far away as they were.

"Well..." Vali grinned as he called up his Sacred Gear. "Looks like the fun is about to begin."

"Wait!" Issei looked around. "Where's Akeno?"

"I do not know, look out!" Rias yelped as lightning struck near where they were and several half-formed dogs surrounded them. "The heck?!"

"Icky doggies!" Asia yelped as she could see the organs of some of those creatures.


"And zombies." Xenovia muttered as she called out Ex-Durandal. "We'll have to deal with this first and hope that Akeno is okay."

"Dammit!" Issei grumbled as he extended Ascalon and sliced one of the dog creatures in half.



Jedah smiled at the young half-Vampire woman. "I know that this must be a..."

"Please stop." Valerie shook her head. "While I don't know how you know about my Sacred Gear, the fact is I've learned to see through platitudes and false niceties. It's how I took control of the Vampires and ended their stupid civil war. Plus forcing the souls of every single dead Vampire Hunter to appear under my control might have helped."

Seeing the grin on her face, Jedah chuckled, he could tell it was fake, but it was pretty disturbing to see after what she had said. "Very well, then I'll be honest. Demitri's a total ass and an idiot with an over-inflated ego."

"Tell me something I don't know." Valerie said as she walked over to a chair and sat down. "And why is a Devil who's power resonates with my Sacred Gear asking for me anyway? And if you know Demitri you must be from Makai and if so, how are you a Devil and not a Demon?"

"I suppose I can answer those questions. As for me being a Devil. That's what I am. Demons came after us as an evolution of Yokai, it's why Youkai and Demons are so similar after all. And not everything in Makai is a Demon, Demons just make up the majority of things there." Jedah shrugged, it wasn't like this was a closely guarded secret or anything. "So, will you be willing to help me?"

"Depends on what you want. If you want me to bring someone back to life, forget it, I've got no interest in doing stuff like that."

"Of course not," Jedah shook his head. "I have my own plans, but I need you to find me a certain soul." He grinned at her. "I need you to find me the soul of the God of Creation, the one who created the Angels and fell in battle to the four Great Devil Kings."

More than one person looked at Jedah in shock, wondering what he would do with a soul like that.

"I do not need you to talk to Him or bring Him back to life. I simply ask that you find His soul." Jedah had a serious look on his face and ignored everyone but the half-Vampire in front of him. "Before you ask, I have my reasons. Anyway, Ranma, could you go and entertain the Dragon Emperors for me?"

Ranma rolled his eyes and walked off out of the room.


"So..?" Bulleta began as she and CC followed Ranma.

"I need you to stay here for a bit, you know why." Ranma said to her and she nodded. "Just be ready to move and... Morrigan?" He blinked as the succubus walked into the hallway.

"Oh, it's you." She shook her head. "Blasted electrical big tittied Devil."

"...Did you fight Akeno or something?" Ranma raised an eyebrow as Morrigan tapped her chin and nodded. "Shit, I feel sorry for her. Anyway, how are..."

"Exhausted, that girl's mind is very perverted." Morrigan shook her head. "She's both a sadist and a masochist, quite unusual." She tapped her chin before shrugging. "Is there something you need from me?"

Ranma was about to say no and dismiss her when an idea came to him. "Actually yes, Demitri's making an ass of himself, think you can deal with him?"

Morrigan huffed before turning and walking away. "Fine, he seems to be pretty spirited right now, maybe I'll get a good fight out of it." A flash of bats later and she was gone.

Sighing, Ranma bit his lip. "This changes some things. Bulleta, can you..."

"Fine, fine, I'll look around, sheesh, good thing I got the extra-large back seat then." She grumbled and walked off.

Ranma looked at CC. "So... Want to fight the Red and White Dragon Emperors?"

CC just grinned.


After Ranma had left with his entourage, Jedah turned back to Valerie. "Well?"

"Give me some time."

Jedah leaned back in his chair and watched as Valerie used the Holy Grail to communicate with the Dead to start searching for God's soul. His reasons for doing so were his own. Even if she couldn't find God's soul, he had other means to do what he wanted.

"So..." The Hunter began, "why hasn't anyone done this before? If her Sacred Gear can find and manipulate souls of the dead..."

"Souls of Gods are too large to be brought back to life." Valerie responded to her. "At least through this method. You need a vessel to host the soul, a body without a soul. I suppose if you wanted to you could cut a God's soul into pieces and put it in a person or something."

"...I think there was an old anime where that happened, except it was some sort of Demon God that got split into a bunch of fragments and sealed in humans." The hunter commented and tried to remember where that plot was from.

"Indeed, there are risks for taking in powers larger than yourself." Jedah chuckled to himself.

"...You totally read the Evil Overlord list, didn't you?" The masked hunter asked rhetorically, getting a laugh from Jedah. "Figures."

"Anyway, I just need you to find His soul, I can work out the rest later."

Valerie nodded and closed her eyes as she focused on her task.


Issei had gotten some distance away from the others as they decided that staying to close to each other would be a potentially bad idea in case something really nasty showed up. They were still within eye-sight of each other, and besides, there were zombies appearing EVERYWHERE!

And animated skeletons too. Privately Issei classified these as zombies as well, but then things...

Got weird.

"HOO MAN! LOOK AT THESE!" One of the skeletons yelled, though how it did that without vocal cords or lungs, Issei had no clue, as it pawed as Rias's breasts. "They're so big they could snap my fingers off!"

"GET AWAY FROM THOSE!" Rias screamed as she let her aura explode around her to vaporize the skeletons around her.

"Awww!" The others cried out.

"Get off! Get off! Get off!" Rossweisse yelled as she felt her ass being squeezed by those bony fingers. "SERIOUSLY! WHY ARE THERE PERVERTED SKELETONS?!"

"Gimme some sugar!" One of the skeletons said before Rossweisse blasted it. She let out a squeal of disgust and fright as a skeleton firmly attached itself to her ass and tried to bite down.

"WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!" Rossweisse yelled as she tried flying away from them, only to watch in shocked horror as the skeletons seemed to quickly jump and latch onto each other to become a giant wave that got higher in the sky than she was.

"...That is both impressive and terrifying." Kiba commented as he created more than a dozen Glory Drag Troopers, each equipped with either a Holy or a Demonic sword. Rushing forward, he was glad that the things were about as durable as paper mache as he cut through several zombies, decaying dogs and skeletons.

"Pretty boys suck!"

"Yeah! He'd be better as a girl!" One of the skeletons commented. "Then he'd have boobies!"

"If I was turned into a girl, I wouldn't want any of you to touch me anyway." Kiba commented and looked down as his legs were grabbed from under the ground. "Fast..." Several swords erupted from under the ground, causing the hands to let go. "But not smart."

"EEEK! Help!" Asia cried out as several hands grabbed her limbs and lifted her up, spread-eagle and causing her skirt to flip upwards. That lasted until a red blast of energy covered the skeletons, destroying them. "Thank you, Rias."

"DAMMIT! STOP GRABBING THOSE TITTIES AND THEIR BUTTS! THOSE ARE FOR ME TO GRAB!" Issei roared as he activated his Balance Breaker and blasted away dozens of skeletons.

Up in the air, Vali, with just his Divine Dividing wings out, snorted before firing a blast of Devil Magic at a group of zombies. Really, he couldn't blame Issei for his reaction. Seeing a pillar of raw Holy magic erupting from Gremory's other knight, he didn't blame her either. After all, who wanted bony fingers groping them?

On the ground Mittelt and Atsuko were dealing with various zombies and rotting dogs instead of the skeletons, which they were both grateful for, though Mittelt was slightly annoyed that the skeletons had flat out ignored her stating that she was flatter than the pretty boy was.

Atsuko was mostly left alone by the skeletons because her body was surrounded by her flaming aura. "This isn't too bad, there's just so many of them."

"Yeah, and whatever that aura from the castle is, it's causing them to all wake up." Mittelt grumbled as she threw various spears of light at the zombies, evicerating them. "This... Head's up!"

Jumping back, the two found the spot they were at before was suddenly occupied by a tall man in a dark coat and long gold hair with black stripes, his left eye being black and his right was gold. One thing that both noted was that his ears were pointed.

Looking around, he grinned as he saw Issei not too far away and then he looked up at Vali and smirked. "Well, this will be fun. I've been looking forward to facing this generation's Sky Dragon Emperors for some time."

Vali, who had excellent hearing, scoffed at the tall man. "I appreciate your confidence, but you're making a mistake if you think you can just take me on so easily."

"Vanishing Dragon, Balance Breaker!"

"Will you guys be okay?" Issei asked as he looked at the others.

CC looked at the zombies, skeletons and other annoyances on the battlefield. "One second." Holding up one hand, a ball of gold and black energy formed above it before he lobbed it to the edge of the group of creatures. As soon the ball hit the ground, he swung his arm to the side and a massive wall of explosions erupted outwards, sending zombies, dogs and skeleton bone pieces everywhere. "There..." He grinned at everyone who was on the ground and, shockingly, not hurt. "Now we can have fun."

"Well, that was impressive." Issei muttered. "Just who are you?"

"Me?" His grin intensified. "I go by the name of CC most of the time, but for the two Heavenly Dragon Emperors, you can call me Crom Cruach."

"Oh..." Albion spoke up first.

"Shit." Ddrag finished for him.

Crom Cruach's body started to glow gold and black as he looked at his opponents. "Come, Heavenly Dragon Emperors. Show me how you fight!" With a roar he charged at Issei.


"Sheesh, you are loud." Morrigan grumbled as she appeared in the same room as Demitri, completely ignoring the power he was putting out. The Vampire had changed forms and was looking more Demonic than ever before. "Do I really need to give you a spanking, Demitri?" She asked, raising an eyebrow as he turned to look at her, his eyes glowing. "Seriously, for one of Makai's strongest beings, you really are pathetic."

"Morrigan, have you come to..."

"I've come to kick your ass, if that's what you're wondering." Morrigan interrupted him as her power erupted outwards. Smirking, she moved, disappearing from where she was before landing a powerful kick on his head and sending him sprawling. "Oh how I wanted to do that for years."

Recovering before he fell to the ground, Demitri snarled at her. "YOU COULD HAVE BEEN MY BRIDE! YET YOU RAN LIKE A COWARD!"

"Yeah, see, I have no interest in being a broodmare for someone as pathetic as you." Morrigan's body glowed as she pointed her fingers at Demitri, a black ball of energy forming in front of her. "So why don't you stand and perish?"

"BITCH!" Demitri screamed as he charged up a red ball of energy and launched it at Morrigan, who merely smirked, snapped her fingers and the transformed Vampire Lord could only watch in horror as her attack pierced his before blasting him across the room.

"Seriously? Is that all?" She spread her wings out and smirked. "Or perhaps you want more?"

Bats made of flaming Youkai were the only thing that answered her.


"So that's where His soul is." Jedah grinned. Sure, he couldn't do anything about it right now, but now that he knew he could make plans.

"So..." Rivezim spoke up as he walked up to Jedah. "I do believe we had a deal."

Jedah chuckled and nodded as he stepped away from Valerie. "Sure, by all means, go ahead." As Rivezim walked forward to the girl, Jedah had his replica of Boosted Gear appear on his left hand. "You know, Rivezim, I was wondering, just what do you plan on doing?"

Rivezim grinned and took a deep breath. "To bring chaos, discord and destruction into the world, what else would a Devil want? My father was foolish for wanting to control the world. No, as Devils we should strive to destroy and cause carnage throughout the world!"

"I see..." Jedah narrowed his eyes as he nodded to the Hunter off to the side. "And just..."

Rivezim just grinned and looked at Jedah with something that actually caused the other Devil to pause for a moment. "I was given proof of another world, and the means to unleash the beast of the Apocalypse. But I need the Grail to see it through."

"The beast of the other dimension? The one so powerful that God could only seal it away? One that rivals the two strongest Dragons? Are you talking about Trihexa?"

Rivezim's eyes seemed to glow with what Jedah could only see as insanity. "YES! Precisely! I have no use for that useless God that sleeps at the bottom of the Well of Lost Souls! I wish for nothing less than the carnage and destruction of all!"

Jedah slowly smirked. "I see..." His gauntlet let off a soft glow.

"Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost Boost." The mechanical voice spoke up each time, causing Rivezim to look at Jedah, who merely put his hand on the masked Hunter's shoulder.

"See, Rivezim, I can't let you do that."


When the masked Hunter exploded with power, Lucifer's son didn't have a chance to think about what just happened as he was blasted through the wall and out of the room with the Hunter following right afterwords.

Jedah merely smirked and mentally commanded his flying fortress to descend. "Now to watch the fireworks." He looked at Valerie before looking up as Lilith II came into the room. "About time. Are you ready?" She nodded and held a ball of energy in front of her.

Jedah grinned as he held up his hand to take the ball of energy for himself. After absorbing it, he grinned to himself. 'One step closer now.' Oh, this wouldn't help him with getting God's soul back, he had a plan for that already.

This would help him with another plan of his. He just needed one more piece to fall into place.


Crashing through the wall, Rivezim found himself rolling and tumbling over and over until he managed to come to a stop. Quickly pushing himself to his feet, he glared at the masked hunter in front of him. "I don't know who you are, but I'm going to..." He stopped as the person chuckled. "What's so funny?"

"I didn't fully believe Jedah when he told me about you. But then you go and spout off those lines about wanting to unseal a beast so powerful even God couldn't kill it just because you could?" The hunter reached up and removed her mask, revealing a pretty face with piercing brown eyes. "Now I know that he wasn't lying when he said you would gladly turn my family into stone statues just for fun."

Smirking, the older Devil chuckled. "I don't know who you are, but that does sound like me. Since you know my name, may I at least know of the fool who's going to die in front of me?"

The girl smirked as she tugged at her cloak and threw it off, revealing that she was five feet, four inches tall, her long, brown hair was done up in two braided hoops, on her wrists and ankles were yellow bands, she wore a black silk dress with a red and white ying-yang symbol over her chest. "I am the 108th Devil Hunter, Yohko Mano." A black sword with an axe handle appeared in her right hand. "And for the sake of my family, I will defeat you here."

"Mano? Never heard of you." Rivezim snapped a hand out and a powerful blast of Devil magic lanced out, only to miss as Yohko moved at a speed so intense that she practically disappeared. When she reappeared in front of him and slashed at him, he grimaced and flowed away from the blade, only to gasp as he took a shallow cut across the chest. Groaning, he fell to a knee and started to pant. "What the..."

"My Soul Sword purges Demons, Devils and other supernatural beings." Yohko said calmly as she stood up. She frowned when he started to chuckle. "What's so funny?"

"An interesting Sacred Gear, I admit." Rivezim held up his right hand, which started to glow. "But utterly useless against, GAH!" He screamed as Yohko stabbed his palm and slashed upwards, rending his arm completely useless.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of your arm being torn to shreds." Yohko's eyes widened and she staggered back as she felt the massive boost that Jedah had given her fade away. "The hell?"

"Sacred Gear Canceler." Rivezim grimaced as he stood up, his arm hanging uselessly by his side. "Even if your sword isn't a Sacred Gear, the power boost you got from Jedah certainly is from one. Therefore I can cancel it."

"Well," Yohko gave him a grim look, "that just means I'm not stupidly superhuman. I'll still end you."

Rivezim started to glow as several wings burst out of his back. "You're welcome to try, human!" Letting out a yell, he launched a stream of magical fire at her, causing her to leap high into the air. Grinning, he snapped his arm upwards and the flame shot straight up at her.

As soon as Yohko's feet touched the overhead ceiling, she launched herself at Rivezim and let out a yell as she cut through the stream of fire, causing it to part in a circle as she continued her trek at him. Her eyes widened as he simply flexed his fingers. Looking over her shoulder, she could see the flames reforming and rushing towards her.

"Everlasting Hell Flame. A spell of my father's, I admit." Rivezim chuckled at her. "I can completely control how hot, how long and where the flames can go with a flick of my wrist." Grinning as his eyes started to shine brightly. "Just how long can a little human like you last?"

"Longer than you think!" Yohko slashed through the fire again as she turned in mid-air and gasped as it flowed around her and got behind her.

"BURN!" Satan's son snapped his fingers and the flames converged on her from all directions and he watched, amused as she fell to the ground in a heap. "So much for the Devil... huh?" His eyes widened as Yohko got up, despite the fire burning her and jumped through it, slashing at him. Grunting, he twisted his body and cried out in pain as his bad arm was sliced off at the shoulder.

"No wonder you survived for so long." Yohko panted, burns across her body. "Most Devils would die from just a few strikes from my Soul Sword."

Rivezim just glared at the upstart. "Allow me to show you why I'm the first Super Devil ever."

"...Do you have a motorcycle or something?" Yohko asked and mentally grumbled about tv shows saying jokes that ended up being real in the end.

"You'll wish I did." He grinned as his aura erupted around him into the shape of several snakes. "Shall we dance, foolish hunter?" Much to Yohko's surprise, the aura started to solidify into solid shapes.

The snakes lashed out and Yohko was already moving, dodging and weaving between them as she parried or cut them, sparks spraying from the edges of her blade as the snakes passed by her. Groaning in pain as one of the snakes bit her in the shoulder, she twisted and cut its head off, only for the snake to bulge and explode, knocking her down.

"Really?" Rivezim smirked at her downed form. "For someone who's supposed a Devil Hunter, you really aren't that much." Snapping his fingers, the snakes lunged at the downed body.

"You fell for it." Yohko grinned as she flipped over and held her hands in front of her in a circle before letting out a yell and blasting all the snakes with her Devil Hunter powers, vaporizing them.

Rivezim growled as Yohko flipped to her feet and then shot up at him like she was shot out of a cannon. "You!" Swinging his good arm up, purple flames surrounded him and spiraled around into a funnel before launching themselves at her.

Crossing her arms in front of her, Yohko let out a cry of pain as the flames consumed her. Rivezim laughed at her as the flames grew brighter. "Consider this payback for what you did to my ar...m?" His eyes widened as she erupted out of the fire, seemingly going even faster than before, her clothes in tatters and her sword seemingly glowing from the flames that were clinging to it.

Letting out a scream, Yohko slashed downwards, causing Rivezim to cry out in pain as the sword cut deeply into his chest, spraying blood everywhere. "This is for my family!" She yelled and spun in mid air, slashing across his chest again and driving him back and down towards the bottom of the shaft. "IT'S OVER!" She yelled as she dived down after him, her sword pointing at him.

"FOOL!" Rivezim screamed and blasted her with everything he had. A powerful beam of yellow energy erupted outwards to consume her.

The next thing Rivezim knew, he felt tremendous pain. Looking down at his chest, he saw her sword sticking out of it. "D...Damn you..." He coughed out blood as he flopped to the ground with a wet and painful splat.

"G...Got you..." Yohko groaned as she crashed onto the floor not far from him. "Heh..." She softly chuckled. 'Ayoko... When you're free from the curse... You'll be the next Devil Hunter... And, hey, I took out a Super Devil. Pretty cool, huh?'

Rivezim suddenly grabbed the sword, his fingers bleeding tremendously as the blade cut into his flesh, and pulled it out of his chest and threw it away, screaming in pain and rolled over, trembling. "Ho...How... HOW CAN SOMEONE LIKE YOU EXIST?!" He screamed and looked at her, before smirking as he felt her life slowly bleeding out. "Well, whatever, I'll just go and heal, you can lay here and die."

Crawling to the wall was slow, agonizing and painful. "I swear..." It took him almost ten minutes before he was finally there and was able to pull himself to his feet. "Damn that..." He coughed up some more blood and found his vision failing as he stumbled his way to a door and out into the hallway.


Watching Rivezim limp away, Jedah just grinned. 'Now, how to work this to my...' An idea popped into his head. "Oh, Ranma..."

A screen popped up in front of him and he saw Ranma, who was still on board his flying fortress. "Whaddya want? I was just about to head out."

"Could you be a dear and let Vali visit his poor grandfather? The poor Devil is so beaten up that I'm afraid he could drop dead at any moment now. I'm sure that Vali would love to see his grandfather at least one more time."

"Hmm? Sure, that'll work. But I need to take care of something first."

"Make it fast." Jedah said as he turned off the screen.

"Um..." Valerie looked at him. "Do you need me anymore?"

"Hmm?" Jedah looked at the blonde half-Vampire and shrugged. "Not really. Though I suspect you won't want to go back home just yet." A screen showing the Vampire castle with explosions of powerful Youki was seen. "Or you can if you want to. I don't care."

Valerie could only watch what was going on, her feelings clouded and muddled.


Standing over Yohko's body, Ranma could tell that she didn't have much time left in this world. "You know, part of me is saying that I shouldn't interfere, that I should let you go. But fuck it." A knight piece appeared in his hand as he rolled Yohko onto her back. "Sorry, Yohko, I kind of like ya, plus I'm sure that you want to see your family again. Hopefully they won't try to kill ya the next time they see ya." Looking at the piece, he watched as it started to glow before he put it on Yohko's chest and watched it get absorbed into her body.

"Nngh..." Yohko cracked an eye open. "What...?"

"Shh, just rest." Ranma picked her up bridal style and she passed out again. "Gunna have to do this by the seat of my pants, huh?" Oh well, he was getting tired of following Nabiki's plan by this point, especially since everything was coming to an end real soon.

In a flash of dark energy the two disappeared.


Reappearing in front of Bulleta, Ranma dropped Yohko off with her. "Change of plans, we're going to make our move in a bit." Before Bulleta could respond, Ranma disappeared.

"Well, shit." Bulleta grumbled and threw Yohko over her shoulder and started to run down the hallways.


Kicking Demitri through a wall, Morrigan sighed, disappointed. "You know, even though this is fun, it's starting to get boring. Plus Lilith isn't even here. I'm done."

"I'm not finished..." Demitri was cut off as a giant sized Soul Fist blasted him through the walls.

"No, you are. If you want to fight me again..." A small smirk formed on her lips as a thought came to her. "I'll be up on Jedah's flying fortress somewhere. Come find me if you want to continue this fight. In fact, if you do find me up there I might be interested in your proposal." She laughed and disappeared in a flash of bats, causing Demitri to scream in frustration.



Jedah, Lilith II and Valerie all looked up as Morrigan reappeared in the command room. "Feh, I'm bored." Morrigan yawned and walked off. "If Demitri shows up, do whatever you want with him." With a sway of her hips and a wave of her hand, she disappeared again.

"...Should I be worried?" Jedah asked rhetorically, smirking as he snapped his fingers and the three disappeared, only to reappear on the top of the flying fortress as it descended close to the battlefield below. He was honestly surprised Morrigan left, he would have thought she would have wanted to fight one of the Dragon Emperors herself. "Hmm?" He raised an eyebrow as he saw the situation down below.


Crom Cruach grinned as he traded blows with Issei and blasted Vali away. "You two aren't bad. I'm glad I can have some fun playing around with you."

"He calls this playing?" Issei gasped.

"BOOST!" Ddrag called out as Issei's power increased again. "Unfortunately yes. That man is none other than Crom Cruach, the strongest Evil Dragon to ever live. But I thought all the Evil Dragons had died."

"I almost did." The Evil Dragon nodded at Ddrag. "Funny enough, it was a Dragon named Sen that saved my life. So I stuck with her afterwords."

"So Sen survived, huh?" Albion commented.

"I dunno who that is," Vali grumbled, his armor cracked, "but just who is this guy?"

"As Ddrag said, this is Crom Cruach, he's one of the few beings that's a match for either myself or Ddrag, back when we had our real bodies and full power."

"No wonder you didn't want me getting involved." Atsuko muttered as she looked at Mittelt and nodded in thanks. "How did you..."

"You think I didn't study up on all the names in the "very scary beings, do not fight or piss off" book?" Mittelt gave her a wry grin. "Still, he's holding back, because if he wanted to..." She trailed off as a black beam of energy blasted the ground right in front of the transformed Evil Dragon.

"CC, that's enough." Ranma called out as he descended to the battlefield. "Thanks for delaying them."

Crom Cruach sighed heavily. "Tis a shame, I was starting to have a lot of fun too." He looked at the two Dragon Emperors and bowed to them. "Another time, perhaps."

"RANMA?!" Issei and a few others yelled at the same time. "What are you doing here?!"

"Oh, you know, messing with things I shouldn't, dealing with assholes, speaking of which, Vali, you do know that I won last time, right?"


Ranma grinned at him. "You used Divide on me, you weren't supposed to."


"Yeah, yeah, sorry about that," Ranma drawled as he basically ignored her, "anyway, Vali, I heard from Jedah that you have some family in his castle up there. Your poor, old grandfather just had a really nasty run-in with one of the strongest Devil Hunters in the world and is currently bleeding out all over on the lower levels. Maybe you should go have a word with him? Tell him how much you appreciate him and show him how much you care?"

"...I might just do that, thanks!"

"Lord Vali, wait!" La Fey pouted as Vali took off at high speeds. "Mouuu!" She pointed at Ranma and glared at him. "You did that on purpose!"

Ranma shrugged, he didn't know the full story of Vali's grandfather, other than he was supposedly Lucifer's son and was insane. "Anyway, Issei..." He grinned as his body was engulfed in light and his body was covered in his green scale mail armor. "I have to admit, I wanted to fight you like this. So, how about it, Issei?"

"...Did you seriously betray us and join Jedah just so you could fight me?"

Ranma laughed at him. "No! That's just a bonus. I would have fought you eventually anyway." His body started to glow in excitement.

"Issei, we'll..."

"NO!" Issei looked back at Rias, who stared at him in shock. "I'll deal with Ranma, you guys need to get to the castle and..."

"Don't worry about Demitri." Ranma said as he jerked a thumb up at the flying fortress. "He's probably heading up there. Dunno what's going to happen with the Vampires, so... Issei..." Ranma grinned under his helmet. "Let us begin."

End chapter 13


Okay! So!

References include Hyperdimension Neptunia, Blood C, Gold Digger, and probably a couple of others that I can't think of off the top of my head at 3 AM.

And, yeah, some of you saw Yohko coming from a mile away.

Funny enough, I originally didn't have any idea how to write out the Yohko vs Rivezim fight. I just couldn't tear myself away from the fight as it progressed.


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Chapter 14

"We really should help." Rias said as she watched Ranma and Issei square off. "Kiba, I want you to..."

"I'd rather you not get involved." A familiar female voice spoke up and Rias spun to see Kuroka standing behind them, grinning at them. "Of course, I have no problem with entertaining all of you if you want something to do."

"What are you doing here?" Koneko asked, glaring at her wayward sister.

"Hmm?" Kuroka looked at Koneko fondly before sighing. "Sorry, Shirone, but I can't let you interfere with those two."

"Kuroka!" Le Fay squealed in delight and flew over to her. "It's been so long! I was getting worried you were running out of clean panties!" She tilted her head. "Oh, and is that a new shirt? I never saw you with a mesh top on before!"

Kuroka blushed at Le Fay commenting on the fact that she was horrible at doing any sort of housework and would run around without clothes on if the witch didn't do her laundry for her. "Yes, anyway, I was wondering, would you like to help me keep the kids from interfering in the Dragon fight?"

Le Fay pouted as she looked at the others who were starting to get tense. "But I kind of like them and..."

"I'm not saying we need to hurt them or anything, just keep them busy." Kuroka shrugged. "Besides," she grinned at Le Fay, "don't you want to show how useful you are to both Ranma and Issei?"

"Are you really going to fight against us?" Rias asked Kuroka, who just grinned at them and shrugged.

"I'd rather not, no offense, but even though I could probably take most of you out, I'm not here to fight, just watch." Seeing the looks that everyone was giving her, she raised her hands into the air. "Hey, I'm just saying that I'm only here to watch and keep you all out of the fight."

"If needed, I'll stop them." Crom Curach said as he walked up to the group, grinning at them. "The Heavenly Dragon Emperors were fun though."

Rias grimaced, she knew that Kuroka could take most of them out with her Senjutsu abilities and this guy had just fought Issei and Vali off at the same time and didn't look the slightest bit worn out. "...Fine..."

"President?" Kiba looked at her in worry. "What are your orders?"

"...I hate to say this, but we're not going to interfere." Rias hated this, it made her feel weak and helpless.

"If it helps," Crom spoke up, "you made the right choice."

Rias sighed and slumped. Even if it was, she felt like a failure. 'Where are Akeno and Gasper anyway?' Both were still alive, she knew that, but where were they?


"Oww!" Gasper groaned as he sat up. "What happened?" The last thing he remembered was a blow to the back of his head and then he woke up here.

"Oh, you're awake." Gasper suddenly stiffened as he saw Elmenhilde Karnstein look at him with concern. "It's been a long time, Gasper Vladi."

"What do you want?" Gasper didn't quite glare at her, but she was one of the kids that had bullied him a lot when he was younger.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay." She sighed when he gave her a confused look. "I... I know I was horrible to you. I'm truly sorry." Gasper gawked at her and she looked away, huffing. "Don't look at me like that, when you face your death, regrets form and when I saw you standing up to Lord Maximoff like that..." She blushed and scratched her cheek. "That was pretty brave and awesome."

Gasper gawked at her. This was the same snooty brat that tormented him back before he became a Devil and had no control over his Sacred Gear? "Well, yeah, coming close to death does change someone." Gasper had first-hand experience with that after all. "Though sometimes we need more than just that." He thought about Issei's attempts to help him and smiled. "Even if it comes from places you don't expect."

"That's good, but I need to know... What's going on?" Elmenhilde asked. "Everyone's scattered, most of the Vampires have fled to safe houses not far from here, Lord Maximoff's power has caused the dead to rise again as if Lord Dracula were back and there's so many people outside fighting that I don't know what to think!"

"Um... Would you believe that a friend of mine became evil and I'm trying to help save him and he told us he'd be here today?"

Elmenhilde blinked.


"Come with me, Lilith II." Jedah said as he rose from his seat and floated upwards, followed by the Dragon as a hole in the ceiling opened up.

"What should I do?" Valerie asked, wondering if Jedah was really going to let her go.

"Go home, stay here, go die, I don't care." Jedah answered her.

"Fine, I'm out of here before Lord Maximoff shows up." Valerie flew up after him and out the hole before Jedah and Lilith II ended up on top of the building.

As she flew away, Valerie took one look at the battlefield before bolting away from it. She had to find the Vampire safe houses, she knew that most of her people would have fled to those places.

And maybe she could find Gasper again and apologize for not being there when he needed her the most.


"You know," Issei began as he looked at Ranma, "if you wanted to fight me like this, you didn't need to join Jedah."

"Well, I only got this Balance Breaker just before I joined Jedah." Ranma pointed out. "Besides, if I hadn't joined him I wouldn't have gotten my chance at that whiny bitch."

"Wait, weren't Cao Cao and Jedah allies?" Kiba asked to everyone's confusion.

"Oh! Lord Vali pointed out that Cao Cao was probably just using Jedah for awhile and waiting for the best moment to take him out." Le Fay pointed out helpfully.

Issei looked back at her and then at Ranma. "So you got your revenge, now you want to fight me?"

"Well, there were other things as well, I mean Jedah seems to have quite a few interesting people he's keeping locked up in various spots up there." Ranma jerked a thumb up in the sky at the floating fortress.

Issei looked at Ranma's right hand. "You know, I don't really like the fact he's got that sword."

Ranma looked down at Excalibur Betrayal and blinked. "Would you believe that I actually forgot that I was holding this?" Ranma asked rhetorically as he made the sword disappear. "However, since this armor is powered by a Dragon, I know you have your own sword that can mess me up. So, Issei, you don't use your sword, I won't use mine."

Issei looked at his left arm before nodding at Ranma. "Sure, I can agree to that."

"You sure that's wise, partner?"

"No." Issei shook his head. "What guarantee do I have that you won't..."

"Because I don't want to kill you." Ranma answered him honestly. "Or do you want me to try?"

"Not killing is good!" Issei yelped, nodding rapidly.

A moment later, Ranma took off into the air and held a palm outward, a green sphere forming in front of it before he launched it at Issei. Cursing, Issei lunged forward before launching himself up into the air after Ranma, who flew backwards out of his attempted attack. Ranma's attack hit the ground with an explosion that had most everyone watching covering their faces to avoid the dirt and debris getting into their eyes.


Huffing and panting as he dragged his body through the corridors, Rivezim groaned as his blood dripped across the floor. "Damn that... Damn that bitch! Damn you... Jedah..."

He couldn't believe it! How dare that punk betray him? How the hell did he have a Devil Hunter who was that strong? And how...

Rivezim's thoughts were cut off as the door in front of him burst open and a familiar white Dragon armor walked into the hallway. "...Vali."

"Hello... Rivezim." Vali practically snarled. "It's been too long, and look at you, all messed up and no one around to protect your wrinkly old ass."

Rivezim grinned as his body glowed and Vali let out a grunt of pain as his Balance Breaker was forcibly canceled, causing his scale mail to disappear. "Enough of that, brat. I'm still more than enough to..."

Vali just smirked and cracked his knuckles. "Fine with me. You're bleeding out and I'm going to enjoy beating you a pulp before killing you."

Rivezim snarled, before coughing some blood up. "You coward."

"Yeah, yeah, if I cared what you thought I wouldn't have run to Azazel for training and protection. Oh, and by the way, this isn't for me or my father, but rather, my mother."

Rivezim let out an angry yell as Vali rushed at him.


In another part of the fortress, Bulleta stood in front of a locked door and reached into her pocket, pulling out a vial of Phoenix Tears and a gun. Smirking to herself, she shot the door lock and pushed the door open, seeing Akeno, who was laying on a bed, her arms and legs shackled to the bed posts as she took shallow breaths. "Sheesh, Morrigan really did a number on you, huh?" She asked and popped the cork to the vial before dumping the Phoenix Tears onto the busty girl.

"Ngh..." Akeno cracked an eye open and grimaced as her vision swam for awhile. "What happened?"

"You fought a Succubus Queen, got your big, fat ass handed to you and now I'm saving said ass." Bulleta snarked before grabbing her arms. "Don't move."

Four shots rang out and the manacles around her wrists shattered before Bulleta repeated the process on her ankles. "There, you're free, now fix your clothes, you damn nudist."

"If I was a nudist, I wouldn't have clothes to begin with." Akeno countered as she used her magic to create a new Miko outfit. "What's going on?"

"Well, I'm saving ya because I need you to carry some dead weight." Bulleta smirked at her. "Also we're taking Jedah's toys away from him." When Akeno blinked in confusion, she jerked her head to the door. "Follow me, I'll explain as we go along."

Akeno shrugged, her breasts bouncing under her outfit as she followed after the gun nut. 'Guess it's better than being a captive.'

Still, she wondered what was going on and why this girl was here.


The walls to the large room burst outwards as Demitri stormed in, snarling as he looked around. "WHERE ARE MY BRIDES?!"

"I dunno..." A male voice answered from the shadows and Demitri turned to see a Chinese man in his early twenties leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. "But if I was your "bride", I'd run away. Seriously, those clothes have been out of style for at least two centuries now. What? Were you transported to the future from Victorian England?"

Demitri snarled as his power started to flood the room. "I WILL NOT BE MOCKED BY YOU, BOY!"

"Oh, I'm sorry... I thought you'd be interesting. Oh well." The boy shrugged as his form shifted and he grew. "MOO!"

Demitri blinked at the sight of a giant Minotaur with wings and octopus tentacles. "...What kind of freak science experiment are you?"


Demitri grinned and rushed forward. "Well, it doesn't matter, does it? I'll crush you if you get in my way!"

Taro rushed at him and the two traded blows, the shock-wave of which caused Demitri to stagger back while the Minotaur found himself on his back. "MOO!" The monster opened its mouth and a gout of flame rushed outwards, consuming Demitri.

"Chaos Flare!" A flaming bat erupted from the flames and slammed into the Minotaur's head, causing it to get knocked back and slide across the ground. Walking out of the flames, Demitri snarled at the Minotaur. "I'm going to have fun tearing you limb from limb and when I'm done, when you're laying there, dying, broken and battered, I won't even allow you the sweet freedom of death." He marched up to the fallen creature and snarled. "You really shouldn't have taunted me when I'm in..." He trailed off as he felt something bite him through his clothes. Looking down he saw a snake's head at the end of the tail of the Minotaur biting him before it lashed out and flung him into the far wall.

"Hurr hurr hurr..." Tarou chuckled as he got to his feet and started to grow in size. "MOOO!"

Grinning as Tarou increased in size, Demitri grinned. "Well, this might be more fun than I originally thought."


Issei found himself flat on his face after Ranma flip-kicked him out of the air. "Oww..."

"Partner, we both knew that you couldn't beat Ranma with your base Balance Breaker, why did you try?"

"Sorry, I just wanted to get one good hit on him." Issei forced himself to his knees and looked up. "Guess I'll have to use something else, huh? Change! Welsh Dragonic KNIGHT!"

In the air, Ranma watched as Issei purged his armor and rocketed at him at such speeds that he could barely follow, which was proven as Issei's fist was driven into his chest and sent him flying into the sky. "Okay, so that's how it goes, huh?" Correcting himself, he watched as Issei came rushing around for another attack before he twisted at the last second and redirected Issei's momentum.


"You think I don't know how to fight someone who's faster than me?" Ranma asked rhetorically as Issei adjusted in mid-air, his boosters stopping his momentum. "Seriously, Issei, I've traveled across Japan and China, learning from the best martial artists, I learned magic from a freaking Sorcerer, and I learned both sex and how to use Youki from a succubus."

Issei growled at him. "You're being a pompous ass!" He growled in frustration.


"Tsk..." Ranma growled before swinging his arms out and the prongs of his wings seemingly snapped off and floated around him before scattering and firing at random angles, forcing Issei to change his direction in mid-air to avoid being hit by the laser-like energy blasts.

"Oh great! It's like I'm in Gundam and facing Jesus Yamato!" Issei grumbled in annoyance.

"I told you that we may have to face this situation, didn't I?" Ddrag commented. "BOOST!"

Increasing his speed to levels beyond what even Ranma could track, Issei slipped through the laser blasts and slammed into him again with all the force of a mach truck, sending him tumbling through the air and crashing onto the ground.

"Well, that happened." Ranma muttered and flipped to his feet. "Not bad." He took off into the air, only to jerk as Issei flew by him at high speeds, hitting him while passing. "That's the way, huh?" When Issei made another pass, Ranma twisted out of the way and slammed his knee into the back of Issei's head. "Seriously? Come on, man! You're fast in that form, but your punches kind of lack any sort of ooomph to them."

Crying out in pain as he slammed into the ground, Issei groaned and grabbed the back of his head. "What does he mean by that? No oomph? I'm moving so fast that I can barely see what's going on around me."

"Speed's all well and good, partner, but all you're doing is knocking him around a little bit. You need to put him down hard. But if you swap to your Rook form..."

"Right, I wouldn't be able to hit him in that form." Issei nodded, knowing he needed a little more than just pure speed. "Fine! Crimson Cardinal Promotion!"

When Issei's armor turned bright red and the green gems became crimson colored while Dragon wings formed on his back, Ranma smirked at him. "Well, this might be fun. You might actually make me work up a sweat now." Ranma chuckled as the prongs on his wings returned and reattached to his back. "Then again, probably not, I work up more of a sweat in the bedroom than I would fighting you." Issei twitched at hearing that. "You wouldn't believe the things girls will cry out when you're making them orgasm over and over again. You probably have trouble getting them to cum just once."

"You sunnvabitch!" Issei growled, his whole body glowing crimson. "TAKE THIS!"


Issei held his hands in front of him as green and red energy formed in front of his hands. "DRAGON SHOT!" Issei screamed as he fired the blast at Ranma.

The blast was huge, easily twice as large as either of them as it rocketed towards Ranma at high speeds.

Ranma merely smirked behind his helmet and snapped his fingers as several rectangular barriers snapped up in front of him, the blast breaking through them without slowing down in the slightest.

Until it hit the last barrier.

"What the?!" More than one person gasped as the attack seemed to stall before bouncing back at Issei, moving even faster than when it had been launched at him. Issei could only watch on in horror as his own attack slammed into him at high speeds, causing him to scream in pain as he was driven to the ground, where the energy exploded violently, winds whipping out in all directions as the energy laced around violently.

"HOW?!" Rias, Atsuko and Kiba all yelled in shock.

"Did you seriously forget that one, I know magic, including reflection magic and two that I learned how to do barrier skills from those Hunters I killed four years ago in Kyoto?" Ranma asked, amusement in his voice. "Plus the barriers can reflect attacks as well. The other barriers were to make you think that I was screwed."

Issei growled from his position on the ground. Even with his enhanced powers from his Queen's promotion, tanking his own attack had fucking HURT!

"Are you okay?!" Rias called out as Issei forced himself to his feet.

"Just peachy... Urgh..."

"Seriously, Issei?" Ranma shook his head. "Are you that afraid of me using that Reverse Dragon Strike again?"

"Once was enough, ya jackass!" Issei growled at him. "You know, I don't even care that you betrayed us! I don't even care that you joined Jedah. I mean, Vali's part of that Khaos Brigade, he doesn't seem to be that bad of a person. What I hate is that you're a freaking lolicon..."

"Who's a lolicon?"

"And you still end up with the woman with the biggest tits I've ever seen as your wife! STOP HOGGING ALL THE AWESOME BOOBAGE FOR YOURSELF!"

Everyone watching just groaned, THIS was what Issei was upset about?

Rias felt like face-palming. "Well, it does suit him."

"True." Xenovia said and looked at her wrist. 'I wonder if I could tap into Ddrag's power when he's using it all over there or not.' It was something to look into later, she supposed.

"What are you complaining for?" Ranma asked in confusion. "Lilith told me you got laid in Kyoto. You really should be thanking me. If not for me you'd still be a virgin."


Ranma sweat-dropped heavily. "Ah... I didn't mean it like that." He coughed into his hand. "I meant that if I didn't come into your lives, I wouldn't have brought Lilith, she wouldn't have helped you get laid and you'd still be a virgin."


"Speaking of which, have you banged any of the other girls yet?" Ranma asked, genuinely curious. "I've been out of the loop in your lives for a couple of months, so I was just wondering..."

"Well..." Issei rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah..."

"Neat!" Ranma smiled under his helmet. "So who was it? Akeno? Asia?"

"No, Rias..."

Ranma blinked and looked at the redhead, who was blushing so hard that her face was matching her hair. "Wow! I'm actually impressed!" Ranma looked back at Issei and gave him a thumb's up. "Great start to becoming a harem king."

"Ah, thanks..?" Issei wasn't sure what was going on, weren't they supposed to be fighting?

"Have any threesomes yet? Or orgies? No, wait, you probably haven't, I mean, I don't think any of your girls have gotten it into their heads to sex each other up when you're not doing them."

Rias, Xenovia and Asia were bright red while Irina was plugging her ears and going on how she couldn't hear anything and how she was pure and how Lord Michael shouldn't punish her because she couldn't control what people said around her.

Mittelt sweat-dropped heavily. "Seriously?" Atsuko and Koneko were next to her, both groaning.

Kiba's face was flushed. 'These are my best friends. I love them to death, but they are real perverts.' Oh well, he wouldn't change them for the world, he just wished that they would pick a better time and place for this conversation.

Le Fay giggled at all the reactions while Kuroka was openly purring happily.

Crom Cruach merely watched in amusement.

"Well, no... I haven't yet." Issei chuckled nervously and Ranma shook his head. "Hey! Lilith said it was probably a bad idea right now."

"Hmm, probably. Even I didn't have threesomes for a couple of years after I lost my virginity. Then again you could probably use your Sacred Gear to boost how long you could last or the other girls sensitivity so they cum faster and..."


"ARE YOU TWO REALLY HAVING THIS DISCUSSION IN THE MIDDLE OF BATTLE?!" Rossweisse yelled, causing both Ranma and Issei to flinch at the volume. "SERIOUSLY!?!"

Before anyone could say anything more, an explosion was heard from the floating fortress and Ranma looked up, grinning. "ABOUT FUCKING TIME!"

Most everyone looked at him in confusion.


Up in the air, Jedah stumbled as the roof shook. "What the hell?!"

A couple feet away from Jedah, a large hand punched upwards, creating a large hole and a pink mecha that looked somewhat like a T-Rex burst through the hole.

Behind the glass, Jedah could see Bulleta, Akeno and Nabiki, the latter two were behind Bulleta, and against the walls to the back, he saw Akane, Leonardo, Yohko and in Akeno's arms was Ophis, the latter three were out cold. "What's this then?"

"GYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Bulleta laughed like a maniac before firing everything that she had at Jedah, who simply swung his arm to the side, a large hole opening up in space and all the projectiles to go through and miss him harmlessly.

"What was GAH!" Jedah cried out in pain as he was blasted from behind by the attack he was sure he warped behind that gun nut. He fell to his knees and groaned, wondering what happened as his back bled from the attacks.

"You're a bad person." Lilith II said softly, her body glowing with power.

Jedah's eyes widened in shock. 'She took control over my spatial manipulation abilities?!'

The next thing that he knew, Bulleta was in front of him, punching him with the mecha's arm and sending him flying over the edge of the flying fortress. Shaking his head and recovering in mid-air as he extended his wings, he watched as Bulleta pulled Lilith II into the cockpit and flew off. "Oh, you think you can betray me and get away with it, Lilith II?" He smirked and snapped his fingers. "You can rot now."

In the cockpit, Lilith II's eyes widened and her body throbbed in pain. "AAAAAAAHHHH!" She clutched at her shoulder and neck area, trying to tear it off as liquid PAIN coursed through her.

"SHIT!" Nabiki cursed as she grabbed Lilith and pulled her up. "Hold still!" She pulled out a glowing crystal that was shaped like a dagger, which caused Ophis to groan in pain. "Sorry!" She knew the Dragon was still weak and even this amount of Dragonice was probably too much for her. Stabbing it downwards into Lilith II's shoulder, Nabiki made a cut in it before pulling the skin back and stabbing down again and piercing something. Pulling it back, she revealed a bloody chocolate malto ball. "Get this shit out of here." Nabiki handed it off to Bulleta, who snarled and spun the mech around as the protective glass of the cockpit opened up and she threw the crystal and malto ball out before pulling a gun out and shooting them into pieces.

"What's going on?" Mittelt asked as she took to the air and watched as the mech came flying their way.

"OH! I remember that thing!" Atsuko's eyes lit up in surprise. "I broke it back in Nerima! I guess mama fixed it up!"

Ranma said nothing as he disappeared in a flash of black energy.


Jedah growled in annoyance, a flash of light appeared behind him and he turned to see Ranma, still in his Balance Breaker Scale Mail armor, hovering near him. "Well, isn't this a fine mess you brought forward?" Still, he had his Huitzil army and if needed he had some extra precautions put into place as well.

"Yeah..." Ranma said slowly as Jedah turned away. "Hey, Jedah..."


Excalibur Betrayal formed in Ranma's hands and Jedah's eyes widened as he felt the build-up of power. "Here's my resignation, ya giant blue condom!" Jedah spun around as Ranma held the sword above his head, the blade glowing black as he swung down. "Excalibur Betrayal!"

A large arc of black energy was launched at Jedah, who held up his hands to create a barrier to stop it. "DO YOU THINK I WON'T KILL YOU WHEN THIS ATTACK ENDS?!"

"Yeah, you probably would." A gruff male voice said and Jedah's eyes widened as he turned his head to see Azazel floating nearby, smirking at him. "However it's time to bring this farce to an end." Holding up his hand, several light spears formed above him and he launched them at Jedah, who moved one hand away from blocking Ranma's attack so he could block Azazel's attack. "Not bad, too bad for you that I'm not alone."

Before Jedah could ask, his body jerked forward as a large spear of light pierced him in the chest from behind. A pillar of light formed in front of him and Michael descended onto the battlefield.

"Jedah Dohma, I normally do not condemn people, but your ambitions would drive the world to ruin and despair."

Next to Ranma a magic circle appeared and Sirzechs and Serafall appeared on the battlefield as well.

"Sorry, Jedah." Ranma smirked as he dispelled his scale mail armor while extending his Devil wings. "You lose."

Jedah could only scream as Sirzechs's Power of Destruction consumed him, his body disappearing in an explosion.

"WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!" Issei screamed as he tried to figure out what was going on while his armor disappeared.

"You really didn't tell them?" Serafall asked Ranma, who shook his head. "Wow, that must have been tough."

"Like you wouldn't believe." Ranma sighed and dismissed Excalibur Betrayal. "I think we need to tell them though."

"Quite so." Michael gave Ranma a reproachful look, causing the younger Devil to flinch slightly. "I do not appreciate being kept out of the loop until the last second, you know."

"Hey." Azazel spoke up as he floated towards his former brother. "Take it easy, Michael. We didn't tell you until just now so that it wouldn't be a problem for you. Let the Devils and Fallen Angels handle the lying and hiding of stuff."

"Well, shall we?" Sirzechs asked and the group floated over to where everyone else was.

"So..." Rias spoke up first as she walked up to them, her arms crossed under her breasts. "What's going on?"

Azazel grinned at her. "Ranma was working as undercover operative in the Khaos Brigade with the express intent of bringing it down. Surprise!"

Ranma just facepalmed as practically everyone but CC face-faulted at that.

End Chapter 14


All that's left is the wrap-up chapter.

Sadly, I'm not done with the next arc, so... Yeah, another hiatus. Hopefully not another 4 months.
Oh man. This is great and if your hiatus means more greatness I accept. Just dont abandon us. :D


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I won't. I promise.

So here's the epilogue.

A very long epilogue.



"HEY!" Bulleta yelled as she landed her mech and opened it up. "We got multiple people here who need some help and I only had one vial of Phoenix Tears for them!" Jumping out, she helped Lilith II out of the mech and grabbed Ophis from Akeno, who jumped out after her. Nabiki came out afterwords, leaving Yohko, Akane and Leonardo, all of whom were, thankfully, out cold, in the back of the mech.

"So it mostly worked out, huh?" Nabiki asked and sighed as she slumped.

"Akeno." Rias sighed as she saw her Queen. Walking up to her, she smiled. "What happened?"

"Fought a Succubus Queen, it didn't go well for me." Akeno chuckled nervously. "Sorry for worrying you."

Rias gave her a soft smile and hugged her. "I was worried about you, please don't do that again, it's bad for my heart."

Akeno smiled and hugged her back softly. "Sorry for worrying you."

"Lady Leviathan..." Asia spoke up as she got close to the Devil King. "Why are you here?"

"AH!" Serafall smiled brightly. "Grayfia was SO worried about her husband not having a bodyguard that she threatened me at sword point to play the role she usually has, so as a good friend, I graciously answered her request and came here to play bodyguard."

Everyone sweat-dropped heavily.

"That does sound like you two." Azazel laughed while Sirzechs went over to the mech and frowned at who he saw inside.

"This is interesting..." He looked at Nabiki. "This seems to be beyond what you said there'd be."

"Um, what's going on?" Issei asked as he walked over to them. "Why is Ophis here? Who's the hottie? What's with the kid who made those dolls on the bridge in Kyoto? Who's the short-haired girl?"

"Jedah betrayed Ophis, cut off half of her power and soul, then created a body..." Nabiki pointed to Lilith II, who had somehow slipped away and was over by Ranma. "That he called Lilith II."

"She's cute." Irina commented as she looked at the girl. "Hello."

"Um...Hi..." Lilith II whispered out softly.

"The hottie is Yohko Mano." Ranma answered, knowing who Issei was talking about. "She's the current heir to the Mano clan, one of the strongest Devil Hunter clans in the world. She nearly got killed fighting... What's that guy's name again?"

"Rivezim Livan Lucifer." Crom Cruach answered Ranma.

"Wait! She fought against the first Super Devil and survived?" Azazel asked, raising an eyebrow and looking at the unconscious girl with respect.

"Well, more like tied with him." Ranma shrugged. "She was dying, so I kind of... Sort of... Used a Knight Piece on her."

"You do realize that she'll be out for quite some time while that fixes her body." Rias spoke to him. "There is a way to speed up the process, but you'll have to sleep naked next to her so that your Devil energies flow into her body."

"You Devils have such interesting lives." The leader of Heaven smiled at them. "So why are the other two here?"

"Leonardo was a new addition." Nabiki answered him. "Jedah wanted his Annihilation Maker abilities to help with something. And lastly, my sister... Her Sacred Gear was allowing Jedah to create too many dangerous things and would have led to the end of the world." She sighed and looked at Akane. "But they've been under Jedah's control through his modified Sacred Gear for so long now, I'm worried their minds are fried."

Nabiki stiffened as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Michael smiling at her. "If you don't mind, Heaven will take both of them into custody. We have techniques and powers that can restore their minds, but it may take some time."

Nabiki nodded, smiling at him. "Thank you."

Ranma looked around and blinked as he saw a large body not too far away. "Why is Frankenstein's monster here?"

"Victor is not a monster!" Atsuko shot back, glaring at Ranma. "Apologize to my brother!"

"BROTHER?!" More than one person yelled at once.

"Well, Professor Gerdenheim made him also made an android girl named Emily and my original android body was based off that research, so in a way, he's my brother!" She huffed and walked over to Victor, helping him to sit up.

Ranma shrugged. "I've got a fox as a wife and a panda as a father, I'm in no position to judge someone for their family members."

"Speaking of which..." Issei marched up to Ranma and before anyone could ask what was going on, he punched Ranma right in the face, his Boosted Gear forming on his left hand.


Letting out a cry of pain from the sucker punch, Ranma was sent flying through the air and over Lilith II for several feet where he landed on his back with a thud.

"Oww..." Ranma groaned and rubbed his jaw. "Okay, so what was THAT for? Blasting you back in Kuoh city? Betraying everyone? Not telling you guys about it?"

"No, I can handle that." Issei answered him. "In fact, after learning about the fact you were doing this undercover, I can accept it. Though, why you?"

"Because he had a reason to go after Cao Cao." Nabiki answered him. "In fact, the whole betraying everyone and going to work for Jedah was my idea."

"We'll explain later." Sirzechs answered. "I think it's time to go home."

"Wait." Issei held up a hand and pointed at Ranma. "The reason I decked you wasn't because of all of that, it's because you made your girls cry! Because of what you did to Lilith!"

"...Yep, I had that coming then." Ranma nodded, not even bothering to defend his actions.

"If we're done here." Crom Cruach spoke up and turned away. "I'm heading back to Nepal."

"If you want, I can give you a ride." Michael said, getting a shake from the Evil Dragon.

"Nah." He grinned as wings erupted from his back. "Maybe I'll see if I can mess with the Greek Gods before heading back to Sen. Later!"

"So Sen's still alive, huh?" Ddrag commented as Crom Cruach took off into the air and flew away. "And we should all be thankful that Crom Cruach did not wish to fight."

"No kidding." Azazel laughed and rubbed the back of his head. "That guy's plenty strong."

"If it's all the same to everyone." Le Fay spoke up, bowing to everyone, "I'd like to go find Lord Vali, he should have gotten back by now. Toodles!" She disappeared in an orange flash before anyone could say anything.


In the air above the floating castle...

"Lord Vali!" Le Fay flew over to him as she saw him in mid-air, out of his Scale Mail and hovering with his Sacred Gear wings. "Did you get your grandfather?"

"No." Vali growled in anger. "I don't understand how either. I was punching his face in, enjoying the moment and when I was going to finish him off, he disappeared."

"Maybe he died before you could?" La Fey asked, hopefully, Vali shook his head negatively. "You mean..."

"Right before my fist would have connected with him, he disappeared and my fist went through air." Vali sighed in annoyance. "I went looking for another fight, found that moron Pantyhose Tarou guy fighting a powerful Vampire, turned that into a three-way."

"Lord Vali!" La Fey gasped, her face red. "You mustn't use such language around a lady!"

Vali looked at her in confusion. "What? It became a three-way fight, what are you thinking?"

La Fey pouted, she had been hoping he would have at least blushed or stammered, then she could have had some fun teasing him. "Nevermind."

"Anyway, took care of the two of them, they fought well, but..." Vali shrugged, he wouldn't mind facing Tarou down again, that cursed form was rather interesting. "I left them behind, dunno what's going to happen to them nor do I care."

"Lord Vali..." La Fey spoke up softly. "Want to go check on your mother?" Vali stiffened slightly. "It's been awhile, I know, and your grandfather can't touch her anymore."

"...It might not be a bad thing just to see how she and my half-siblings are doing." Vali admitted and flew off with La Fey following after him.


"So, what's wrong with Ophis?" Azazel asked as he looked at the unconscious and, very sick-looking, human Dragon.

"Jedah was using my sister's Sacred Gear to make some sort of suppressant that was slowly killing her." Nabiki answered him. "I know that most of you older guys don't care for her, but she's kind of important to the world."

"I suppose..." Sirzechs muttered as he looked at the Dragon. "Still..."

"One of the reasons the world was in danger was because she was captured by Jedah." Nabiki didn't want to spoil the future that probably wouldn't happen without Rivezim or Jedah running around anymore.

"Could someone be kind enough to summarize everything for us?" Mittelt asked, getting annoyed at being left out. "I want to know if I should be upset at Ranma for going to Jedah or at Nabiki for knowing what was going to happen and not telling us."

"I'm more worried that Gasper still isn't..."

"HEY!" A familiar voice was heard and Rias looked up to see Gasper coming out of a tree with two blonde girls next to him.

"Gaspy!" Koneko ran over to her friend and shocking everyone, she gave him a hug. "Where were you?"

"Um, in a volcano, then I was in the castle, then I made Demitri Maximoff mad and then I got found by Elmenhilde and Valerie brought the two of us here so I could see you all?" Gasper giggled at the stupefied looks he was getting.

"That was really manly too." Elmenhilde giggled softly. "With the fighting dying down and Valerie coming back, we figured we'd return Gasper to all of you."

"Um..." Ranma looked at the castle and grimaced. "Sorry about the castle."

"Huh?" Valerie looked back at the destroyed castle before suddenly laughing. "Oh that? Don't worry about it, we have to fix it every one hundred years when Lord Dracula revives himself and every Vampire Hunter in Europe comes looking to make a name for himself." She blushed as everyone looked at her astonished. "At this point, it's kind of a game, we take bets on which Vampire Hunters will succede and which ones will get killed."

"Kind of a cruel game." Michael spoke up, giving the Vampire a stern look, which caused her to blush.

"Sorry, but Lord Dracula's a really big jerk, he once turned most of Europe into his personal play room, transforming people into monsters, statues and other things, slaughtering whole villages for fun and other nasty stuff." Valerie looked to the side with shame. "Plus he got lots of Vampires in the past killed because he pissed everyone off. So whenever he revives, most of us quickly leave the castle and use various tunnels and escape houses to avoid being killed."

"Don't most Vampires look upon humans as nothing more than food?" Serafall asked, causing Valerie to nod softly.

"I'm... Trying to change it. Pure Vampires need human blood, so we're trying to work something out."

"That would be a good idea." Azazel idly commented. "Especially if you want to join our alliance." He waved off the looks of curiosity. "Don't worry about it, it'll probably take a year or two before we get things ironed out fully. And as amusing as this all is, I'd rather be back in Japan so we can talk."

"I've got to oversee the rebuilding of the castle." Valerie sighed, being in charge sucked some days. "But when we're done, I'd love to talk more about joining your alliance." She reached out and shook Azazel's hand. "I'll come visit you in Japan when we're done here."

"Sounds good." He smiled.

"Why do I feel like we're forgetting something or someone?" Issei asked no one in particular.


In Valhalla...

"Lord Odin!" Freya yelled in anger as she chased the elder God. "How dare you steal my panties?!" Behind her were dozens of Valyries, all screaming at Odin in anger.

"Run or we're both dead!" Happosai laughed as he and Odin ran with giant bags of panties slung over their shoulders.


"I'm sure it's not important." Azazel waved him off.

"So, shall we head to Japan?" Michael asked, getting a nod from everyone.

"What about our clothes?" Irina asked, as she realized that they still had a lot of clothes back in Vahalla.

"I'll send a request to the Norse." Azazel waved her concerns off.

"So what are we going to do about that?" Mittelt asked as she looked at Jedah's flying fortress, which suddenly blinked out of reality. "Um..."

"Don't ask, the old man who taught me magic once said things like that were common." Ranma muttered as magic washed over them and the group disappeared.


In Nerima...

"Papa! Mama!" Atsuko yelled as she carried Victor over her shoulders and into the labs. "I'm back! Oh! Ryuunosuke-chan! Eimi-chan! Hi!"

"What are you doing with that?!" Eimi asked as she looked at the large body in shock.

"Is this the Eimi you told Victor about?" Said body suddenly spoke up, causing the android to jump in surprise as Atsuko put him down. "Greetings, little sister."

"HUH?!" Eimi and Ryuunosuke both gawked at him.

"Well..." Kyusaku smirked as he saw the large creature. "I'm sure there's a story behind this."

"This is Victor, he was a creation of Professor Gerdenheim's."

Kyusaku and Ryuunosuke both stared at Atsuko, who was grinning at them. "I... See..." The older scientist said as he looked at the blue-skinned creature.

"Little sister, thank you, Victor can finally move his legs again. Father's self-repair modifications work well." Victor said as he stood up, before stopping and sitting back down. "Lab is too small for me, it seems." He looked at Kyusaku seriously. "Victor was told that you are a genius with androids. Please save my little sister Emily."

Atsuko grinned at her father's confused look. "Don't you remember? You based my original android body off of Professor Gerdenheim's research into them."

Kyusaku's eyes lit up. "Oh right! Now I remember! So you're saying Emily broke down fully?" Victor nodded at him. "Where is she?"

"Victor left her in a secluded castle in Germany."

Kyusaku nodded at him. "Very well, Ryuunosuke go tell your mother that we're taking a trip to Europe."

"I just got back from Europe!" Atsuko pouted. "I'm going to go spend time with Ranma and make up for the days he was gone!" She spun and ran out of the laboratory.

Kyusaku chuckled. He could understand why Atsuko was acting that way. After all, he still acted that way around Akiko sometimes.

"Are you okay with this?" Eimi asked Kyusaku, who shrugged at her.

"Atsuko's a big girl and now she's a living girl. I'm not going to stop her unless she's doing something destructive."


"Hello, Lilith." Ranma spoke up as he found her on top of his parent's house. He mentally sighed as she didn't turn to face him, nor did she say anything. "Lilith Aensland, I have a new order for you." He watched as she stiffened in response. "My order is to disregard my previous orders completely."

Lilith felt her body throb for a moment before she sighed and relaxed. "...Master... You're an unbelievable asshole." She turned to look at him, tears in her eyes. "Why didn't you tell me what was going on? Why didn't you take me with you?"

"Because I wasn't sure how to tell you without tipping Jedah off. He seemed to know everything related to you." Ranma looked incredibly uncomfortable. "Where's everyone else?"

"Your parents are out of the house right now, Ravel and Kunou are back in Kuoh city and I stayed here until you came back." Lilith answered him. "So..."

"I can't be here too long," Ranma told her. "But I wanted to say..." He walked forward and hugged her, causing her to stiffen in shock. "I'm sorry, I won't do that again, ever. It hurt too much to do that to you."

"You better not!" Mittelt yelled as she flew up to glare at him. "Anyway, Yohko's in the room that had your name on it and I stripped her naked, you better hurry."

"What's this about a naked woman in Master's childhood bedroom?" Lilith asked, her eyes starting to sparkle.

"I transformed a dying Devil Hunter into a Devil and now I'm going to go lay in bed with her, both of us naked so that she can get Devil energy and heal faster."

"...I'm coming with!" Lilith didn't care if there was no sex, she just wanted to be next to Ranma.

"Sure." He nodded to her. Looking at Mittelt, she shrugged at him.


Downstairs in the Saotome household, Bulleta, Lilith II, Kuroka and Serafall were sitting around, looking at the place. "So..." Kuroka began and looked at Serafall. "How come I wasn't arrested, blown up or any of that fun stuff? I mean..."

"Oh? The criminal stuff?" Serafall asked, getting a nod from the Nekoshou. "You've been given a pardon." Kuroka blinked in surprise at her. "See, before Nabiki concocted this crazy plan to destroy the Khaos Brigade she gave us information about what happened in the past with you. We were able to use it to get all the old geezers who didn't like the thought of a SS rank criminal getting off scott-free to back off."

"Politics suck." Bulleta grumbled from her position on the couch. "So now what?"

"I'm going to wait here." Serafall grinned at her. "I need to talk to Ranma about some stuff and Sirzechs is going to be with Azazel over at Issei's the rest of the day explaining stuff."

"So what about you?" Bulleta looked at Lilith II.

"Staying with Ranma." The human Dragon said in a no-nonsense tone.

"Eh, fine with me." Bulleta commented and shrugged. She kind of liked the Dragon, the little girl wasn't afraid of her. Which was really weird and kind of nice.


In Kuoh City...

"So for now I'll take Akane and Leonardo to Heaven to heal their minds from the damage that Jedah did to them." Michael nodded to Nabiki. "Don't worry, nothing bad will happen to your sister."

"I know Lord Michael, it's just..." Nabiki sighed as she looked at Leonardo and Akane. "I should have tried to get to them sooner."

"From what I was told, Nabiki Tendo, you couldn't have done so without causing more damage." Irina spoke to her as they stood outside of Issei's home in Kuoh City. "Thank you for doing this, Lord Michael, I know you're busy."

"It's quite alright, I would be remiss if I didn't try to help our allies out after all." He gave them a soft smile as light covered him, Leonardo and Akane. "Anyway, we'll take them to Heaven and work to fix the damage that was done to them."

Nabiki nodded and sighed as Michael disappeared with Leonardo and Akane's comatose bodies. "This sucks."

Irina patted her on the shoulder. "It could be worse. They could be dead."

Nabiki nodded and sighed again.

"By the way, where's Ophis?" Irina asked in confusion.

"Resting at our place." Nabiki answered her. "She'll recover on her own, but it'll take some time for her system to flush all that stuff out of her."

"So, now what?" Irina asked her.

Nabiki grinned at the Angel. "Well, now I need to head home and prepare some extra rooms. There's going to be some new people moving in with Ranma."

Irina blinked as she heard that.


Meanwhile inside...

"So this whole thing..." Issei began as everyone sat around the living room while Azazel and Sirzechs lounged on the couch. "Was planned out months ago?"

"Yep." Azazel grinned at him. "Everything, from Ranma joining Jedah to the attack on the school to him stabbing me and most everything that followed."

"...How did you plan THAT out?" Xenovia asked, looking at Azazel in confusion.

"I had a "stab me here" sticker on my back." Azazel smirked at them. "Oh, it hurt like a bitch, don't fool yourselves into thinking it didn't hurt, but at least it wasn't fatal."

"Yes, anyway..." Sirzechs spoke up. "We had to keep most of you in the dark, because the fewer people that knew what was going on, the better. There are other reasons that we had Ranma do it, but the fact that he had personal reasons to go after Cao Cao helped a lot."

"So basically because it looks like Ranma went rogue and betrayed us we don't have to worry about any of the Khaos Brigade's backers getting upset at us." Azazel grinned at the confused looks the teens were giving him. "Oh come on, you really think that Ophis alone was enough to bring a lot of people together? Jedah was known for finding strong fighters for her and convincing them to join and there's a few Gods that exist out there that don't like the grand alliance that much, so they were likely backing the Khaos Brigade. If Ranma hadn't pretended to go rogue we may have had to deal with some serious political fallout."

"Won't you have to deal with it anyway?" Kiba asked, getting a nod from the two leaders.

"Yes, but this way we can mitigate the fallout." Azazel grinned at him. "Especially since we have evidence on some of those Gods backing the Khaos Brigade."

"Let's just say that it won't be as bad as it could be." Sirzechs spoke up. "Plus with the fact that Ranma basically disrupted the Khaos Brigade completely and helped us stop it... Well, let's just say that things will be more interesting in the near future."

"I guess." Rias said, yawning. "I'm tired."

"Yes, it is getting late." Azazel nodded. "Let's wrap this up, I feel like this whole adventure has taken almost four months instead of just one."

As everyone started to make their way out of the living room, Akeno grabbed Rias's arm. "Just one moment, Rias..."

"What?" She looked at her Queen, wondering what was up with her.

"I'll say this once." Akeno gave her a tight smile. "I'll give you and Xenovia a few days of alone time with Issei, then I'm going to finally get my turn with him." She ignored the cries of surprise from everyone as she looked at Rias, who sighed.

"Very well, I did promise that I would let you two have fun, didn't I?" She smiled at her friend. "Just don't go overboard."

"...SWEET!" Issei did a fist pump in the air as the others laughed.

"So what about you?" Xenovia asked Rossweisse. "Didn't you say something about wanting a threesome?"

"Ranma's not here, so I can wait a little bit." Rossweisse answered, her face red, causing more than one person to gawk at her. "...I said I was going to lose my virginity in a threesome with Issei and Ranma as soon as we rescued Ranma, but he's not here, so I'll wait a little more."

"...Rias..." Xenovia looked at the redhead and quickly walked over to her. "We've been having sex with Issei for awhile, we need to step it up so we get the first threesome."

"Yes." Rias nodded as Issei cheered while blood dripped out of his nose.

Azazel grinned, this was better than any soap opera.

"Issei..." Sirzechs spoke up suddenly. "I don't have a problem with you sleeping with my sister, but if you don't satisfy her, I will be upset."

Rias blushed and looked away. "Um, that's not a problem."

"Oh, in that case, have fun." Sirzechs smiled brightly and waved at Issei. "I'll leave you kids alone now."


The next morning...

"Ngh..." Yohko groaned as she stretched. "Ngh, where am I?" The last thing she remembered was passing out on the hard ground. "Why am I in a bed?" She asked and her eyes widened as she realized a few things.

One, she was naked. Two, an arm was around her stomach. Three, a warm body was pressed up against her back. And finally she was feeling something hard poking her butt.

"WHAT THE HECK?!" Yohko screamed and jumped out of bed, yelping as the blankets wrapped around her ankles and she tumbled out of bed and landed on her butt, causing her breasts to bounce. "Oww!"

"Urgh, that wasn't nice." Ranma muttered as he sat up and looked at her. "Hey, Yohko, sleep well?"

"Why am I naked? Why are you naked? Where am I? Why is your pet succubus sitting up and naked?"

"To answer your questions, you're in Nerima, specifically my parent's home." Ranma held up one finger. "The rest is because you were dying and I turned you into a Devil to save your life, but it was taking time for the energy to stabilize and heal you and the fastest way to do it, apparently, is for a Devil to transfer their energies into you and the best way to do that is by sleeping naked next to each other."

"...So we didn't have sex?"


"Dammit!" Yohko cursed, causing Ranma to gawk at her in surprise. "I'm SICK of being a virgin still!"

"I can fix that." Lilith grinned as she sat up.

Ranma just face-palmed. "We need to get dressed and I'll give you the run-down on being a Devil, okay?"

Yohko frowned for a moment before concentrating. "I wonder..." When her Soul Sword appeared in her hands, she stared at it in shock. "I thought it wouldn't respond to me."

"It's part of you." Ranma shrugged at her. "Xenovia's a Devil and still has her Holy powers."

"Oh, neat." Yohko dismissed her sword. "So... A Devil Hunter being a Devil? This is going to be weird."

"Don't worry, you aren't the first person who fought against Devils to be turned into one." Serafall said as she opened the door, causing Yohko to cry out in shock and grab the blanket to cover herself up. "What? You've got nothing I haven't seen before, plus you're quite lovely." She giggled as Yohko blushed. "Ah, Ranma, honey, you should know that Mittelt, Bulleta, the little Dragon girl, Kuroka and your Atsuko girl are all downstairs. Your mother came home last night with your father and were shocked by all of us being here."

"I bet." Ranma sighed. "So did anyone tell her..."

"My manly son!" Nodoka burst into the room, knocking Serafall over, much to Ranma and Lilith's shock. "Oh! You were busy being extra manly this morning I see!"

"EEEP! Why is everyone coming in when I'm naked?!" Yohko's face was redder than Rias Gremory's hair.

"Kind of, I was helping Yohko get a new lease on life and Lilith wanted to cuddle all night and..." Ranma trailed off as Lilith II came into the room, crawled onto the bed and hugged Ranma. "Hey, kiddo." He patted her back. "...You're going to be extra-clingy, huh?" She nodded. "Great, now I have two daughters."

"YAY! GRANDBABIES!" Nodoka squealed in delight.

"Well, I like this better than not being around you for a few months." Lilith giggled softly. "Oh, Master, speaking of kids..." She gave him a stern look. "You best be ready... In less than a year..."

"Ah, right." Ranma nodded at her, sweating slightly.

"What's this about making babies?" Kuroka asked as she pushed her way into the room. "You promised me you'd make babies with me too!"

"...Yes, yes I did." Ranma sweat-dropped as Nodoka started cheering happily while Serafall pushed herself to her feet.

"Mouuu! I better get in on this if I don't want to be left behind." The Devil King pointed dramatically, causing everyone to look at her in surprise. "...Can't a Devil King want to have happy loving sex too?"

Yohko groaned and buried her face in her hands. "What did I get myself into?"


Days later...

Yohko sighed as she, Ranma, Azazel and Irina stood in front of her family, who were all still frozen statues. "I thought..."

"The curse was enhanced by Jedah from what Nabiki told me." Ranma told her softly. "It wasn't meant to be powered by any one source and is supposed to last forever."

"Which is why you asked for me to be here, huh?" Irina asked, getting a nod from Ranma. "Yeah, I'll head up to Heaven and look into getting this curse removed." She winked at Yohko, who was giving her a grateful look. "After all, who better to break a curse like this than Heaven? It might take few weeks though."

"That's fine, if they can be freed from it, that's all that matters to me." Yohko wondered what she would tell her family when they were finally freed from the curse.

"Don't worry too much." Azazel spoke to her. "We'll free your family and then we'll talk to them about everything that happened. So what will you do now?"

Yohko gave Ranma a wry smirk. "Well, since I'm your knight and you're my king, I guess I need to move in with you, huh?"

"Well, that makes you, Lilith II, Bulleta and Kuroka joining my house now, huh?" Ranma scratched his cheek. "Things are going to get interesting."

Azazel laughed at him. "Take it from someone who's had a thousand harems, it never gets dull at least."

Yohko shook her head and looked at the statues. "Everyone, just wait a bit longer, I promise, we'll free you."

Azazel just smiled at the teens softly. "Well, come on, we need to transfer miss Yohko to your school and other stuff. Oh, and you and the rest of the Occult Research Club have a LOT of homework to catch up on, young man."

Ranma cringed at the look Azazel was giving him. "I'm not getting out of it, am I?"

"Nope!" Azazel grinned.

"This is revenge for stabbing you, isn't it?"

"Yep." Azazel laughed as the four disappeared in a flash of light when he teleported them out of the area.



"I'm so glad that I made you get a replica of that half-Vampire's Sacred Gear, Euclid."

"Of course, Jedah." The silver-haired Devil smirked at Jedah, who was somewhat injured, but still capable of moving. "Otherwise your plans would have fallen through."

"Indeed." Jedah chuckled as he walked up to the table where the broken and bleeding form of Rivezim Livan Lucifer lay. He couldn't help but whistle at the extent of damages done to his body.

"Je ... dah," gasped the dying Devil.

"My, my," smirked Jedah, his whistling stopped, as he knelt beside the Devil. "So thus ends the Prince of Hell, not with a bang ... but a whimper and a gurgle, done in by a weak human. Your father would be so proud."

"Help... me," Rivezim pleaded.

"Oh, I plan, to," Jedah hissed, as his arm started to glow with the power that Lilith II had given to him. "And I'll do it, just like those useless missionaries on Earth do."

Rivezim's eyes widened in fear as Jedah gave him a grin of satisfaction.

"After all," he sneered, before thrusting his arm into the body of the Son of the First Devil, "there's only one thing of yours that I value and want to save: your soul."

Dance With the Devil Betrayal End


Did you guys REALLY think Jedah was dead? I mean, I did prop the guy up as a careful planner and all that.

There's a reason I named this arc Betrayal after all.